Everything You Need to Know About Bloom

by Leslie McMann

Bloom is a company that has been pioneering the tech and extraction side of vape production. Their proprietary extraction method using ethanol and a strain-fingerprinting technique breaks down cannabis at the molecular level, so the exact profiles of each strain can be examined and copied. The terpenes that are lost in the distillation process are then added back into the final product to replicate the original strain profile as closely as possible. Ultimately, what Bloom creates is an oil cartridge with consistent quality, true cannabis flavor, and authentic, full-spectrum effects.

Bloom then adapted their extraction process for the new live resin craze. Their live resin carts are made using a solvent-free, H2O extraction process that doesn’t damage the strain’s terpene profile. There’s no need to add any terpenes back to the final product since they were all preserved during extraction, creating a fresh-flavored vaping experience.

All Bloom vapes are currently 25% off during our Vape Week special 12/6-12/12. Here’s a guide to the different kinds of Bloom vapes you can order from Emjay:

Classic vape cartridges

Containing distillate made with Bloom’s proprietary ethanol-based extraction method, the classic line of cartridges comes in 0.5 mg and 1 gram sizes. The menu reads like a Hall of Fame for cannabis strains: Girl Scout Cookie, Green Crack, and Champagne Kush are just a few players on the all-star roster.


Live resin vape cartridges

Bloom packed “the essence of cannabis” into these cartridges by starting the extraction process less than an hour after harvesting the plant, thereby preserving 95% of the terpene profile– that’s around 200 terpenes total! The strain options are more exotic than the classic vape line. If this is your first time trying a Bloom vape or a live resin vape, you should test out one of Bloom’s disposable live resin vapes. The disposables are .35 mg and are available on Emjay in Alien Jack, White Buffalo, and Limoncello strains. Don’t need the training wheels? We also have several 0.5 mg and 1 gram live resin cartridges by Bloom ready to deliver to you.

Enter your address on heyemjay.com or in the app to see what we can deliver to you. Even if you only put one little disposable vape in your cart, we’ll still deliver to your door without charging a fee.

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