10 High-CBD Cannabis Strains For 2021

by Doug

The best strains high in CBD

With the endless list of potential health benefits found in CBD, the want to light a bowl filled with these benefits has become a must for anyone searching for those pros. While tinctures, vapes, and other wellness products have remained the go to, growers have begun growing hybrid buds to meet your CBD needs, often mixed with your THC wants.


CBD stands for Cannabidiol, and is said to help with a variety of health benefits including pain relief, stress relief, relaxation, and a wide range of other health benefits.  

A standard bud packs between 10 and 30 percent THCA, and between 0 and 4 percent CBD. If you were to grow your cannabis with a specific purpose in mind, you could raise your THC and CBD levels even higher. 

So what’s considered high CBD?

High CBD would be anything above 4%. To better understand how harsh a pull could be, you also want to look for a comparison value, or the THC to CBD value. 

If you were to have bud with 25% THC and 2% CBD, you’d have a value of 25:2 or 12.5:1. This will inform you how high you will get, relative to how much CBD you will receive. 

If you are looking for a high, look for a higher left number (THC), and if you’re looking for CBD benefits with less high, look for a higher right number. 

If you are looking for a good medium point with equal high and equal CBD benefits, look for a strain with numbers closer together, with 1:1 being perfectly balanced. 

10 Strains High in CBD

As we look at high-CBD strains, it’s important to remember that these are simply the strains themself, not just a bud. This means you can find many of these strains in bud, oil, gummies, and more. 


Remedy, originally known as Z7, is a purpose-grown hybrid strain with 14% CBD and just 0.5% THC, with a massive 1:28 proportion. This strain will give you the benefits of CBD, with almost none of the psychoactive effects often associated with THC.

This hybrid is a cross between a Cannatonic female with an Afghan and Skunk male, creating Remedy’s nostalgic skunk weed with a sweet woody flavor profile often referred to as a lemon sage. 


ACDC is a hybrid cross between Ruderalis and Cannatonic, and has been found to have 16-20% CBD, with different grows showing 0.5-1% THC levels, being considered low and showing minimal to no psychoactive effects. 

This bud is known to have a sweet earthy flavor with a hint of fruitiness with an aroma of an earthy depth with citrus. With a range of 1:40 to 1:16, this weed will give you the mellow effects without a major high. 

This award winning strain is both beneficial to your health, and pretty amazing-looking visually with a green bud and red hairs, known as stigma. Many smokers have claimed better focus and alertness, a reduction in pain, and a reduction in stress or depression. 

Harley Quinn

Looking for a mild high, Harley Quinn has a THC to CBD of around 2:5 with a THC level found at 4-10% and a CBD level reaching 33%. This strain will give you the major health benefits of CBD, with a light high with up to 10% THC. 

A hybrid between Columbian Gold, Tai, and Swiss Laurance, this bud has been found to be a wake and bake go-to, being known for its clear-headedness and concentrating effects. With a flavor of pine with a note of pineapple, this bud can be refreshing as well. 

Ringo’s Gift 

Ringo’s Gift brings a different taste into the mix, a bit of mint. A hybrid between Harle-Tsu and ACDC, this weed brings a deep earthy bud taste with mint notes. Averaging 1% THC and 16-20% CBD, this smoke will be sure to give you those wanted health benefits, without the height. 

With a THC to CBD of 1:20, and a mellow flavor profile, this strain is perfect for oils and other additives into foods and drinks, giving you an on-the-go relaxation without the THC high. 

Sour Tsunami 

When looking for a mild high, with the benefits of high CBD, Sour Tsunami has remained a great strain to pack your bowl. Averaging 9% THC level and around 12% CBD, this strain is great if you enjoy smoking, and want a lasting high with decent health benefits. 

A great smoke all day type of bud, this hybrid is a cross between Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel, and is known for a variety of benefits. While the benefits of CBD are an always-growing list, many people have found the appetite gain from THC beneficial. 

That’s right, the munchies can be an actual health benefit for those struggling with their appetites. 

This strain has been known to help with pain, nausea, and depression, while also giving a great calming feel. This bud is known for its sweet chocolate-like aroma, followed by a bitter sourness giving it its name, Sour Tsunami. 

Charlotte’s Web

A strain designed around relieving pain while avoiding the high, Charlotte’s Web passes the test with 12% CBD and just 0.5% THC. 

This 1:24 ratio bud was named after a young girl named Charlotte, who suffered from a rare form of epilepsy causing dozens of seizures every single day. Once she started using this blend in capsule form, her seizures went from on average of over 300 a month to just 4. That’s the power of CBD. 

This blend has a sweet piney smell, with a citrus undertone making this a refreshing, uplifting blend. At 12% CBD, Charlotte’s Web is a great blend for continuous health benefits, and even plays a large role in the legalization of medical marijuana. 


Looking for a good smoke for both recreational and health use? Nordle sits at a level 1:1 ratio having 8% THC and 8% CBD. With a lower THC level, this weed is less of a slap in the face high, and more of a mellowing relaxation high. 

Great for pain relief, muscle relation, an increase in appetite, and so much more, this hybrid between Afghani and Skunk is known for its savory flavor of deep earth and pine. This bud will give you a feel of total relaxation, while brightening the mind and allowing you to be active and focused. 


Looking toward more of a hard-to-get rarity, Dancehall is a hybrid crossing the extremely rare Juanita La Lagrimosa with Kaliyah to get a 15% CBD and 1% THC giving a 1:14 ratio. This bud will give you the health benefits you’re looking for with no high. 

Named after the reggae style dancing done in dance halls, this strain is said to make you so happy, you could start dancing. Dancehall is often prescribed for relief with cramps, muscle spasms, pain, and inflammation. This bud is super sweet, with hints of pineapple and an earthy tone.

Suzzy Q 

When looking for a flower with a ton of health benefits and almost no THC, Suzzy Q may be just the answer. With 25% CBD and just 1% THC, you can expect a major boost in medical related issues, with ultimately no high. 

This strain is used often for anxiety and depression, and is even known to help with migraines. You can also expect Suzzy Q to help you focus, and open up your mind to creativity. This is a more dank weed, with a very earthy woodsy smell and taste.

Cherry Wine

Just when you thought you may need something a little more fruity, it may be time to try some Cherry Wine. This bud is grown specifically for your health having 25% CBD and less than 1% THC giving you a ratio of 25:1. You can expect no psychoactive elements, making this a great strain for your morning routine for a day with an active and open mind. 

This hybrid is a cross between The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries, giving you a flavor and aroma of mixed berries with a bit of pine. 

For you home growers, bad news. This weed is exclusive and the growers refuse to let any seeds out of their site — it’s that good. 

The CBD Way

With the always expanding understanding of health benefits found in your favorite flower, more people are taking the time to roll a blunt, pack a bowl, or fill their vapes. CBD has continued to expand our understanding of what helps our bodies remain healthy. 

You no longer have to search for distillate oils or tinctures to get your CBD, with growers putting their efforts toward hybrid grows. Plus, when you start to run low, you don’t need a DD when Emjay will drop your weed at the door. So sit back and light up knowing you’re actually doing your body some real good. 

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