Our Product Reviewer’s Top 5 Cannabis Products Under $50

by Carrie Dabshaw
photo by roberto valdivia on unsplash_top 5 cannabis products under $50
Glass House Farms Ice Cream Cake_top 5 cannabis products under $50

This flower completely outshines its $25/eighth price point. WAY better than anything else under $30. Pay a few extra bucks and get something good.

2. Miss Grass 1:1 All Times 5 Pack

Miss Grass 1:1 All Times 5 Pack_top five cannabis products under $50

Don’t feel like rolling? The women behind Miss Grass got you covered. These joints are perfect for socializing and going about your life a little more relaxed without significant impairment.         

3. Wunder Grapefruit Hibiscus Sparkling Water

Wunder Grapefruit Hibiscus Sparkling Water_top five cannabis products under $50

Looking for an alternative to smoking flower or consuming alcohol? Wunder feeds the need for both with a surprisingly excellent flavor on par with a mixologist’s favorite concoction. Effortless, inobtrusive lift to keep you focused and at ease. Great for WFH (but don’t tell ’em I said that).             

4. Kiva’s Microdosed Pineapple Mints

Kiva's Microdosed Pineapple Mints_top 5 cannabis products under $50

Micro-dosing doesn’t get much better than this. This is a therapeutic use of cannabis that focuses on wellness, not highness. Delicious, discreet, and reliably dosed to raise your mood just a little bit. At nearly the lowest dosage available on the market today, it is an excellent opportunity to know your optimum mg.

5. Kikoko Sympa-Tea

Kikoko Sympa-Tea_top 5 cannabis products under $50

Too scared of edibles? This is a great introduction to cannabis for someone concerned about overdoing it. 3mgs of THC to 20mgs of CBD makes for a very delicate relaxation and warming mood enhancement.

Now that you have five spectacular options, what are you waiting for? Head over to Emjay and order your delivery. 

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