Cannabis Product Review: Jeeter Juice Gelato Vape

by Carrie Dabshaw
Jeeter Juice review_ Emjay

Jeeter Juice Gelato At-A-Glance


Classic stoney head-high with a muted somatic effect.


Massively popular pre-roll brand deals a 510 compatible spin-off for the vaping crowd.


Accessibly priced and remarkably cost efficient on Thursdays and Saturdays. Under $30/gram.

Find It On Emjay

You can purchase Jeeter products, including the vape lineup, on Emjay.

About Jeeter Juice

Jeeter is the Beyonce of the Emjay product menu. It’s popular. Sure, other members come and go, but Jeeter’s who you’re here to see. Our dispensary struggles to even keep their delicious, potent pre-rolls in stock, that’s how popular they are. It seems the majority of our free delivery orders contain at least one Jeeter offering.

Jeeter is nearly universally hyped and that type of clout can be hard to live up to. Recently, I overheard one of our couriers explaining that he got so sick of hearing everyone rave about Jeeter pre-rolls that he bought some just so he could tell people they weren’t as great as everybody thought. He then ruefully admitted that they did in fact live up to the hype. Jeeter 1, Petty Wap 0.

Jeeter is so sought after that time and time and time again Emjay couriers are out delivering Jeeters to other dispensaries. No joke. It happens all the time. Sherbinskis is proud to be one of the lucky few to have their heavy-hitting arsenal on deck. And Emjay is honored to deliver them across the land. 

Those who know, know. If you’ve never tried any of the Jeeter pre-roll flavors I sincerely beseech you to do so now. 


Sherbinskis made its name being the first to cultivate Gelato which became an instant classic when it burst deliciously onto the cannabis scene. Name checked in countless hip hop anthems and beloved in endless variety in grow houses across the country, Gelato has established itself as a standard and is now available in a variety of sub flavors including Mochi Gelato and Bacio Gelato.

This particular incarnation of Gelato comes wrapped in very endearing juice box packaging which adds a lot of enjoyment to the unboxing. There’s so much serioso about cannabis these days, especially in LA. It’s refreshing to see something playful.

Once you dig into the cartridge itself, the oil is really candy sweet on the nose and that carries through on the inhale. The flavor profile is absolutely more in line with a flavor-packed purple drink than a cold-pressed green juice. Gelato through the prism of Jeeter feels a lot more cerebral-more suited to wake-and-bake than after dinner treat.

Vape pens are perfect for on-the-go use. The effectively uplifting boost of Jeeter’s Gelato is a good match for scenarios when time-crunching is a must. 

Gelato Jeeter Juice review_ Emjay


Each incarnation of cannabis consumption provides a unique experience for the user. Edibles hit different than flower. Tinctures feel different than dabs. Vape pens are exceptionally easy and efficient to use. But sometimes they take the guts out of the experience. It’s like virtual reality. It will take you where you want to go, but it can also take you further away from the real thing.

The vape experience here seems less connected to its organic roots (ie green juice) and more in touch with its sweetest notes (ie purple drink). Both are great. And both have their own place but will disappoint if you try to substitute one for the other. It depends on the experience you’re looking for.

Gelato Jeeter Juice is a straightforward, stoney experience. Much more mentally heavy than somatically present. A few focused rips and you can get on Towely’s level. Or near it at least. Use Gelato Jeeter Juice if you need to space out and gain a more expansive perspective on something that’s weighing heavy on your mind. It’s great for washing off a shitty day of work or, conversely, setting the tone for the day by getting the morning started right. 

Jeeter is known for its infused pre-rolls and baby pre-roll packs. Those remain the All-Stars of the roster. Although Jeeter Juice may not be the Jeter of the organization- they still play for the Yankees.


A fantastic bargain at $34/gram. Snatch them up on Thursdays or Saturdays at Emjay retail storefronts or delivery for an added discount. 

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