How Do I Know Which Cartridge Fits My Vape?

by Brad P

How do I know which cartridge fits my vape?

Sleek, modern, and conveniently portable, cannabis vapes are everything you’ve been looking for. 

Whether you’re just getting started or have been vaping since e-cigarettes were new, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. CO2 Oil or distillates? Disposable batteries or a more permanent piece? And most importantly, how do I know which cartridge fits my vape? Well, don’t worry, we’re here to break it down for you. 

And if you want some additional information on how to ensure you’re using a legit product, check out our guide on how to spot fake vape cartridges here.

What’s a vape cartridge?

A vape cartridge is the top part of the vape pen, which includes a mouthpiece and chamber to hold cannabis oil. The bottom is either threaded to screw into the rest of the pen (the battery) or simply slides into place. The majority of vape cartridges are designed to fit a 510 battery, which is the industry standard. Unless you own a Stiiizy, PAX or another specialty brand, you’ll be shopping for 510 cartridges.

Which vape cartridges fit 510 batteries?

510 carts and batteries are named after the type of threading they use. Super sexy cool, huh? You’ll know you have a 510 battery if it’s rounded like an actual pen and you see threading inside to screw in the carts. Most threaded carts should fit a 510 battery. 

Which 510 cartridges should I get?

Since you asked, here’s a few of our favorites.

Indica: Bahama Mama #3

Sativa: Citrus Slap #17

Hybrid: Beach Party

As for some of the best vape brands, you really can’t go wrong with anything by Sherbinskis, Select, or Raw Garden. All of these companies make reliable vape cartridges that fit in 510 batteries.

Which vape cartridges fit Stiiizy batteries?

Stiiizy batteries come in a variety of bright colors and are a rounded rectangle shape. They require Stiiizy pods, no exceptions. But with Stiizy pods, there are  no threads, so just pop one into your battery and you’re ready to go. Available in .5 or 1 gram pods, Stiiizy separates their pods into original, Silver, and Gold. 

And FYI, it’s Stiiizy like “steezy,” skater slang that combines the words style and ease. No coincidence those words could also be used to describe Stiiizy pods.

Which Stiiizy pods should I order?

If ‘all of them’ isn’t an option, we’ve got some recommendations.

Sativa: Strawberry Cough

Indica: SFV OG Distillate 

Hybrid: Birthday Cake Distillate

Which vape cartridges fit PAX batteries?

PAX has three options when it comes to vaping cannabis oil, the Era, Era Pro or PAX 3 (which also burns flower). All three devices use specially designed vape carts called PAX pods. These pods won’t work on any other batteries, so make sure you’ve got a PAX product before purchasing.

These are the batteries that most resemble the Juul.

Which PAX pods should I buy?

PAX products tend to be pretty consistent, so you can’t really go wrong, but here’s a few flavors we love.

Sativa: 10K Jack

Indica: Lavender Kush

Hybrid: Alien OG

Which vape cartridges fit PLUGPlay batteries?

Aptly named, PLUGPlay batteries and carts are as simple as plugging in your cartridge and then playing… er uh vaping. PLUGPlay batteries have a long, slim, rectangular shape. Their cartridges are also a slim rectangular shape, clearly labeled and packaged in sleek blue and black boxes. Simply plug the cart into the battery and you’re ready to vape.

Which PLUGPlay cartridges should I order?

PLUGPlay has so many delicious flavors, it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve got you covered.

Sativa: DNA Jack Herer 

Indica: DNA King Louie XIII

Hybrid: Apple Slushie

Do all vapes use cartridges?

Actually, no. You can get single use vape pens that don’t require cartridges. While this saves you the hassle of shopping for carts, it also means when the oil runs dry you’ll have to start from scratch with another disposable vape. Many take the plunge and buy a battery after getting used to the convenience of a disposable.

Which disposable vapes should I buy?

Disposable vapes are great entry points to alternative ways of consuming cannabis. Here are a few trusty brands and products:

Sativa: Leune Desert Gold

Indica: Kurvana Blackberry Kush

Hybrid: Drip Maui Wowie

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