The 10 Best Cannabis Apparel Brands

by Leslie McMann
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Some of us are old enough to remember a time when absolutely no one was using cannabis and fashion in the same sentence. Trendsetters used to look on stoners as pitifully unkempt at best, tastelessly gauche at worst. The 1995 cult hit Clueless offers a fine example of how the mainstream viewed the aesthetics of the cannabis subculture at the time. Fashionista Queen Bee Cher (Alicia Silverstone) is initially dismissive of kind-hearted but spacey “burn-out” Travis (Breckin Meyer) for his grungey clothing and skater style, and though part of the character’s journey is about learning to find the value and worth of individuals beyond their appearance, by the end of the film Cher accepts Travis as a friend in spite of his style (or lack of, in her opinion).

Clueless remains a beloved film especially for its costumes; an amazing cross-section of 90s fashion trends people still imitate today, including, yes, the supposedly unfashionable stoner grunge kids, Travis and Tai (played by the iconic Brittany Murphy). Now, cannabis is directly influencing the future of high fashion as every celebrity and their mother opens a line of weed-oriented apparel. Even Vogue is noticing: people want clothes that feel good to smoke in and they want to look cool while smoking in them.

We put together a list of the 10 best cannabis apparel brands, representing almost all corners of our vastly expanding subculture:

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1. Sherbinskis Apparel

Yes, that Sherbinski makes clothing, too. Requirement: must love orange. The orange and green cannabis leaf print bucket hat is an Emjay staff favorite, though one has to admire the pure audacity of The Sherbinski, a bright orange fedora that comes in a branded hatbox. Besides the hat collection, you’ll also find some very comfortable sweats options in both women’s and men’s styles.

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2. Sundae School

This Korean-American brand makes “boutique smoke wear” and is no stranger to fashion magazines. Their Pink Ginseng Bowling Shirt is a bestseller for its vintage look, and the double front pockets “for dem spliffs” is the perfect functional feature for the kind of smoker who doesn’t leave home without at least four blunts ready to go. Sundae School doesn’t just look the part, either. They also make and sell cannabis pre-rolls using sustainable packaging. This month they launched a partnership with CANN producing gummies and a CANN, both Sour Yuzu with Elderflower flavor. 

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3. Stigma and Style

If you’re looking for some stoner fashion that’s actually affordable and you have an ironic sense of humor, Stigma and Style is right up your alley. In addition to some extremely cute smoking accessories, like an avocado-shaped bowl, their new line Stoner Collection riffs on a supremely recognizable logo. The Stoner sweatshirt is the perfect gift for the edgy, anti-hype iconoclast weed user in your life.

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4. Cookies Clothing

Another legendary cannabis brand gets in the fashion ring, and they did not come to play. Cookies sells so many clothing items, you could buy your entire wardrobe on their website and still wear a different outfit every day for a year. Menswear-focused, Cookies can and will put their logo on just about any color T-shirt, sweatshirt, or hat. Aside from the basics, there are also uniquely patterned button-ups, puffer jackets, skateboards, and even a line of “smell-proof” backpacks. While the women’s line of only six items leaves something to be desired, Cookies fans with a masculine-leaning aesthetic will find endless options.

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5. DRO

Waka Flocka’s apparel brand, which has been sold in Zumiez stores since the tail end of last year, makes “bespoke garments for smugglers, rap artists, and dimes.” Translation: dope graphic tees, sweatshirts, joggers, and hats. And all at a shopping mall price! We love the delightfully minimalist but no less poignant BRUH tee. But if you like a more artsy look, check out the Nintendo-inspired Legend of GriZelda long sleeve shirt.

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6. Buy Weed From Women

Buy Weed From Women has a singular message, and they put it on every item they sell. Their t-shirts, tote bags, and jackets are all hand-printed in New Jersey. Each long-sleeved item features this message: “Free nonviolent drug offenders. Women and children first.” If you’re a dispensary or boutique owner who wants to stock Buy Weed From Women products, they offer wholesale pricing.

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7. Stoned Age

“High fashion for the post-youth stoner” is Stoned Age’s way of saying they make cute clothes for adult potheads. Their irreverent t-shirts will get the group giggling during the smoke circle, with witty phrases like “High Mom.” Their bright yellow High Fashion long sleeve shirt makes a bold statement, and that statement is “I am high.”

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8. Sugarhigh Lovestoned

Channeling the vintage stoner 70s aesthetic is Sugarhigh Lovestoned, a women’s wear brand bringing the cute to cannabis. Their Ground Control coveralls give straight disco fever, but our favorite item? The cross-stitch T-shirt that says “A day without lesbians, is like a day without a rainbow.” Truer words were never put on a shirt.

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9. Letter Shoppe

For the weird stoner, look no further than Letter Shoppe, a Michigan-based design company creating hand-drawn graphic apparel “so comfortable and badass you will never want to take it off.” OK, but please do wash your “Burn Blunts, Not Witches” sweatshirt once in a while. Some running themes in Letter Shoppe’s work? Alien abduction, going to hell, and the sharing of cannabis.

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10. Mister Green

Mister Green is the menswear brand for the guy who’s not really street enough to rock head-to-toe street style, but still appreciates trippy graphic design, old-school cannabis subculture references, and being comfortable. The Paris is Burning cannabis leaf snapback is definitely reaching a niche community of stoner/documentary lovers, and we love that.

Hopefully, you haven’t maxed out your credit card buying a whole new wardrobe by the time you’ve reached this point. If you still have any money left in your account, check out to see what deals we have right now on products we can deliver straight to your door.

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