CLSICS Call of Focus Live Rosin Gummies Review

CLSICS Call of Focus Gummies At-A-Glance


The unique combination of THC, caffeine, and vitamin B12 has these live rosin gummies feeling high-tech; emphasis on the high.


A coffee-like effect that tries to remove the jitters and promote a flow state.


Starting at $19, these are slightly less expensive than your typical 10-pack of gummies.

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CLSICS was absolutely in the lab when they made their Call of Focus: Sour Limeade Loadout gummies. While there have been other brands that have combined caffeine with THC in gummy form before, CLSICS is one of the first to lean into how the combination of caffeine and sativa effects can increase focus & help the user lock into whatever the task is at hand. 

Make no mistake, while the gummies could absolutely be used to zone out on a nice long walk, these were crafted to be taken while doing something – and obviously with a name like “Call of Focus,” CLSICS thinks these could be a perfect companion to help you improve your K/D and earn more XP.  

I’m not personally a gamer, but I took these ahead of journaling & creating some to-do lists for myself. I found that as the effects rose in me, it complemented a natural flow state I was already getting into, similar to drinking a cup of coffee prior to sitting down to write. Only, without the jitters or constant bathroom breaks. Rather, the thoughts seemingly came a bit smoother and with less judgement. 

Being someone who sometimes feels edibles don’t work for him, I also appreciated that these were made with live rosin. Maybe it’s just a placebo effect, but having that infusion makes these CLSICS gummies feel like they work more consistently for me.

On aesthetics, I found myself charmed by the intense,  neon green packaging. While I don’t game anymore, I was in middle school when the first Call of Duty Modern Warfare came out, and so any callback to those days gets me feeling warm and fuzzy. At the very least, it’s a fun gimmick to share with your former COD squad.

One of the only negatives about the whole experience was the actual taste of the gummies. While they smell fantastic, a subtle lime sweetness, their actual taste is a bit more weed-y than I’ve had with other gummies. I suspect this is because of the live rosin infusion. And hey, if having a slightly weedier tasting edible is the price I pay for one that worked consistently for me, then I’m happy to pay it.


Half-caff coffee, but without the jitters & bathroom breaks. 

With only 10mg of caffeine alongside the 10mg of THC per gummy, any coffee or energy drink drinker isn’t likely to feel the profound energy boost associated with these types of beverages.  For example, an 8 oz. Red Bull contains 68mg of caffeine – nearly 7 times the amount.

Still, it does give a boost & promote users to get into a flow state with whatever their working on, whether it be something creative or task-oriented. 

The sativa effects make for a subtle come up. In my experience, I felt the full effects about 45 minutes to an hour in. CLSICS recommends waiting full two hours before redosing to be sure you’re understanding the potency of the gummies. 

Once in the throes of the THC element of these gummies, I still found the same fun thoughts coming to my brain as I normally do after smoking, but the combination of caffeine helped me better hold onto these ideas and follow them through further.


$19 for a 10-pack of these high-concept gummies is a great value, especially considering most packs of edibles will typically cost you a dollar more and won’t contain the same nuanced effects.


Based in San Diego, the CLSICS brand is committed to producing state-of-the-art gummies & prerolls infused with live rosin. They believe solventless live rosin is the apex of cannabis, and they want to be pioneers in its production. Trusted as a premier California cannabis brand, CLSICS continues to grow throughout the state.


Doug loves smoking weed almost as much as he loves writing blog posts at Emjay.

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