Why is the Wedding Cake Strain So Popular?

by Bridey Hicks
photo by avery-meeker on unsplash_Why is the Wedding Cake strain so popular?

Wedding Cake, just like it sounds, is one of the most delightful indica-dominant hybrid strains on the current market. It has historically dominated the cannabis market from 2019-2022 and continues its domination even today. The sweet aroma and creamy smooth inhale aren’t the only reason people go to bat for this strain; it’s one of the most affordable and potent strains on the market. 

What is Wedding Cake?

This highly-potent hybrid cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies gives the name a run for its money. The Wedding Cake THC percentage is around 25%, so you can imagine how a little can go a long way with this strain. 

At first glance of the Wedding Cake weed strain, its vanilla frosting trichomes are a dead giveaway. You’ll notice pink or red hues to the nug itself and a creamy vanilla and earthy pine aroma when you look closer. Once you start breaking it apart, you may find that your fingers become a bit sticky. That’s good. That’s really good. 

It’s best to use this strain at night when all your responsibilities have been dealt with, and you must indulge in the positive effects. On your first inhale, you can immediately taste the sweet vanilla flavor, and you’ll get the after notes of earthy pine as you exhale. Once it hits you, you’ll get put into a semi-sedative state of well-being that is hard to compare. This is the perfect strain for you if you want to feel euphoric and bubbly while simultaneously sinking into the couch. Honestly, that has a lot to do with why it’s so popular amongst cannabis users. 

Why is Wedding Cake so popular? 

One of the biggest reasons why the Wedding Cake strain is so darn popular has a lot to do with how affordable it is. Compared to other widespread weed strains, this one has the price point AND consistently delivers the punch. Another reason people are drawn to it is because of how potent it is. One or two hits of Wedding Cake can send you to the couch, feeling completely relaxed and happy. It helps fight depression and anxiety, and everyone needs some relief from their own depression and anxiety. Wedding Cake is also a good appetite stimulant, popular for people who have trouble eating. Most of all, it’s consistent, affordable, and potent AF. 

Where can I find Wedding Cake? 

You can go to Emjay and look up all the forms of Wedding Cake we have. Whether it be a pack of prerolls, flower, or live resin, we’ll be stocked. You pick your favorite, and we’ll deliver it to your door that same day.

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