Cannabis Product Review: Alien Labs x Friendly Farms Milky Way Sauce

by Carrie Dabshaw
Alien Labs Review


Move aside Winnie the Pooh, there's a new sauce in town. Beam up an orchestra of flavor and focus with Alien Labs x Friend Farms.


A delicious, potent get-things-done spend: $40 bucks.


Silky smooth joyfulness dances its way into your cosmic mystery with an unshakeable remembering that all is well.

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About Alien Labs x Friendly Farms

Alien Labs commits fully to their extraterrestrial branding in their provocative tagline “Transmitting from 2069”. The sparkling expanse of space is vast beyond our wildest imagination and most ambitious comprehension. Even at the speed of light the unknowable mystery of creation situates us years away from our nearest neighbors. By the time we receive the light emitted by our distant celestial cousins, we are witnessing their past. 

Alien Labs promulgates a Nietzche postulate on their merch: “Time is a flat circle”. Are we bound to repeat ourselves forever? Does everything that has happened and is going to happen and is happening right now exists all at once? “When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you”. What do you see when you stare at the night sky? What does the great cosmic Rorschack reflect back to you?

The cannabis plant blossoms from the inherent magic of our living earth-born of the mystical dance between the cosmic energy of the sun, the distinctly Earthling mystery of water, and the unspeakably remarkable circumstances that brought them together in the first place. Have extraterrestrials contributed to the evolution of human history? Whatever happened to those obelisks in Utah last year?

In collaboration with California’s oil obsessed Friendly Farms, Alien Labs offers their take on the fruits of these comic mysteries with a reverent shout out to all the celestial majesty just beyond our ken. Milky Way sauce crosses two foundational strains: Wedding Cake x Zkittles.


These days, there are as many forms of cannabis concentrates as stars in the Milky Way. It can be confusing and hard to keep up. Luckily, we here at Emjay have got you covered. For a full rundown on all manifestations of concentrates, here’s our menu

Cannabis concentrates are very on the nose with their naming. Crumble and shatter, for example, look exactly like they sound and sauce is no different. Sticky, high cannabinoid crystals flooded in viscous high terpene liquid come together for a supercharged THC potency. 

As the Milky Way manifests in a collection of multifaceted variety, so does this concentrate. Cannabinoids and terpenes are isolated out in a pattern that varies across the slathering—a dab drawn from the left side of the jar may hit very different than another from the right. What Forrest Gump called a box of chocolates….you never know what you’re gonna get.

Dabs are not for the faint of heart, nor the beginner. If you want to “start low and go slow” this is not the place to do that—microdosers need not apply. Dabbing and the many extracts it draws upon, are created to be the highest concentration and fastest delivery of a potent, intense one-way ticket to Highville.

Alien Labs Review


I used a PuffCo Vision Plus to dab the Milky Way. This is an amazing piece of technology. Honestly, pick one up as soon as you can. With the full force of modern technology, the simplicity and evolution of the PuffCo Plus make every aspect of the dabbing experience better and easier.

Milky Way smells amazing and will instantly spark joy in any true stoner’s heart. Tons of weediness on the nose with some bright and fruity notes. We store our dabs in a fridge at Sherbinskis so I thought I’d follow suit at home. The sauce takes on a really appealing and comforting viscosity at cooler temperatures. The honey stickiness is very pleasant and reassuring. There’s a crisp and botanical mintiness to the smell and it makes the Milky Way shine even brighter.

After scooping a dab into the chamber I tasted the sauce off the scooper—it tastes like cannabis oil used in baking. Clicking the PuffCo 5 times turns on the heat and it’s surprisingly satisfying to hear the device heat up and bubble the concentrate. Milky Way hits so unbelievably clean and smooth it’s hard sometimes to even tell if you got some. 

I like to take several bite-sized dabs to incrementally grow the uplift instead of bulldozing my way in immediately. It’s convenient and aesthetically pleasing that the entire dab burns off—there’s no bowl to empty or ash to cleanout. A really tasty orchestra of flavors orbit the Milky Way-skunk, fruit, and citrus notes all make an appearance.

Many years ago my first experience with dabbing went horribly awry. I was visiting a friend in the Mile High City and drastic increases in altitude make you susceptible to getting way higher (or drunker) than you usually would. It was a fancy expansive home but the people inhabiting it were purely dorm room vibes. They took out a frighteningly large dab rig attached to a tall bong and when I hit it overzealously I started to cough. One of those coughing fits you fear because you know the second it ends you gon be FUCKED up. Lo and behold the moment it ended I was “my head is hot” level twisted. Sweating, zoned out, and what Nicki Minaj meant when she said “ain’t talkin’ I’m dumb high”, one of the men started being creepy when I was in this vulnerable, overwhelmed state. I mention this detail for people identifying as women to feel seen in their similar experiences and for people who do not understand this is often our experience. Don’t harsh someone’s buzz with your unwanted advances.

Fast forward back to the present day and Milky Way sauce really wash away the taste of this unsavory memory. This dab is clear, focused, and mood-enhancing. The world feels safe and there’s a higher definition to your perspective. Mainlining cannabinoids and their effervescent terpenes zoom in on the plant’s most glittery effects. Milky Way offers a silky smooth joyfulness and all-encompassing sense of well being. A drastic uplift to the effect and a sharpened clarity arise effortlessly for an air of sophistication. Milky Way sauce upgrades dabbing from the dorm room to the board room.


$40 well spent on a high potency blast.

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