Product Review: Glass House Farms Ice Cream Cake

by Carrie Dabshaw
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About Glass House Farms’ Ice Cream Cake

Glass House Farms merges the utility of science with the magic of nature in their state-of-the-art grow houses.  Nestled in the Carpinteria Valley, Glass House Farms grows in an idyllic seaside region known for its fertile soil and plentiful sunshine. Natural sunlight and ocean air bathe their Santa Barbara cannabis with the spirit of California’s central coast.

The Glass House Group of brands began in 2015 with two locals and has since expanded into several brands including Legion of Bloom and Bella Thorne’s Forbidden Flowers. The Glass House Group hit the ground running when recreational adult use was legalized and hasn’t looked back since.

Glass House Farms donated gowns and masks to healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis and in emerging from the pandemic teamed up with the University of California, Santa Barbara to offer a “Seed to Sale Internship” to train students on all aspects of the cannabis supply chain. 


Glass House Farms, appropriately, packages their flower in a nifty, well-proportioned glass. Taller and more oblong than most, the jar feels comforting and approachable. The label is wonderfully designed and their logo-an animation of a warm yellow sun peaking over rolling verdant hills onto the oceanside grow houses-is really lovely. The packaging feels very safe and familiar. It looks like something you’d find on the shelf at the health food store-a welcome antithesis to the high octane ultra-concentrated dorm room products we’ve all been burned by in the past. 

The Glass House packaging makes you feel like you’re amongst friends and in good hands. An elegantly simplistic gradient under the strain name demonstrates the hybrid’s lean. On one end the squiggly line is yellow and labeled “sativa” and on the other, it is blue and labeled “indica” with Ice Cream Cake marked about 90% of the way towards the indica side. As the industry continues to evolve in how we talk about cannabis, this is the mindset we are moving closer to. “Sativa” and “Indica” like any hard and fast black and white binary is both inaccurate and unrealistic (gender, I’m looking at you) as the majority of experience will mix a broad range of colors more nuanced than the this/that divide can properly provide for. 

Ice Cream Cake promises a treat by acknowledging the totality of effects each flower has.

Ice Cream Cake_Glass House Farms


The unique shape of the Glass House glass jar starts the cannabis ritual off right. It is the perfect size and shape to grip without fear of dropping.

Inside is a seal to preserve freshness-a touch that is both efficacious and appreciated. I felt called to shake the jar like a green juice before smelling the flower and it really opened the bouquet of the cannabis. Ice Cream Cake serves sweet vanilla, bright citrus, and spicy clove. It’s earthy and grounded with imaginative churro notes.

Each bite-sized cupcake of flower is gorgeous. Deep purples and greens steal the show as orange hairs and a thick vanilla frosting of trichomes tie the whole look together. The intrigue proved way more alluring than the price tag. The look and smell add a curiosity for what’s to come next.

Breaking it up to throw in the grinder I found the end of a stem on one of the nugs. Maybe this is just for the OG’s but whenever I happen upon one of these I eat them as another way to acquaint myself with the flower. This stem tasted incredible-like it was fit for a recipe. Very minty with some parsley and a surprising floral twist. 

Ground-up it looks like the wilderness. The Santa Barbara coast raised her baby right. You can feel the sunshine and sea breeze in these leaves.

Inhale is dank and peppery. It tastes like the shit your college best friend put you on to. Familiar but not basic. A really light-bodied mouth feel makes this one to smoke, and smoke without reserve. Great for blunts, bongs, bowls, or a sherlock bubbler.

The lift is really warm and accommodating. Effortless release of tension, uncomplicated mental clarity, and an unobtrusive mood lift. This is an all occasions smoke. You don’t feel impaired but enhanced. 

Skip to the dessert table-the ice cream cake is bomb. 


Incomprehensibly low-balled at $25/eighth. The single best cannabis I’ve ever had for this price. You can smoke the whole thing (and you’ll want to) in a night for the same price as a pre-roll. Buy it on Emjay now and get free delivery on top of that.

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