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Claybourne Cannabis Co. is a top-shelf brand with one of the most robust flower product portfolios in California.

Nick Ortega, Brent Barnes, and Jonathan Griffith co-founded this popular brand in 2017. Claybourne has an umbrella of products, and even distributes across the state, but its namesake weed brand Claybourne Co. is our focus. The indoor-grown cannabis from Claybourne includes potent, unique strains like Future, Flo White, and The Judge clocking in at a whopping 35.35% THC, and the rare exotic strain called Bisti Badlands. They also grow beloved strains like Wedding Cake, Ice Cream Cake, Dulce De Leche, and Gelato #41.

Ortega is the CEO of Claybourne, bringing his product distribution genius to the cannabis game beginning in the company’s 2017 founding. Ortega’s career evolution began with Mechanical Engineering, then to Masters in Business with experience as global Product Manager for Dover Corporation. Ortega told Green Market Report that his goals for Claybourne’s grow include “breeding to develop innovative cultivars that offer disease tolerance, heartiness, improved yields, and unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles.”

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Claybourne’s product lineup called Gold Cuts features its most rare and meticulously-grown strains yet. “Gold Cuts are the gilded result of our in-house, breeding and selection program,” Claybourne says on its website. “Ten percent of our facility is dedicated to developing flower that goes above and beyond industry standard, and less than 1% of our trialed selection ends up making the cut. Gold Cuts flower displays a loud nose, high potency, big flavor, and AAA aesthetic.”

One of the most popular products on the Claybourne roster is its Power Packs, which come with an eighth of cannabis, kief, and rolling papers. The DIY ease and quality are at the forefront of this product. Also dusted in kief, you’ll find Claybourne’s prerolls called Flyers. They are either single-infused with kief or triple-infused with cannabis oil, kief inside, and then kief outside. They also come rolled in unbleached, calcium carbonate-free paper. Truly decadent.

“To curate a portfolio of feelings, attainable by all consumer demographics, backed by science, and communicated clearly to consumers through transparency,” is the company’s ethos, Ortega says to Green Market Report.

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