Baby Jeeter Infused Honeydew Preroll Pack Review

by Carrie Dabshaw
Honeydew Baby Jeeter prerolls cannabis review from Emjay

Honeydew At-A-Glance


Beloved Baby Jeeters make their tasty jays sparkle with infused liquid diamonds in Honeydew.


Unravel mental tension easily with this relaxing zone out that sets in nearly immediately.


Each jay hits hard and can last you awhile based on your tolerance-$32 for 5 of them is great.

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Dance with the mighty green melon-try Baby Jeeter Infused Honeydew Pre-Roll 5 Pack with Emjay's free delivery.

About Jeeter

If you haven’t heard of Jeeter yet we can only assume you’ve just gotten out of a time machine from the ’90s or something. The country’s best-selling pre-roll brand has made it big in Hollywood and is selling way faster than any hotcakes (if that’s even really a thing?) we’ve ever seen. With crowd-pleasing flavors and lights-out potency, Jeeter’s infused and flower-only pre-rolls (as well as their newly introduced vapes) are among the most beloved stars in the LA cannabis constellation.

With three sizes (single gram and 2 gram XL’s as well as the .5 gram 5 pack featured here) and several flavors to choose from (all the way from Strawberry Shortcake to White Chocolate and Peach Ringz), Jeeter finally gives Southern Florida something to be proud of. With constant innovation ranging from their Blockbuster-themed pop-ups to their Nintendo-inspired parties, Jeeter nails the carefree fun so many of us find ourselves seeking from weed.

Beyond sharing their name with the greatest player on the greatest team in all of baseball, Jeeter’s got that intangible comfy feel that will always bring our nostalgia craving asses back time and time again. Even though Jeeter is so of the moment and consistently pushing innovation on their newest offerings (check out their Live Resin Straws which you can easily hit through the pouch like a juice box), something about them just feels old school. So dust off your cassette tapes and let’s see what the most underappreciated melon’s got for us.


In a move Bojack Horseman will never forgive them for, Jeeter adds Honeydew to their impressive rotation of curiously strong and surprisingly sweet baby jays. Now, I know what you’re thinking-who wants less of their weed? But let me put into perspective the cannabis cocktail that Jeeter’s got shakin’-normally testing around 35% THC these little guys mix indoor flower, cannabis extract, and a generous kief coating for a veritable lightning bolt of weed.

Baby Jeeters are strong enough to last low to moderate tolerances days as puffs were taken 2 or 3 at a time is enough to last you the whole night. A friend, an avowed hater, sought out a pack of these small treasures for the sole purpose of his contrarian aims-he literally bought them just to tell everyone they weren’t as good as they made them out to be. A few months later and Jeeter’s all he smokes. These are great for high tolerances as a single baby can suit casual needs and the remaining 4 can power you through your more adventurous nights. 

However long or many you smoke of these, Jeeter makes it easy to power through with their particularly smokeable blends. Equal parts party-favorite and low-key flex, the Baby Jeeter 5 pack is an easy way to impress and befriend everyone at the kickback. If you’re looking for a good way to ingratiate yourself with the sexy stranger on the other side of the room, offer one of these as your to-the-point vibe check on compatibility, and let the night see where it takes you


The glass jar Jeeter uses for their minis 5-pack is fantastic-visually appealing,  perfectly sized to fit in the palm of your hand, and in Honeydew’s case vitally informative. Honeydew Infused Jeeters are now made with liquid diamond concentrate. “Diamonds” in cannabis normally refer to the crystalline structure of isolated cannabinoids after extraction. So in liquid form it seems that would be much closer to distillate than Marilyn Monroe’s best friend but regardless of how much they’ve got in common with rhinestones, this is an extremely appealing way to describe these babies.

Busting into the Honeydew with more vigor than Gallagher, the exact aroma you’d hope for comes thru on the olfactory. The best smelling candy hits the nose with a slight cannabis tinge on the back end. The jays are simply drowning in kief and something about their tiny stature is very comforting. No shade whatsoever to our many shades of plant magic but there’s something that can’t be beat about products that have done all the work for you. Once you get flame on this small but might monster there’s so little work between you and a potent uplift. Normally these babies can get me headed vertically within a few puffs.

Back in the day, there were special edition Starbursts that contained a mango melon flavor, and these Jeeters taste exactly like that. No cannabis flavor makes it through but the Honeydew taste is delicious. Baby Jeeter’s burns perfectly and is the ideal smoke for people who really like to rip their shit. 

Honeydew’s high is centered on the mind but in a way that is truly relaxing. Any problems on your mind seem a lot less important and the world feels a lot less serious. Honeydew is a strong choice if you just wanna zone out and watch cartoons. Oral fixation is heavy on this one so plan on preparing munchies beforehand.

Baby Honeydew is amazing to hit slowly throughout the night. It is strong enough to feel effects within a few hits so you can stretch out a well-balanced, maintained buzz thru out the evening. If you’re a tense person this is a great smoke to just allow yourself to take a step back from your thoughts for a while.


Jeeter has become the best-selling preroll brand in the country because it is affordable. You get a lot of bang for your buck with the pack of Baby Jeeters priced at $32.

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