Roll Your First Joint With That High Couple

Learn how to roll your first joint.

Rolling your first joint can be intimidating. But Alice & Clark of That High Couple show it doesn’t need to be. 

THC has been detailing their cannabis adventures on Instagram and YouTube for years now, going behind the scenes of various dispensaries around Los Angeles, vlogging their attempts at growing their own flower, and reviewing the latest cannabis products. However, throughout their run, Alice had kept a secret from their audience…

She never really learned how to roll a joint. 

Thankfully, Alice saw this as the perfect opportunity to roll one of her first joints alongside everyone else in the same situation.

That High Couple teaches you how to roll a joint:

Let’s get down to rolling your first joint. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Weed
  • Grinder
  • Rolling papers
  • Filter
  • Rolling tray

Begin by assembling your filter. Fold a cardboard-like material back and forth to make a zig-zag and then roll it around the shape. You can also use a pre-rolled crutch to make the process easier.

Now take out your paper and make sure the glue strip is facing up. The glue strip should be a tiny discoloration along one side of your rolling paper.

Next, you’ll build a canoe. Put your filter at one side of the paper and pinch the rolling paper around it to make a cone shape. Fill it with grinded weed, pack it down, and distribute it evenly. If needed, use your finger to smooth out the top.

Take the papers opposite the filter and bring them together with your other hand. Start rubbing the weed together between the paper and both index fingers and thumbs. This is the rolling part.

Once you get a nice shape, you want to focus on sealing the filter side first, tucking the paper into it, then licking to seal it. Work your way down the joint, tucking the paper in and licking to seal.

Challenge completed.

And you’re done. See? Not so hard. Head over to our shop page to get all the necessary materials to roll your first joint today.

Use code THATHIGHCOUPLE for $15 off your first order.


Doug loves smoking weed almost as much as he loves writing blog posts at Emjay.

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