by Lindsey Bartlett

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Welcome to the Emjay cannabis product review hub.

Do you want to try a new product, but aren't sure which will give you the ideal effects and experience? Our cannabis reviews offer accessible insight and unprecedented access to the coolest brands and products on the market in California today.

Do our cannabis reviewers have the best job in the world? We think so. 

As seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live, we have a team of brilliant interns who have been gifted the challenge of reviewing every single product on our Emjay delivery platform. Tara Egnatios is a force in the California industry. Freddie is our midwest marijuana maven. While not every product in our reviews will be available through delivery on Emjay, the majority are. You’re welcome.

Please enjoy our cannabis product reviews and leave your own reviews on the product page at Emjay. 

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