Watch: Emjay’s CEO Chris Vaughn Interviews Cannabis Intern on Jimmy Kimmel Live

by Bridey Hicks

If you told me a year ago there would be an intern position available that allowed you to get high and write about how you’re feeling, I would’ve said, “you might be lying, but send me the application ASAP.” Well, fast forward a year and some hazy days, Emjay made everyone’s dream become a reality—hiring several paid interns to review all of our products. 

Emjay, your favorite cannabis delivery company based out of Los Angeles, California, put out a call for interns to smoke weed and write up real, honest reviews of how it made them feel. The ethos of our selection process was simple. We want our customers to read the descriptions from other consumers, and not marketing-centered writers. The reasoning behind this is that someone can have an idea of how they might feel when they smoke a certain strain or use a certain cannabis device.

Not only did we want authenticity, but we wanted people who can think outside the box and of course, sparkle a dash of humor. After all, smoking weed is all about thinking outside the box and giggling with friends (or yourself). Giggling with yourself is one of life’s greatest treasures, don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Okay okay, this is great information—but did you find interns? Yes, we did, and one of them just so happened to have appeared once before on Jimmy Kimmel Live. After seeing our call to fill this unique role, Kimmel’s team reached out to Emjay with the perfect candidate for the position. It’s not like we could say, “No thank you, Jimmy Kimmel.” So we sent the CEO of Emjay, Chris Vaughn, to see for himself. 

Freddie, a midwestern stoner with a heart of gold, was flown from Indiana to Los Angeles by Kimmel’s show for a real-time, on-camera interview with Vaughn. There is no possible way you wouldn’t know this guy is a stoner, as even when he enters the interview, there’s a cloud of smoke announcing his arrival. Freddie means business, but not in a pretentious way. He’s earnest, kind, and just as nervous as anyone else would be on live television. 

After Vaughn and Freddie are acquainted, Kimmel gets down to business. He turns to Freddie and asks if he’d try some of the Emjay products and tell them how it feels. Since you can’t show smoking weed on TV, Kimmel holds up a bag of Funnyuns (classic, 10/10 stoner snack) and blocks the camera from what’s happening on the other side (Freddie absolutely training a Desert Gold joint.) 

Freddie’s review of Desert Gold is hilarious and spot-on, “Picture yourself on an airplane, you’re on your way to Hollywood, and you’ve never been there before. Haha… Um… you’re flying over, the landscape changes. The midwest is totally flat, boring, lots of farms. Pretty up close, boring from 50,000 ft. Ok. Uh. Now, it’s suddenly the desert, and it looks like the moon landing. And you’re like, wow. Now you’re thinking something else. Like was the moon landing faked? Or was it just shot in California? Very uplifting, buddy. Creative thoughts.” 

Another review for Cloud Berry, chugs along with the same storyline, “Well cloudberries man, you nailed it. Feels like I’m on a plane again, except this time I’m not in the plane. Haha, I’m on the cloud looking at the plane go by.” We don’t know if Freddie has a thing for planes, but what we do know is he was HIGH.

After looking over Freddie’s handwritten resume, Vaughn admits he loved the reviews so much that he offers Freddie one of the three intern slots right then and there. The crowd goes wild. Freddie, of course, is just happy to be there. 

After 1100+ applications and a highly competitive interview process, we have chosen our new star intern reviewers. Keep your eyes peeled on for our cannabis product reviews coming soon. 

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