Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kiva Edibles

by Leslie McMann
photo by pawel czerwinski on unsplash_celebrate valentines day with kiva edibles

If you’re reading this and haven’t made plans for Valentine’s Day with your significant other, I hate to be the bearer of bad news: it’s too late to get a reservation at Nobu. But, we have a few date night suggestions for all the cannabis-friendly couples who want to take their relationship higher and higher. Whether you’re planning to spend Valentine’s quality time together on a date out or handcuffed to the bed, Emjay can deliver the most romantic cannabis products to you and your lover.

Cannabis date ideas

Watching a romantic movie always pairs well with edibles, especially with something snackable like Camino Wild Cherry gummies or Terra Sea Salt Caramel Bites. Imagine: you start to feel the high just when Rose shouts “I’m flying, Jack!” What could be more magical? If you and your date are foodies, try getting a res at one of the many cannabis fine dining experiences in California, like Cannabis Supper Club, where expert chefs create a unique multi-course menu entirely of infused foods.

Kiva_Camino Wild Cherry_valentines day

But hey, there’s nothing wrong with staying inside and, uh…experimenting, you know? Emjay has all the supplies needed for very vigorous and thorough… experimentation. You don’t need to leave the bedroom– I mean, laboratory– because we can deliver it all to you. THC and CBD-infused topicals are one of the most popular methods of cannabis use during sex. Partners can rub each other down with an infused body oil or balm. Papa & Barkley Releaf Body Oil combines THC, CBD, and essential oils to make a spa-quality massage oil that can be used for muscle relief…or sexy foreplay. Infused lubricant applied directly to the genitals can stimulate and (for those with vaginas) relax the area. The THC and CBD are absorbed through the skin for targeted relief that takes about 30 minutes to set in. So don’t rush!

Cannabis and sex

Cannabis is a more powerful aphrodisiac than oysters– and we think it smells better, too. Toking up before getting down helps to relax the body and mind while lowering inhibitions, aka, those things that keep us from ripping each other’s clothes off. While results are mixed on how THC can improve male sexual performance, studies show THC has almost entirely positive effects on female sexual physiology.

Women who smoke, vape or eat cannabis products before sexual activity report a deeper sense of ease with their partners and say they are less “in their head,” during sex, which makes being in the moment and achieving orgasm easier. We curated a list of the best strains for arousal so you can make sure you end up locked in each other’s arms, not in the couch. Though some women also report experiencing vaginal dryness due to cannabis use, this issue is easily corrected with personal lubricant.

papa & barkley get relead body oil_valentines day

Cannabis and chocolate

Two is better than one, especially when it comes to aphrodisiacs. So why not get the best of both worlds and indulge in some cannabis-infused chocolates? Sure to impress more than any gift-wrapped box of bon-bons could, Emjay can deliver several different infused chocolates, including treats from the legendary chocolatiers at Kiva.

Kiva’s cannabis-infused chocolate treats are made by trained chocolatiers using sustainably-sourced cacao and cold-water hash to create decadent, high-quality chocolates that also just happen to be edibles. Seriously, it’s hard not to get carried away and eat the whole package. A true labor of love, the popular chocolate-covered fruit Terra bites take 10+ hours to make per batch. The original chocolate bars, first created in the founders’ home kitchen in 2010, are available in a range of flavors, including milk, dark, and our favorite, milk churro, which blends spicy cinnamon with rich milk chocolate.

Kiva milk chocolate churro bar_valentines day

Kiva chocolate bars are great on their own, but if you want to go the extra mile, anyone with a microwave can quickly whip up some canna-dipped strawberries using just a couple Kiva bars and a package of berries. Perfect for hand-feeding to your lover, the berries take less than five minutes to dip and an hour to set in your fridge.

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