Kiva Espresso Bean Terra Bites Review

by Carrie Dabshaw

Espresso Terra Bites At-A-Glance


Kiva crafts a refined and elevated confection in gentle, bite sized doses with their Dark Chocolate Espresso Terra Bites.


A bright sunshine wake up call combines lighthearted, invigorating energy with grounded, relaxed safety.


Unmedicated chocolates get much more expensive than this-without question drop $20 on the tin.

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The new royal highness of wakin' up. Grab a tiny cup and prepare for a good day with Kiva Espresso Bean Terra Bites

About Kiva

Some originals become antiquated with time. Others prove classic. Kiva has most decidedly aligned themselves with the latter. Terra Bite Espresso beans were some of the first elevated edibles to ever hit the market and remain a force to be reckoned with in the dosed munchie space. Originally only offered in Dark Chocolate Espresso Bean and Milk Chocolate Blueberries, Terra has since evolved into 1:1 CBD Almond and CBN Milk & Cookies, as well as festively themed Holiday Fare.

As part of Kiva’s vast and impressive roster, Terra Bites offer a distinct niche in the sea of cannabis chocolates and add a more nuanced addition to their beloved and equally innovative array of bars. Founded in 2010, the Kiva family of products has got everything you need to turn your tummy into Highsville, USA. From the wildly popular and beloved Camino gummies to Petra’s microdosed mints, 12 years of innovation serve up your good time.

Kiva focuses on the importance of coming to know the right dose of THC for you by offering edibles in manageable, stackable bites. On their website, a virtual budtender is always at the ready to help you find the right product for your tolerance and body. And this gentle, personalized approach is the correct lens for offering cannabis. There is no one-size-fits-all flower, edible, concentrate, tincture, pill, or beverage-it simply doesn’t exist. We are so lucky to flourish in this renaissance of options so let’s find what’s best for us and not just the first thing that loads on the website.


Terra means “Earth” in both Latin and Italian and serves as the root for many related words in our language (terrarium for example). While “Tara” in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions has a variety of celestial and divine connotations. In Sanskrit “Tara” means the star that brings others to shore and in some branches of Buddhism denotes the supreme savior and goddess of mercy.  Appearing in 21 manifestations in Tibetan Buddhist traditions, the Goddess Tara represents a wide range of virtues for use on the spiritual path.

Buddhism defines “Nirvana” as an escape from the cycle of rebirth that carries our karma from lifetime to lifetime. Unshackled from the yoke of earthly desires and the suffering they inherently bring, infinite bliss is possible outside of this limited mortal coil. Tara’s role as bodhisattva means instead of saving only herself and dipping out to the ceaseless bliss of Nirvana, she stays behind to help lead others to theirs-acting as the soul’s Northern Star for passage home.

Practitioners interested in escape from the shallow passing show of the material world will often describe the alternative as Illumination, Enlightenment, or simply “waking up”. For these reasons, I find it particularly fantastic and interesting that these Terra bites combine two of our favorite drugs-one for waking up and one for waking up. Researchers are taking a closer look at the role cannabis can play in the oceanic boundlessness associated both with these types of mystical awakenings and peak psychedelic experiences.

Whether you sit in meditation or not, I encourage you to use these bites as an offering to sit with the divine. Maybe it’s not about checking out of your experience but really digging in. Maybe it’s not just about getting high but the perspective we gain at that altitude. This shit used to be illegal and although the reasons for that are manifold (and let’s be honest This is America so it’s mainly a story about racism) part of that prohibition was due to the mentally emancipatory potential it offers. How can Kiva’s Terra bites bring you one step closer to Tara’s bright call home?


Something about Kiva’s Terra Bites tin just screams luxury. Perhaps it’s whatever reminds me of Polly Pocket but this design tells my inner child that the contents are for very important grown-ups only. The label looks more like the outrageously priced but commensurately delicious artesian chocolates you can only get at that one super annoying hyper-local grocery store. Kiva’s longstanding dominance of elevated chocolatier options shines through in this timeless design. It’s classic enough to avoid going out of style with trends and modern enough to remain relevant. Something about the press down and turn tin also reminds me of the reassured stillness of old-timey cigar smokers, maybe it’s the resemblance to some containers of chew (which I had to figure out the hard way was not consumed as the name may lead you to believe) but I feel more seated in my masculinity when I reach for these.

When you make it into the timeless, elegant tin I wholeheartedly invite you to close your eyes while you take your largest possible inhale of the amazing aroma that awaits. If you are a coffee lover, chocolate lover, cannaseuier or any combination thereof you will find yourself awash in a treasure of olfactory delight. With the intangible aire of special occasion, Terra bites remind us that the greatest gifts come in the treasures of our living Earth with this mouthwatering mash-up of coffee, cacao, and cannabis.

If you fw coffee like that… REALLY fuck with coffee like that-this is the edible for you. The complex, rich and bright notes of the bean make it thru. I chose to suck on the bites instead of chewing to prolong the daydream of a hot, fresh roast in exactly this flavor profile. The chocolate blends in as if the world’s finest barista figured out the golden ratio for your mocha and if you are patient enough to hold on until the chocolate melts away there is actually an espresso bean at the center (which I automatically assumed was cap). 

Biting into the espresso bean at the center of the treat is a heaven I do not have words for unless you stan and pursue the perfect cup of coffee with your Chemex. I spent a few months of my life trying every blend of Groundwork, Intelligista, and CBD-infused coffee I could find and this ranks amongst the best. The flavor bursts into your mouth with the effervescence of heat even though only the warmth of your mouth is present. Kiva, and whatever Goddesses may be listening-please please for the love of all that is good and holy please make this an actually dosable roast.  I found myself wishing the candies weren’t dosed so I could eat the entire tin indiscriminately, without hesitation.

While intentionally savoring every single last drop, I got no hint of cannabis flavor-the first, middle, and final taste is only of the early morning brew. Terra Bites linger as the phantom of a cup’a’coffee and leave you feeling that a goddamn grown-up. If you wake’n’bake via food I see no reason to ever elect any other. I normally take 5’s in halves to get better acquainted with the onset and more mellow effects but I had no choice with Terra. If your tolerance tends towards higher doses, you just figured out what you’re having for breakfast. 

Just over half an hour in a warm liquid ease starts to smooth gently over the body. The espresso bite nails a very thin, under-loved, and hard-to-target portion of the edible spectrum-the effects are comforting and unwinding without sedating. A warm, comforting sense that all is well peps your step without snatching your energy. Life becomes brighter and a whole lot lighter.  Conversation and mental dialogue become refreshingly carefree and the fates and cosmos seem a lot more benevolent. 

Kiva’s Espresso Terra Bites deliver the buzz the name promises with a whole lot more loving reassurance than what’d you expect. Coffee, chocolate, and cannabis edibles are all improved upon in this go-to day starter. 


$16 seems to be the lowest going rate for 100mg of edible THC. Espresso Bites are worth much more than $4 on top of that.

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