Cannabis Product Review: The Judge Strain From Claybourne Co.’s Gold Cuts

by Carrie Dabshaw
Gold Cuts from Claybourne Co. Review

Claybourne Co.'s The Judge Strain At-A-Glance


The Judge hands down a kind and just verdict-glistening, pungent bud with a fantastic good time. 

Find It On Emjay

Emjay has many products for delivery or in-store purchase from Claybourne Co., including the fan-favorite eighth of The Judge.


Life-affirming relaxation infused with an energetic sense of fun. 


The Judge worked its way to an elevated price point of $60. Get it with free delivery on Emjay for just $45 bucks per eighth with this exclusive sale until 9/12/2021.

About Claybourne Co. and The Judge

Claybourne Co. offers an expansive collection of cannabis products for a wide range of accessible price points. In a variety of strains and smoking formats, Claybourne also brilliantly differentiates between big buds and smalls in their multifaceted offerings. Claybourne’s Ounce and Half Ounce Smalls pop up regularly in our Emjay delivery bags, especially during our exclusive, limited-run sale for all Claybourne products. At $115 for a half-ounce, Claybourne makes weed affordable at under $30/eighth. Claybourne lists the cannabinoids and terpenes of each strain on the glass and this level of attention makes the price point even more enticing. 

With their Power line, Claybourne offers really unique innovations for the marriage of flower and kief. In the Power Pack an eighth of pre-ground small bud flower is bundled with an added gram of kief to supercharge the smoking experience. With the flower held in the newly trending roll-your-own-pouch and the kief held separately in a convenient scoopable jar, this is an amazing update to the jay rolling accessories of years gone by. In a pinch and want to skip the extra step? Claybourne’s Power Stack holds 3 grams of pre-ground flower infused with kief in a pourable jar for an instant, extra voltage sesh. 

Claybourne’s Flyers offer single, double, and five pack pre-rolls in strain specific kief infused formats. These flyers tout “in-bound” joy in single and triple infused varieties that allow for choose-your-own-adventure smoking. It is this type of innovation that keeps the cannabis game fresh and exciting. 


Claybourne Co.’s website boasts a bomb Gold Cuts logo in OE lettering underneath an eye-popping purple cannabis plant. Claybourne is for certified lover smokes and Gold Cuts is Claybourne’s highest grade of cannabis offerings. Ten percent of Claybourne’s facility is devoted to cultivating flower above and beyond industry standards. With Claybourne’s in-house breeding and selection program, close attention is paid to every stage of the flower’s development and only 1% of their plants make the Gold standard cut. Gold Cuts focus on a loud nose, high potency, and big flavor with an enticing, elegant aesthetic. 

Gold Cuts earn their title with their strain selection: Vanilla Dice, Tropic Fury, and Ice Cream Paint Job had me at hello. The product description for each of these only deepens the sell—the breakdown for Vanilla, for example, reads “so nice we named it dice”. With extra effort on deepening a 360* aesthetic for each strain, Gold Cuts aims to justify the elevated price point. These types of details and an extra scoop of heart (Ice Cream Paint Job reads “green on the inside, cream on the outside”) go a long way in attracting and retaining today’s in-the-know cannabis consumer.

The Judge, featured here, won me over with this killer pick-up line “the fact that it’s our highest testing strain ever, proves that The Judge is indeed stern, but more than fair.” All rise for an honorable 17.7 milligrams of THC per dollar in this Chem Dawg descendant. Rounded out by a shared name with the Yankees’ 99, I am truly excited to taste the Gold this Cut has to offer. 


The Judge enters as regal and trustworthy as ever with Claybourne’s dope packaging and graphic design choices.  The box and jar feel very cool and Claybourne doesn’t poison it by trying too hard.  With no label covering the sides of the jar,  the flower is completely exposed through the glass, and this is a bold show of confidence in the quality of the flower. 

The Judge is an Indica clocking in at 35.34% THC. Through this cannabis peek-a-boo, a dense forest of dark hairs is revealed and sparkling, glistening trichomes are detectable through the glass. The ripe bud structure is gorgeous—the hairs look the current of a stream and the flowers blossoming petals carried gently on its surface. I am not very familiar with Claybourne’s usual line of products but just going off the visuals this absolutely does seem a cut about what ends up in the ounces.

Sealed for our protection and smelling pleasure is a very savory, earthy, skunky (and in the best possible way) stanky stash of weed. The olfactory profile is complex-some perfumed floral notes and others funky and pungent. Once you get your eyes on the buds it hard to focus on the smell for much longer. 

The Judge is robed in visibly sticky, glistening buds which look like they just chopped down a ton of wood to build a fire. The Judge rests in a quiet confidence. If this strain was on a dating app it’s primary profile picture would be in a beanie and overalls outside a cabin in the woods. Savory flavors make it through on the inhale and the taste feels hearty.

There’s a refined perceptually sharpening that makes sounds a little more interesting, colors a little more bright. The Judge was made for movie night. Choose something that is equally visually and conceptually dazzling to get all the benefits-I like Netflix’s BoJack Horseman and my all time favorite Zendaya’s euphoria

The Judge has a great chill to it but there is a very energetic buzz of excitement that electrifies a sense of playtime into your experience. If you are tasked with an easy job without much responsibility this is the type of smoke to save your entire shift. The Judge is exactly the type of weed that got me through high school.


Catch Claybourne Co. on sale exclusively through Emjay until September 12, 2021. Offering 25% off, The Judge eighth during this deal was only $45. Honestly, this strain is amazing so either way, you will get your $60 dollars worth.

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