Cannabis Review: Drew Martin’s Botanically Blended Pack of Prerolls

by Carrie Dabshaw
Emjay reviews the collection of botanic prerolls by cannabis company Drew Martin

The Collection by Drew Martin At-A-Glance


Drew Martin carves out a unique cannabis niche with a night out alternative of botanically blended, low dose THC pre-rolls.


A stylish social accessory perfect for keeping your cool in connection-lively, graceful, de-stressing.


$35 for 4 sessionable flower powered smokes worth more than any bar tab or bottle at that price point.

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About Drew Martin

Drew Martin invites its users to seek, dream, and bloom with their low-dose botanically blended pre-rolls. Low Dose is not a phrase heard nearly as often as it should be in the cannabis space. We all know the feeling of overeating to the point of sickness-you instantly regret it and the next day you’re pissed you don’t have any left—let’s look at our cannabis consumption the same way.

In accordance with the law of diminishing returns, after a certain point there most definitely is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Drew Martin aims to keep us within the range of enjoyment and away from the misstep of gluttony. Drew Martin prerolls are meant to be shared and combine sun-grown cannabis with inspired botanical selections. These tempered THC smokes aim for the perfect uplift for socializing without checking out.

Drew Martin dares to mix unlikely botanical pairings for a unique and unexpected flavor profile evened out by the buzz of good weed. Martin sources exclusively from an organic Mendocino County farm for the hand-harvested full flower cannabis it uses in its flavorful jays. Martin worked diligently with their grower to mold an energetic and talkative but low-anxiety strain. We can all remember a party we missed out on when we got too high-stay grounded at the moment and immersed in connection with the flower power of cannabis and some of its zestier cousins.


Founded by James Beard Award-winning Mixologist and herbalist Drew Martin, these beautiful and flavorful jays focus on cannabis’ character as a loving and intimate social glue.  Drawing on his bartending experience, Martin applies the concept of an alcohol flight to the cannabis space with a modest, sample portion of each offering in their line. This is a fantastic innovation in cannabis and other outfits would be well advised to follow suit.

The Collection includes 4 blends: Lavender & Passionflower; Rose Petal & Peppermint; Ginger Root, Lemon Balm, & Damiana; and Chamomile, Yerba Santa, & Calendula. The combinations are sexy and enticing and offer palate-expanding options in addition to the usual suspects. It’s easy to go after the same few flavors over and over again and get caught in the same elementary school tastes-it’s a joy to see more refined profiles in our smokeables.

Between the 4 prerolls a combined 2.5 grams is amassed with each jay offering around 8-10% THC in each. At a Friendsgiving celebration in 2018, I hit a communal blunt a little too vivaciously and got the “oh shit I’m about to be waaaayyy too high” cough. Lo and behold, not too long later I was pounding water trying to ease my anxiety enough to go back into the party. The following year on Thanksgiving a friend introduced me to the low dose eighth she used to smoke all night long without getting too high. A few years later, I now realize what a pivotal moment in my enjoyment that turned out to be. Let cannabis be the gentle stream that nourishes you and not the fire hose that blows you away.


The Drew Martin Collection is wrapped gorgeously in stunning colors and decidedly adventurous packaging. The Collection’s breathtaking ensemble hits like runway high fashion-elevated, otherworldly, and so cool you’re not sure you’re 100% getting it but you really love what you see. Emjay is giving away free weed to anyone whose American Airlines flight got canceled but you can keep the tree as long as I get a one-way ticket to wherever this mythical land of Martin may be.

Once you get past the outer packaging, the most inviting, comforting best-spa-experience-of-your-life aroma awaits. The fragrance hits like Honeymoon and the vacation vibes are in full, radiant effect. The Box holding our smokeable treasures is just as fully a Masterpiece with a superior tactile feel and the spectacular otherworldly haven from the outer packaging repeated on its cover. The jays are rolled beautifully and snuggled tight into individual cubbies.

My intuition was to grab the third from the left first so let’s follow that instinct. The paper filters have colored-coded imprints of the Drew Martin logo to distinguish between the different blends. The one I grabbed is purple for Lavender and Passionflower and I am so excited to see how this lands on the palate. The smell is fantastic with a nearly exclusive lean towards the botanicals with not much cannabis coming through.

I don’t know if anyone will get this reference but sparking up these reminded me immediately of Nat Sherman’s multicolored cigarettes. The filter is thick and the jay burns slowly so the inhale is much more tempered than you’d expect it to be—it isn’t harsh but it absolutely feels closer to a cigarette than weed. If you like cigs, are trying to quit them, or like me, will do anything to remind you of their sweet toxic kiss after quitting, these are a welcome alternative that feels much better. 

Lavender gave me some tingling in the lips and the perfect dash of not-giving-a-shit. These are made for mingling, parties, and social pleasantries. Nothing feels too heavy or stressful. This is a good match for just letting the night flow as it happens. The high reminds me of the first buzz of alcohol where you are slightly sedated but mostly enlivened. Drew Martin’s buzz is much more clear and controllable than alcohol’s-this is what the people at the gathering you want to look like and sleep with are smoking.

Next up, I reached for Chamomile which I found surprisingly refreshing and enchanting. The Chamomile blend nearly felt slightly psychedelic and the night seem to sparkle a little sexy. I think describing these as low-dose sells the experience well short of its influence—this isn’t a smaller scoop of the same old experience but more fairly a well-sized portion of something completely different. Chamomile hits like the combined effect of the best cigarette of your life and your first beer at a party. It’s just enough to open you up and keep you lively.

Drew Martin is an effective alternative to both alcohol and nicotine while scratching the most satisfying itches of both. These are made for mingling and a stylish social lubricant for any form of intimacy—of which open-hearted communication most definitely counts. Keep these handy if you don’t drink or are hoping to cut back—it’s a night-out survival kit for steering your ship towards more savory legal substances. An excellent pairing with CANN’s social tonics if you’re throwing a California Sober soiree. 


Skip the bar tab and get into your social side with $35 for a full night of festivities. Drew Martin’s botanical prerolls are a steal.

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