How to Use a Marijuana Vaporizer

by Emjay

Most people consume marijuana either through a joint or bong. But the popularity of vape pens has led to the adoption of another method: marijuana vaping. There are lots of reasons to consume marijuana this way, including convenience, style, and even control.

But what if you don’t know how to use a marijuana vaporizer? No worries – that’s what this guide is for! Below, we’ll break down exactly what a marijuana vaporizer is and show you how to work one so you can enjoy your flower or concentrate in no time.

What is a marijuana vaporizer? 

A marijuana vaporizer is an increasingly popular tool for consuming high-quality cannabis, like the kind you can get from a Los Angeles cannabis delivery service. While most people consume cannabis through either smoking it in a joint or in a bong, a vaporizer allows you to enjoy top-tier cannabis the same way you can enjoy nicotine and other inhaled drugs through a vape pen device.

By “vaporizing” the cannabis in question, you can inhale cannabis in vapor form. This allows your body to more easily absorb the compounds within the plant, helping you to get high a little more quickly and providing fast relief for certain unpleasant symptoms.

Additionally, vaporizing your cannabis means you don’t have to worry about combusting the material and filling your lungs with potentially harmful smoke or other irritants.

In truth, there are all kinds of benefits to using a marijuana vaporizer.

  • They’re convenient! Most vaporizers are small and easy to use, and you can use them on the go
  • They’re discrete. Cannabis vaporizers don’t draw as much attention as bongs or joints
  • They’re flexible, and you can use them for both marijuana flowers and cannabis concentrate 
  • They allow greater control since you can easily adjust the pen to only give you a certain amount of cannabis per inhalation

In short, everyone should try using a marijuana vaporizer at one point or another to see if they like it.


Parts of a cannabis vaporizers

Before explaining how to use a marijuana vaporizer, you should become familiar with the different parts of a standard vapor pen. There might be a few differences from product to product, but all vaporizers will have these main components.


The mouthpiece is, obviously, where you put your mouth to inhale the cannabis vapor. It’s usually made of rubber or glass, although some can be made from other materials. You might also find mouthpieces that are longer or shorter depending on the pen’s design.

Heating Chamber

Also called the oven, the heating chamber is where you place your cannabis flowers or concentrate. The pen then heats the flowers or concentrate in order to make vapor for you to inhale.

Your vapor chamber’s size and location can vary from unit to unit, although the best vape pens will heat your marijuana product on multiple sides. This maximizes airflow and produces more reliable vapor.

Battery/Power Supply

The battery and power supply are what allow the pen to heat up your cannabis material. Some vape pens have rechargeable batteries that can be powered from wall chargers, while others may use disposable batteries.


The controls of your vapor pen will allow you to adjust the temperature of the end result vapor or can allow you to modify how much vapor is produced on every “pull” of the pen. These are usually either simple buttons or dials that can be manipulated with one finger.

Cleaning accessories

Lastly, most vape pens worth your while will come with cleaning supplies like brushes and swabs. These will help you to keep the pen working consistently. A few kits might include replacement parts for commonly-broken pieces, like the mouthpiece.

How to use a marijuana vaporizer

Now that you have a basic overview of the main parts of a marijuana vaporizer, let’s go over how you can use it.

Load the vaporizer with flower or concentrate

To start, load your vaporizer’s heating chamber with either marijuana flowers or cannabis concentrate. Which you should use depends on the vape pen you’ve chosen – in most cases, pens are designed for one or the other, not both (although there are a few exceptions).

Be sure not to overload the heating chamber. There has to be a little room for airflow to occur. Otherwise, the pen won’t be able to produce any vapor at all. Again, your pen should indicate the appropriate amount either in the chamber or in the instruction manual.

If you use flowers, remember not to grind your cannabis by hand. The cannabinoid-rich parts of the flowers can lose their potency if you try to DIY this.

Lastly, make sure you seal your heating chamber properly.

Let the vaporizer warm up

It’s usually a good idea to let your pen heat up for a few minutes before trying to vape. Most pens require between two and five minutes to reach the optimal heating temperature to produce vapor. If your pen needs to be charged, do so ahead of time. Otherwise, you may need to wait for up to an hour!

Adjust the controls

Before taking your first vape pull, adjust the controls to your liking. Your vape pen should allow you to modify the temperature of the vapor that comes out of the mouthpiece, plus how much cannabinoid content is included with every pull.

Most people use a temperature range of between 360 and 380°F. Keep in mind that higher temperatures could cause side effects and discomfort within your lungs, although some people prefer vaping at temperatures over 400°F to alleviate the symptoms of certain medical conditions.

Raw Garden Cartridge_howtovape

Put your mouth on the vaporizer and inhale

Once your pen is properly loaded and prepared, place your mouth on the mouthpiece and start inhaling. As you exhale, you should be able to taste and see the vapor – these are signs that your pen is working correctly.

As with all cannabis smoking, remember that pacing yourself is important for the desired effect, especially for symptom relief or for attaining the correct high.

Don’t forget to clean your vaporizer

Even after you’ve inhaled through your marijuana vaporizer, you’re not done! When your vaping session is complete, be sure to thoroughly clean the heating chamber and do a rundown of the pen. Check the mouthpiece and make sure that nothing got stuck inside, which could lead to bacteria collecting right where you put your mouth.

It’s a good idea to use the brush and other cleaning materials that normally come with a vaporizer kit to clean the heating chamber and other parts from time to time. Not only does this affect your smoking experience, but it’ll also help you keep the same vape working for years to come.


Using a marijuana vaporizer isn’t too difficult once you get the hang of things. Furthermore, most marijuana vaporizers on the market come with instruction manuals or small booklets that can walk you through the process from start to finish.

Ultimately, it’s pretty similar to using any other vape pen. The only difference is that there aren’t liquid capsules more often than not – most cannabis vaporizers use flowers instead of concentrate! But you should do whatever works best for your body.

Be sure to use your marijuana vaporizer only with top-tier cannabis. It’ll really affect your entire experience. Marijuana delivery services like Emjay can bring the highest quality cannabis to your door, so long as you live in the LA metro area. Contact us today and set up your order! 

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