Cannabis Product Review: Fuzzies by Sublime King Hybrid Preroll

by Carrie Dabshaw
Fuzzies by Sublime review on Emjay

Fuzzies By Sublime At-A-Glance


Sublime nails a pleasant and potent go-to daily jay with their infused King sized Fuzzies.


Get warm and Fuzzie with a reliable, uncomplicated feel good buzz that sets in quickly.


Smoke like Goldie Locks with an infused 1.5 grams that get you just high enough for $14.

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About Fuzzies

Fuzzies by Sublime offer smooth sailing and sky-high potency with Emerald and Hempcon Award-winning products across the cannabis spectrum. Sublime hangs their hat on reliable potency and low prices with options that blast off and chill out into uncomplicated enjoyability. Vertically integrated from the roots to the dispensary, Fuzzies offers a wide, varied umbrella of cannabis products that pop up frequently on many smokers’ “favorite” lists and quite often in our Emjay delivery bags.

Promised “as potent as your soul, smooth as your style”, Sublime flower is grown free of pesticides, microbials, and heavy metals and is available in three full flower blends. If you’re more into the roll-your-own-pouch trend of the day, Sublime’s got just the Fuzzies for you with its grab-n-go 3.5grams bundled with 25 rolling papers. Sublime groups their offerings by potency and so far we’ve only made it to the 20-25% realm.

If you like to keep it in the mid-twenties range for your THC, Sublime also offers Naked pre-rolls available with flower and live resin or flower, live resin, and CBD oil. Their most popular offerings, however, are the King and Mini-infused Fuzzies featured here. With a combination of flower and the triple threat of distillate, concentrate, and a finishing kief coating, Fuzzies gets in on one of cannabis’ trendiest rackets. Clocking in around the 30% range, these are the last of Sublime’s offerings before things really get bonkers in their 40+% THC Shorties and Fruties with live resin added.


Fuzzies by Sublime designed their King and Mini-infused pre-roll collections for daily consumption in three varieties-Super Silver Haze in white, OG kush in black, and Wedding Cake in charcoal grey. This color-coding stays consistent across much of their branding and the simplicity is very comforting. Our Emjay customers come to know the Fuzzies name, its incredible pricing, and from there, there’s not really much more work to do in choosing.

Because they are vertically integrated, Sublime even takes responsibility for using state-of-the-art cold extraction methods using ethanol aimed at retaining the plant’s original terp profile. Similarly, Fuzzies adds full-spectrum terpenes in the post-production of their flower in hopes of providing a more robust flavor profile. There are several brands I suspect of adding additional terps in post-production and they don’t mention it anywhere in their literature. Fuzzie’s straightforward approach is appreciated.

With their home-grown flower in tow and the supercharge of cold extracted distillate and terps, all that’s needed is the final dusting of kief to finish off the Fuzzies all-out blitz on your sobriety. Hats off to whoever is smoking triple-infused on the daily as these seem poised to be an easy knockout for several tolerances. Fuzzies is one of those brands I just keep bumping into but have never had the pleasure of being formally introduced to. So let’s get past the pleasantries and on to the real.


Sublime’s commitment to Fuzzies as a no-fuss everyday smoke absolutely shines through in its packaging. Fuzzies is not flashy but functional. The grey color-coded for Wedding Cake makes these easy to distinguish on the shelf for grab-n-go ease. The side reads “Hand Rolled & Bold” in a move that both myself and Fortune favor. A bare-bones plastic tube protects the kief-covered filtered cone inside. Fuzzie’s Frankenstein’s Monster serves craft beer vibes on the nose-bright, dank notes reminiscent of Simcoe and Mosaic hops if you’re into that sort of thing.

It’s bold to name your product “King” but Fuzzies lives up to the moniker with a hearty, tightly packed jay. Fuzzies burns and smokes really well. If you have a high tolerance and want to get lifted quickly you can pound this in a pinch to get where you wanna go. The King goes out quickly if you don’t smoke on it consistently which is amazing if you tend to be a forgetful smoker and just wander off in the middle of a sesh. Fuzzies has almost a stogie quality to its flavor which is appreciated with the massive number of flavored options out today.

Fuzzie’s high is really joyful and adventurous. The uplift is potent and can get trippy the further it goes on. Don’t use this for anything you need to focus on or take too seriously. Depending on your tolerance you can stretch this out for a few nights, with a few friends, or in a few minutes for a rapid perspective shift. Fuzzies accomplishes an old-school experience that eliminates any additional steps beyond getting lifted and enjoying it.


Fuzzies is priced fairly. $14 is amazing for this fun and potent 1.5 grams.

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