Cannabis Product Review: Cheers Queers! Sonder Space Crystals

by Carrie Dabshaw
Sonder Space Crystals review from Emjay_Photo by Carrie Dabshaw

Space Crystals At-A-Glance


Sonder nails a mind-boggling deep dive into the unrealized potential for celebratory cannabis.


Effervescent, yummy, and lively candy blends nostalgia, the buzz of a good toast, and a classic stoney well-being.


It'd be worth fighting a bear or climbing a record-setting mountain for this fantastic magical candy—$8 will also do it.

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About Sonder Space Crystals

From the moment Sonder’s age verification pop-up greets you on its website, it’s clear we are in for something special. Dripping in a playful and delightfully bizarre retro-futuristic aesthetic, Sonder unequivocally is here to party. Let’s not hide the ball here guys—these are fucking weed Pop Rocks. WeedPop Rocks. If you’re anything like me every version of self from age 12 on has fainted from joy at this point. Humanity, clearly, owes Sonder a gigantic debt of gratitude for this game-changing innovation and it is icing on the cake that they put some extra sauce on the presentation as well.

Promising the highest quality cannabis, Sonder promises all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff for their products best shared with friends. Their landing page ending with the rallying cry of “Let’s get wavy!” is punctuated by a sea of pink and purple waves as the finishing touch on their unabashedly whacky vibe. Sonder shares their vision for cannabis as a vehicle for creativity, curiosity, and wonder for use as a tool to engage more deeply with ourselves, the world around us, and each other.

Sonder draws their name from the English noun referencing the profound realization that each person you pass on the street is living a life as rich as complex as your own. If you’re unfamiliar with the experience it’s a great exercise when you’re stuck in traffic—with each window you look in take a moment to wonder where they’re headed, what they’re thinking about, who they love, and maybe even if you’ll never ever, ever know it if they’re feeling the same way as you are today, whether they’ve ever had their heart broken in the same ways you have, whether they share your hopes and dreams.


Sonder fortifies a daily practice of awe with their focus on providing a lens for more fine-tuned awareness to the comings and goings of ceaselessly fluctuating stream of experience. It’s a seat a few rows closer to the vibrating, magical movie screen of Awareness on which all sights, sounds, sensations, scents, and those pesky nagging thoughts amass and dissolve in an infinity of tones, flavors, and textures. Sonder invites us to choose a gentle curiosity and underlying sense of wonder as we move through whatever this life thing is. And I am fully in for the inquiry.

Founded by M. Paradise and Faun Chapin, Sonder is a labor of love rooted in creativity with a foregrounded intentionality to create wonder and delight in the world through the lens of cannabis. Using only sustainably grown flower from second-generation matrilineal farmers Leif and Jessica Bolin in Mendocino County, Sonder’s cannabis is exclusively sun-grown and rooted in love. With a focus on the flower’s terrior in the astronomically spectacular growing conditions of The Emerald Triangle, Sonder sharpens their intentionality on the best rain, soil, sun, and terrestrial rhythm for the creativity-deepening cannabis.

Sonder includes a “Learn” section on their site and it is perhaps the single most helpful deep dive into what exactly the extraction process for vape oil actually means and looks like. If whoever writes or thought up how Sonder talks about their cannabis is single, hit me up—let’s find our moment where we are not alone. Similarly, whoever got us to Space Crystals from the 510 vape train is also welcome to my hand in marriage. Sonder is Woman and Queer founded and owned and as a medical necessity, we must break into these immediately.


Sonder Space Crystals come in Peachy Passion, Pineapple Party, Stoned Fruit, and the (single greatest name for any product ever) Cheers Queers! (yes the exclamation point is officially part of the title) featured here. If you’re unaware reclaiming Queer identity as a rallying cry is now generally considered empowering as a welcoming penumbra for all of us outside rigid cisnormative and heterosexist ideas of what anatomy means for your pleasure and destiny. Gender is fucking illusory and there’s is a cannabis glass raised to our freedom from conformity.

Sonder’s packaging is sexy and Space Oddity with just enough class and irreverence to intrigue you without being intimidating. The package feels amazing in your hand and is perfectly designed for ripping the top off and taking like a celebratory shot. The back reads “A Toast to All Our Chosen Family” and if there was any single thing (there wasn’t) holding me back from offering these Space Crystals my hand in marriage it has not popped into the eternity of space.

Queer people historically and still are often ostracized from their family of origin due to their gender and/or sexual identities so we have our chosen family to fill that gap. If you are not Queer allow me to translate—making a product called Cheers Queers! as a toast to chosen family is a radical act of passionate love to the entire beautiful tapestry of the community. And if you are (family, that is) Cheers to you and us figuring it out with a constantly evolving rainbow of alternatives to the repressive, Puritanical, fundamentally false binaries, and heterosexist institutions utterly failing to stifle our freedom to be and love and express otherwise. They’ll never take us alive. 

Cheers Queers! has a fruity candy nose with a nice champagne undertone. I assumed the experience of the popping technology would be understated and was pleasantly surprised—these bitches are lively.  The flavor is charmingly sweet and strawberry centric with some of the second to last notes of champagne’s backend. It would be worth eating for flavor alone but it is also freaking cannabis crystals. This is one of the coolest if not the single best iteration of cannabis ever. Use these as stocking stuffers as the holiday season approaches or as an affordable, unique, and hero-making addition to bring to the potluck. 

Cheers Queers! is easy to microdose but not easy to measure out so take it slow if you’re not used to 10mg. About 30 mins in things start to get dreamy and there’s a great softening in the body. Cheers Queers! is stoney but not overwhelming and keeps you in the game as you toast to the cosmos with friends. If you’re a lightweight this is a great choice for starting low and going slow throughout the evening.


I would kill for these Sonder Space Crystals—$8 is an insanely good deal.

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