Cannabis Product Review: Pink Helado by TasteDeezTreats

by Carrie Dabshaw
Pink Helado from TasteDeezTreats review

Pink Helado At-A-Glance


TasteDeezTreats provides icy cool relief for any type of energy trying to fuck up your day.


Chill out with Pink Helado's playful, stoney, classic high for laughs and relaxation.


Well worth $60 bucks for bragging rights on the new Top Shelf find.

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About TasteDeezTreats’ Pink Helado

TasteDeezTreats manages to activate the region of the brain still trapped in childhood—the rambunctious, joyful, and particularly snacky zealot who gets hyperfocused when they see ice cream. TasteDeezTreats’ branding, graphic design, and strain names are of the sort that shut down my logical reasoning and demand immediate purchase. With an eye-popping and mouth-watering paleta theme, TasteDeezTreats speaks directly to the hungry child in all of us.

Navigating to TasteDeez’s “About Me” section of their website yields a hysterical and presumably? unintentional display of the stock paragraph inserted by the domain.  It reads: “I’m a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. Feel free to drag and drop me anywhere you like on your page. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.”  For the record, the paragraph is not wrong—it IS a paragraph. And it IS a great place to tell a story.

After trying all of Deez Treats in the delightful Helado line (magnificent Maracuja and Emjay exclusive Uvas) what I can tell you about TasteDeez is that they need no introduction. The Helado series is a collaboration between TasteDeezTreats genetics and over 20 years of Lyfted Farms’ vertically integrated grow process.  Helado’s paletas pack delicious flavor, gorgeous design, quality flower, and a scoop of fun we all deserve.


Pink Helado is credited by some as a Lyfted Farms product and by others under the TasteDeezTreats umbrella. TasteDeez handles the DNA and Lyfted provides the alchemy to bring that forth into existence. 

Lyfted Farms’ uses a nearly 200,000 square foot cultivation facility to micromanage the environmental conditions of each plant. With the founding intention to put nurture into nature and tech into technique Lyfted nails quality and consistency with over 25 years of experience.  Nothing can beat the sweet relief of a popsicle when you overheat and it is a treasure to bring this “aaaaaahhhh” to the endocannabinoid system. 

Lyfted Farms works in collaboration with the Balca-Bay Area Latino Cannabis Alliance and the Love Modesto community environmental initiative to seek out, employ, and collaborate with veterans and people of color for their top-notch leaves. Lots of white-owned companies steal Latinx culture and innovation for profit while giving nothing back to the community. It is important that Latinx communities continue to be centered and supported in all facets of our society and that includes cannabis.

With their nearly blank webpage and a disabled Instagram account at the time of writing, DeezTreats boldly invites the opportunity to be appraised on quality alone. 

Let’s grab a taste and see where it takes us.


We eat first with our eyes and this radiant treat is Michelin starred from the beginning. Lyfted lists their original Helado as Sunset Sherbert (shout out Sherbinskis! x Zkittles.  Pink Helado likely has one of these in the mix but it is uncertain what ingredients exactly make up this delicious cannabis ice cream. Strain loyalty is overrated so dig in without expectations and get to know what experience you are seeking. 
On the nose, Pink Helado is mouthwatering before you even get the bag all the way open and it’s pure berries and cream once you’re inside. Pink Helado smells so delicious it is openly cruel that it doesn’t come with a paleta in the same flavor. Pink Helado doesn’t look like I imagined it would be based on the smell. Something about Pink is very humble in its majesty. Dense frosted buds with lots of deep greens and some purples look more like your favorite childhood cereal than weed. 
Pink Helado is thicc. It seems that this comes from a top-to-bottom glue of trichoming that holds it together. Lots of orange hairs assist in orchestrating this dense mass of delicious goodies. There is a great perfume quality that arises off the individual buds without even needing to gather them in the aggregate. Ground-up Pink Helado makes me think they should have called themselves FrostDeezTreats. Pack a Parka because these flowers are a Winter Wonderland of trichome snowcapping.
The packaging was so enticing I made sure I had some strawberry mochi on hand for the occasion. I ate the mochi first and then followed with the Pink Helado bowl as the chaser. Honestly, the weed tastes just as good as the ice cream. The smoke is creamy with a slight perfume on the exhale. I highly recommend the pairing and it’s a great way to make a simple smoke sesh a more special occasion.
Pink Helado massages away your bad day instantly with contented well-being. Mood enhancement comes over the mind swiftly and efficiently. The body melts into a sweet, warm embrace that feels like safety. Pink lets you go at your own pace, a little bit goes a long way. In small doses, it is playful and uplifting and it gets heavier as you carry on. The potency feels higher than the 24% THC listed and I’m guessing it’s due in large part to the nearly 30% total cannabinoids.  I’m surprised no CBD was detected, I felt this very strongly in the body in a decidedly healing way.
TasteDeezTreats steps up to the plate and knocks one over the fences. With no need for an introduction, Pink Helado is as bomb as the branding makes it seem.


$60 well spent. Get the good stuff.

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