Cannabis Product Review: Alien Labs Live Resin Full Gram Cart

by Carrie Dabshaw
Alien Labs review of their vape cartridge in MoonBox

Cannis Major x Moonbow At-A-Glance


Alien Labs goes all in on a Premium Live Resin offering with stellar quality in all regards.


Get light years away from your worries with a playful irreverence.


$60 for a Full Gram Cart of Alien Labs' Fresh Frozen Live Resin for your 510 battery.

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Get Intergalactic with Alien Labs' Full Gram 510 Cart Here for free delivery or in-store pick up.

About Alien Labs

Alien Labs promulgates a Nietzche postulate on their merch: “Time is a flat circle”. Are we bound to repeat ourselves forever? Does everything that has happened and is going to happen and is happening right now exists all at once? Are we but a briefly conjoined collection of particles thrust together arbitrarily as the explosion of our cosmos endlessly expands? “When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you”. What is summoned from your depths when you are faced with irreconcilable uncertainty? Who and what do you see when you stare at the night sky? What does the great cosmic Rorschach reflect back to you?

Alien Labs commits fully to their extraterrestrial branding in their provocative tagline “Transmitting from 2069”. The sparkling expanse of space is vast beyond our wildest imagination and most ambitious comprehension. Even at the speed of light, the unknowable mystery of creation situates our years away from our nearest neighbors. By the time we receive the light emitted by our distant celestial cousins, we are witnessing their past. 

The cannabis plant blossoms from the inherent magic of our living earth-born of the mystical dance between the cosmic energy of the sun, the distinctly Earthling mystery of water, and the unspeakably remarkable circumstances that brought them together in the first place. Have extraterrestrials contributed to the evolution of human history? Whatever happened to those obelisks in Utah last year? Alien Labs offers the space for you to test out your theories with cannabis’ highly esteemed pedigree co-piloting your inquiry.


Cherokee Tribes refer to cannabis as Gatunlati and believe that star people seeded our planet with the DNA for cannabis to aid us as a teacher in our growth and development. The endocannabinoid system and its connection to nearly every pertinent process of the human body (motor skill, cardiovascular function, mood, appetite, and sleep) seem to provide a hard-wired companion to the experiential value we all can attest to.

Cannabis is thought (in certain doses, in certain people) to assist in what scientists call “divergent thinking” or creative problem-solving. Have you had any experiences where cannabis opened you up to new perspectives on something challenging? What about a new level of acceptance on a topic that normally bothers you? Or increased tolerance for someone who annoys the hell out of you? Cannabis as a teacher is a revolutionary shift in approaching the intention with which you smoke.

Cannabis is a firecracker—let’s give her the respect of our open hearts and minds when she’s around. Alien Labs really blew me away with their fantastic Milky Way Sauce and the silky smooth sense of safety it cultivates. LA can be a really scary place to live-let the teaching plant remind you of your galactic well-being.  The first Alien Labs product I tried was their indoor-grown pre-rolls and what a lesson on present moment awareness that turned out to be. I smoked the Baklava jay while watching YouTube on a long marauding moonlit journey and lost the Moonbow joint along the way.

Thousands of steps later I finally found the jay unscathed on the busy street where she lay. In decades of storied and exultant cannabis usage, I don’t think I’ve ever lit any flower more triumphantly. For all the ridiculousness and amazingness of this experience (specifically with these jays but also just generally) I am overjoyed to dive into Moonbow in 510 vape format and I’m excited to see how this concentrate holds up in a cart. 


The packaging for vape carts normally is the least exciting in the brand’s arsenal. It seems most of the time, designing brilliance goes towards other avenues and then they just slap a sticker on the generic vape box. This is not the case for Cannis Major x Moonbow and I really appreciate the extra effort.  Everything about the attractively sized package is on theme-the side of the box reads “You Are Not Alone” alongside an ill rave-reminiscent alien with their third eye demarcated as clear as the other two. Alien Labs understood the assignment and excels in lime green and purple.

On the back, Alien Labs includes a note on live resin and why it constitutes a premium selection. Full-spectrum live resin arises from fresh frozen Alien Labs flower for a true-to-strain experience. Distillate is not ideal, guys. It’s resin or rosin or we’re out. The final line of their note on the product ends with “the way the aliens intended” and with that, they have me for life. As Los Angeles cannabis consumers we have endless opportunities and options for what we smoke and why. I like that Alien Labs works for our dollar. 

66.74% THC is boldly slapped across the box and a note on proper usage is included on the back. I like this straight-to-the-point approach-they know what we’re here for and get right to it.  Unsheathing the extraterrestrial obelisk is a joy in and of itself. Alien Labs goes hard on pizazz and the oil looks clean and delicious in the test tube. A tapered well-crafted mouthpiece adds to the premium quality aesthetic and the third-eye-illuminated alien head greets us again. Cannis Major x Moonbow hits remarkably smooth and clean. The inhale is really crisp with a nice layer of earthy flavored icing on top. 

Artificially added terpenes are over. Live Resin is the only proper choice for your 510 battery. Alien Labs targets and aggrandizes all its best aspects. Cannis Major x Moonbow sets in quickly and comprehensively. Few vapes are able to properly translate the layered effects of flower. Cannis x Moonbow orchestrates a playful, veil of irreverence that gently scrubs away any unnecessary mental or muscular tension as well as those final pesky fucks you had left to give.

Alien Labs Live Resin vape is of excellent quality and a worthy adventure in wringing out the day’s tension. Do yourself a favor and save for occasions with no responsibility. Take a walk in nature, listen to an engaging lecture, or consume a psychedelic album beginning to end (Try Dub Star of The Moon—a reggae rendition of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side). This is ideal for a concert or laughing with friends and mustn’t be wasted on fuckshit.


Top shelf quality, Top shelf price: $60 for this Alien Labs cartridge is well worth it.

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