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by Leslie McMann
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What sells faster than an Ivy Park drop? Jeeter infused pre-rolls.

These babies don’t fly off the shelf so much as bypass the shelf entirely, going straight from the dispensary backroom to the eager hands (and lungs) of Jeeter devotees. There is mayhem in every dispensary parking lot whenever a brand new scrumptious flavor drops. Some Emjay employees have even claimed to have delivered new Jeeter products to customers only to find said customers at work—behind the counter at another dispensary.

Of course, there are plenty of brands with a cult-like following in the California recreational cannabis community, almost all of them Cali-born and grown. But even as Jeeter’s popularity has swept through California faster than a wildfire, it has never lost touch with its roots in South Florida hip-hop. Sold in neon-hued bottles with lettering reminiscent of 90s-era graffiti, if you still doubt their cred then peep the Notorious B.I.G quote on parent company Dreamfields’ About page #EastCoast. Don’t worry, they’re not completely old school: in addition to pre-rolls, Jeeter also has oil and live resin vapes.

And what makes the people go nuts for Jeeter? Let’s break down their products:

Jeeter Infused Prerolls

The crown jewel of Jeeter, each infused pre-roll is made with high-quality premium indoor cannabis flower, never shake. The wrappers are infused with cannabis oil and then rolled in kief to evenly cover the entire joint from end to tip. Every infused pre-roll averages over 35% THC and comes in 3 sizes: 1 gram (Jeeter 1G), 2 grams (Jeeter XL), and a 5-pack of minis (Baby Jeeter). While all the pre-rolls have filters, the glass tips on the Jeeter XLs are a high-quality touch that more than justifies the $30 average price. Though the yet-to-be converted may balk at Jeeter’s pricepoint, please consider this: even if you took your $30 and smoked an entire 8th of flower, it wouldn’t get you as high as these potent pre-rolls.

Available in 20 different strains with new ones dropping periodically, you’ll find half the allure of Jeeter infused pre-rolls is, to steal from Pokemon, catching them all. If you’re ready to join this bandwagon, we recommend trying the Infused XL Gelato #33  or the Infused Baby Jeeter Strawberry Shortcake 5 Pack. 

Jeeter Prerolls

We get it, 35% THC is kind of a lot. Not everyone wants a super-powered, juiced-up joint. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the Jeeter wave, though. Jeeter’s regular pre-rolls, un-infused and containing only premium cannabis flower and none of the extras, are still a treat. In more than 20 strains that are different from the 20 infused strains (we love the variety!) but packaged in the same distinctive glass bottles and available in the same three sizes, un-infused Jeeter Pre-rolls are a less-potent alternative to the infused line. And with the average THC percentage for these strains still hanging in the late twenties or early thirties, Jeeter Pre-rolls are powerful on their own.

If you don’t want to call it a night but just can’t leave a joint unfinished, these are probably the choice for you. We recommend trying the Baby Jeeter Zkittlez for a taste of a classic strain, or the XL Cat Piss for a strain that’s a little more…out there.

Jeeter Juice

Jeeter Oil and Live Resin Vapes

Are you a smoke-free stoner reading this article and absolutely salivating over what you can’t have? Breaking news: there’s a Jeeter for you. Jeeter Juice is a 1 gram vape cartridge filled with broad-spectrum cannabis oil and terpenes from Jeeter’s very own strains. Available in 11 flavorful strains, a few of them are currently on sale on Emjay. The Live Resin vapes feature a unique straw-tip design. Though they are disposable and the half-gram resin chamber can’t be replaced, the live resin vapes come with a charging port and cord in the rare event of a battery failure. Now you can vape down to the last drop. All nine strains are dreamy, but Apricot Jelly really caught our eye.

Keep your eye on the Jeeter Instagram and sign up for emails from Emjay to be sure you can get your hands on the next Jeeter drop. And always check the Jeeter brand page on to see which Jeeter products we can deliver to you, always with no delivery fee.

From now until August 30, 2021, all Jeeter products are 25% off on Emjay’s platform. You’re welcome, friends.

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