Cannabis Product Review: Sherbinskis Bacio Gelato

by Carrie Dabshaw
Sherbinski's Bacio Gelato Review_ Emjay


The mastermind brand behind Gelato and Sunset Sherbert adds a new scoop of balanced, nuanced flavor to your summertime arsenal.


Lift your mood effortlessly with a relaxed body and subtly psychedelic mind. 


Bacio Gelato is for the refined user who cares about what they smoke. Priced at $60 an 1/8th, this is a top-shelf strain to show off to your friends. Many smokers are happy to pay the price and get it while it's in stock. 

Find It On Emjay

Sherbinskis Bacio Gelato is available for free delivery and in-store at Emjay.

About Sherbinskis Bacio Gelato

Sherbinskis blends two beloved strains for this Indica-dominant hybrid: Thin Mint Cookies and the forever classic Sunset Sherbert. Sherbinskis established themselves as a reliable tastemaker by originating both the Gelato and Sunset Sherbert strains. The popularity and cult following of either strain is enough to land them in the Hall of Fame. If you’re unfamiliar with either of these, as a friend, I want you to know they are absolutely required reading for understanding the landscape of the LA cannabis scene.

Founded in 2019 by legendary Bay Area grower Mario Guzman, Sherbinskis has its own storefront on Fairfax dripping in clout and aesthetic. The company’s flower is exclusively indoor-grown. Make like a famous rapper and throw Gelato or Sunset Sherbert in your bag next to Bacio Gelato while you’re at it.

Once you understand that Gelato literally changed the game, then you can appreciate more fully how much Bacio Gelato adds to the canon. It’s like when you meet someone really hot who’s married and ask if they have a sibling and they do and the sibling is hot but also single.

Bacio has a higher THC content than other members of the Gelato family, often clocking in at 29% THC. The Bacio Gelato smoke makes for a deeper, more immersive experience. You know that weed back in high school that you had to smoke a few bowls of before it hit you? Bacio Gelato ain’t that bitch.

Bacio Gelato makes herself known without apology. Take your time and go slowly to really appreciate the diversity of her notes before diving in headfirst.


Bacio Gelato welcomes you with an enticing, delicious aroma as soon as you open the bag. And it’s one you can’t quite put your finger on. To quote Homer Simpson “purple is a fruit” and this girl is purple as they come. Grape aromas, purple hairs, and dank earthy overtones give for a smooth violet character to this scoop of Gelato. Purple also speaks to Bacio’s psychedelic undertones which begin the moment breaking up the buds reveals a dazzling crystalline resin pattern.

The inhale and mouth feel of Bacio Gelato really stands out. The joy of a cold scoop hitting your tongue on a hot day infuses the experience and bursts into the perfect icy relief after a long day. Bacio provides a more relaxed, imaginative perspective. You won’t spiral into anxiety on this one. This is a flower to untie the mind and let it out to play.

Approach this Gelato, bite by bite so as not to miss any colors in the full rainbow of its effects. Once you get acquainted, you can gauge how Bacio Gelato best fits in for you-whether as a party-starter, night-ender. Or something in between.

Sherbinski's Emjay Review_photo courtesy of Sherbinskis


Bacio Gelato is gently psychedelic with a supportive full-body relaxation that’s cool to kick it in the background while your mind goes to work. Effortless muscle relaxation lends itself to a gentle opening of the mind. 

Bacio will absolutely knock you out if that’s what you’re looking for but this nuanced complex strain deserves a closer look before you go cross-eyed. An interesting, deeper introspection is opened up with Bacio and it can make for an amazing psychospiritual nightcap whether with friends or solo. Imaginative conversation with friends comes easy and is made even more pleasant by the head-to-toe body high. Movie buffs would be well advised to take on the latest mind-bending psychological thriller with Bacio in tow. If you’ve never seen Inception, now is the time.

This a great hybrid to refine your palette. Most hybrids crossbreed the parent strains’ most interesting qualities into oblivion. All the bright colors get mixed together and the hybrid turns grey. Bacio Gelato does the opposite. Both strains preserve their individual strong suits as they combine into something just as bright but new. Mix red and blue boldly with this purple hue.


When you bring booze to a party no one goes for the plastic bottle. Go for the brand name everyone will be excited. This is priced at $60 per 1/8th for the luxury smoker. Cop accordingly.

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