Cannabis Product Review: Sweet Tea Blunt by Cookies

by Fredrick Miller
Sweet Tea Blunt review from Cookies_Emjay

Sweet Tea Blunt At A Glance


The Sweet Tea strain's exhale gives way to hints of nutty cocoa beans and sweet Swiss chocolate. The 2-gram blunt is wrapped in a cannagar shell sporting a glass tip.


This two-gram blunt costs around $30 at most California dispensaries and at Emjay.


At 25% THC, this blunt offers effects including relief of depression and anxiety. This sativa-dominant strain's high feels calm, focused, and euphoric.

Find It On Emjay

You can purchase the Sweet Tea blunt and have it delivered for free by Emjay. You also can check out all of Cookies strains on our platform.

About Cookies

In California’s flooded market of marijuana branding, Cookies is a brand that seems to reign supreme. This top title likely won’t be taken away any time soon as the brand has cemented itself with good flower, bright, colorful design, and an honest-to-goodness grassroots start. Berner (Gilbert Milam Jr.) built the Cookies brand (it’s now more of an empire) from the cash register up to the C-Suite. Berner himself started out scanning IDs for medical patients in dispensary storefronts while simultaneously working as a rapper in the Bay Area. Through his undeterred love of the plant, Berner worked his way up, eventually founding Cookies in 2008 with his friend and legendary grower Jai (“Jigga”) from the Cookies Collective.

Thank God they did! For when I first set my eyes upon the Sweet Tea Blunt by Cookies I knew I was in for a treat. The packaging plays with the imagination, presenting itself in a sky-blue color with the letters “Sweet Tea” written in foamy amber, bouncing around the top. On a hot day, I’d open this up and sip it if I could. The Sweet Tea strain itself is a cross between three hybrid California natives—Alcatraz OG, California Orange, and Space Queen. Their genetic combination results in a sickly sweet bud that will uplift even the most downtrodden and lost.


Flavor notes of Sweet Chocolate and Caramel Cream, Sweet Tea leaves very little to the imagination—only images of baked cookies and chocolate eclairs come to mind. I wonder, how in the hell did they get this bud to smell so sweet? The crankiest of odor-hating stoner bashers would turn the other cheek when a mere waft of this Sweet Tea comes downwind. Even your Grandma (the one that doesn’t smoke) called to ask for the recipe of whatever imaginary confections she believed I was baking. 

Nonetheless, Cookie’s Sweet Tea Blunt smells like a baker’s wet dream—and that’s just the smell, folks. The taste is unique and sits on the palette like a coffee shop, each hit like a sip of your favorite medium roast in the morning. The exhale gives way to hints of nutty cocoa beans, again as sweet as Swiss chocolate. The generous 2-gram blunt itself is wrapped in a hemp cannagar shell sporting a glass tip. I’m grateful for the quality tip, not wanting to waste any flower of this caliber on a cardboard filter. 


Sweet Tea might be more than just a name, in this case, the effects are as friendly as you’ll find in any sativa testing at 25% THC. Immediately upon inhale, I felt the tingling sensation of motivation sparking in my mind. A sudden will to live to create and create to live was instilled in me. I found that the slump of laying around was no longer an option, a sign of depression relief.

This is definitely a sativa leaning plant, but not one that will lock you to the couch and spin your mind on repeat at 1000 rpm. Sweet Tea offered a calm, focused, happy high—the likes of which are hard to find sometimes, and always in desperate need for those seeking relief. Sweet Tea is more than just a name, it’s a whole satisfaction of life. 


$30 is perfect for a two-person sesh and an alright pricepoint for a one-person sesh. At two grams, this Sweet Tea Blunt is pretty reasonably priced for its quality at $15 a gram. In California, for the best weed, I’d say that’s a reasonable top-shelf price per gram.

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