What Are The Best Jobs In The Cannabis Industry?

by Brad P
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The cannabis industry is officially booming, which any economist will tell you means one thing, job creation. From entry-level positions to scientists and chefs, there’s something for everyone in the up-and-coming cannabis industry. If you were thinking about making a change or looking for a 420-friendly career path then there’s definitely no time like the present.

But, what are the best jobs in the cannabis industry and how do you snag one? Don’t worry, we got you. Sit back, spark up and let us get blunt about the 10 best jobs in the cannabis industry right now.

Edible chef

Ever dream of becoming the Gordon Ramsay or Willie Wonka of the weed world? Well, then edible chef might be the job for you. An edible chef is a person who creates cannabis-infused food and drink products sold at dispensaries. Although there are no hard requirements for this position, most edible chefs have years of experience in the kitchen and deep knowledge of cannabis infusions. A far cry from the pine-y pot brownies you made in college, edible chefs are artists and scientists rolled into one, making delicious and uniformly dosed cannabis treats that look and taste amazing. Talk about a dream job.

Cannabis architect

The commercial cannabis industry is still relatively new and is in a major growth cycle, which means that dispensaries, production, grow houses, and manufacturing centers are being designed from the ground up. That’s why we need more cannabis architects. While this job definitely requires a specific skill set, if you happen to be a pot-smoking architect with knowledge about the growing and cultivating process then the cannabis world is counting on you to step up and do your part to design dope dispensaries and cutting edge grow facilities, you know… for the good of the people.

Cannabis realtor

Whether you’re looking for a storefront, grow house location, or just a 420 friendly neighborhood for your next home, you might consider consulting a cannabis realtor. Experts in state and local rules and regulations regarding cannabis growth and cultivation, Cannabis realtors help clients find the perfect warehouse, land or storefront to meet their needs. According to the National Association of Realtors, states where recreational cannabis is legal face unique issues like smoking and growing bans from homeowner associations, fluctuating property values near dispensaries, and an increase in demand for commercial properties suitable for cannabis growth and cultivation. Whether you’re looking to buy or a realtor looking to grow in a new direction, we can’t imagine a cooler realtor than a cannabis realtor.

Head grower/grow manager

If you’re good at managing people and plants, this is the job for you. The head grower or grow manager coordinates the daily grow operations and process, including creating clones, potting, transfers, watering, cleaning, maintenance, harvesting, and schedules/timelines for each, equipment requirements, and training/ development. The grow manager is also responsible for guiding, training, and developing a team of employees to help in the grow process. If you’ve got a green thumb and a passion for people and pot, then Grow Manager might be your new career path.

Cannabis delivery driver

Cannabis delivery is an in-demand job that’s perfect for people looking to dip their toes into the cannabis industry. The job is pretty straightforward, pick-up cannabis, deliver cannabis, check ID and collect payment. So, what makes cannabis delivery better than traditional delivery work? Well, you get to spend your days singing your heart out and practicing your steering wheel drumming skills in a car filled with cannabis, so that’s fun. Plus, customers are always happy to see you, because you are the bringer of fun. All you have to do is check their id, collect their cash and count those tips. Interested in learning more about a career in cannabis delivery? Check out our job openings here.

Best weed for creativity. Photo by Avery Meeker on Unsplash

Cannabis photographer

As online ordering and cannabis delivery has taken off over the past couple of years, the need for professional, high-quality cannabis photography has grown. You may have heard the saying, people eat with their eyes, well we would argue the same for smoking. This is why product images are incredibly important. Customers want to see all the orange, purple or green crystally goodness each bud has to offer. Although many companies hire freelance photographers for product images, some have salaried positions available if you do a little digging. If you’re a content creator or lifestyle photographer looking for a career in the cannabis industry, this might be the job for you.

Buyer/purchasing manager

Ever wonder who decides which products a dispensary carries? That would be the Buyer or Purchasing Manager. Their job is to research new vendors and bring in new products, oversee in-store inventory and make sure inventory is tracked properly. They also research sales trends to make sure the store doesn’t run out of product or order too much of a poor seller. Because the cannabis industry is pretty heavily regulated, a knowledge of standard inventory management tools and best practices is a must for this position. So, it’s not exactly entry-level, but imagine how cool it would be to be the person who gets to curate a cannabis menu at their local dispensary. You’d never have to worry about running out of your favorite strain again.

Extraction technician

If you’re a budding scientist with a passion for concentrates and distillates, you might want to consider a career as an extraction technician. Extraction technicians use lab equipment, heat, pressure, and solvents to separate cannabis chemical compounds (THC, CBD) from cannabis plants. This means working closely with flammable, explosive, and dangerous substances like butane, ethanol, and carbon dioxide, so an interest in science and safety is a must. While some companies will hire those with an interest and train them, many prefer to hire people with relevant degrees. So, if you’re sitting on a bachelor’s in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Chemical engineering, Ecology, Laboratory technology, Physics, or Phytobiology then you might be the next great extraction technician. We’d totally watch that reality tv show, btw.

Brand ambassador

Love talking about cannabis to anyone who’ll listen? You might want to consider a career as a Brand Ambassador for a cannabis company. As the increasing number of cannabis vendors on the market makes brand awareness a tough task to tackle, more companies are looking to brand ambassadors to educate their consumers on products. This job is designed for people who are out-going, organized, driven, flexible, and learn well on the job. Your job would be to represent the cannabis brand at scheduled pop-up events, trade shows, local dispensaries, budtender training, conventions, and local events. You’d work closely with consumers, clients, and the marketing team, so being a social butterfly that loves to fly high is a must.

Product tester/reviewer

For obvious reasons, product tester is definitely one of the best jobs in the cannabis industry. Although the pay isn’t always monumental, you’ll definitely make up for it in free products. So, depending on how much green you’re currently spending on your ganja you might actually come out pretty far ahead.

Unfortunately, product testing isn’t all lounging around in your underwear and getting high. There are also some specific things most companies are looking for, including comfort on camera, content-making abilities, and strong writing skills. Sometimes brands want unboxing videos, which would require being comfortable on camera and knowledge of content creating and marketing. Other brands prefer written reviews, but regardless you’ll need to have a pretty strong knowledge of cannabis, concentrates, and vapes to snag a product testing position.

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