Cannabis Product Review: Bloom’s King Louis XIII Disposable Vape

by Carrie Dabshaw
Bloom Vape Review Emjay

Bloom's King Louis XIII Vape At-A-Glance


Sleek and discreet disposable offers a potent, rapid onset to get lifted in a pinch.


At $25 for 350 milligrams, it's pricey. Bloom is about the convenience of a single-use pen while still using the highest quality.


Spacey quiet time comes naturally with this straightforward experiential unwinding.

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About Bloom’s King Louis XIII Vape

Bloom offers pre-rolls and vapes to the California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Washington, and Oklahoma cannabis markets. The Bloom disposable touts itself as “the One Hundred Hit Wonder” with the promise of reliable, extended use.

The all-in-one includes 350 milligrams of oil and the battery needed to turn it into delicious vapor. Bloom’s packaging is simple, clean, and elegant. Nothing about it screams cannabis, making it a supreme choice for the most discreet users. Move over Wine Moms; this is for Cannabis Caregivers. 

Started in 2014 by 5 friends in Los Angeles, Bloom Brands is poised to expand its market presence into the South and across the Canadian border.  Bloom values consistency and innovation and this iteration is the 5th evolution of its disposable vape technology. Bloom boldly proclaims “terpenes are religion” and sticks to stalwart classics for its disposable strain lineup: Pineapple Express, Jack Herer, GDP, and Green Crack, to name a few. 

Bloom uses a proprietary process to identify the fingerprint of each cannabis strain. That unique identifying pattern is then used to recreate that exact sequence in the oil. This is next-gen technology for a reliable and meaningful experience. Bloom reads like the classy, grown-up of the group. Vape packaging can tend towards obnoxious bro aesthetics and it’s nice to see an option in the opposite direction.

King Louis_ Emjay_ Review


King Louis XIII is born of OG Kush x LA Confidential and references the historical figure crowned King of France shortly after his 9th birthday. Although some strain names speak to the effects or parentage of the plant, cannabis nomenclature is often left up to the arbitrary whims of their breeder. Why this strain got a French monarch’s name we may never know but it is fun to wonder. 

The Bard famously mused on the value of naming with Juliette’s famous assertion that a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. That may be the case but if it was named something disgusting we’d be must less likely to buy them for our loved ones and shove them in our faces to get a big whiff willingly. Think of your favorite athletes and artists. They most likely have 1 or more amazing names or at least a palatable moniker. Words matter and the noises we make to signify each other’s existence influence how we think about one another. Who comes to mind when you hear Chad or Karen? How old do you picture Agatha? I personally have a long list of names I will not sleep with regardless of any other factors. 

Cannabis strain names are one of the first valuable pieces of information you will use when coming to identify your tastes and preferences. Do you normally like [fill in the blank] Cookies? How about [fill in the blank] OG’s? A friend overjoyed by Arizona’s recent recreational legalization shared that she normally likes anything with Cake in the name. Before you are familiar enough to identify a more defined relationship to each strain’s nuances, names can be a helpful indicator of what is the right choice for you.


Bloom’s 350mg ONE tests at 87.506% THC and .189% CBD for a total of 317.656 milligrams of cannabanoids which Bloom denotes as 90.75% potency. The front of the box features the good lookin’ all-in-one in an amazing royal cape. 

The unboxing is surprisingly impressive. Most disposables are not much to look at but they really committed to Old Country extravagance with this one. The pen comes in a royally surreptitious and secure test tube. Left open on a coffee table I wouldn’t even know I was looking at cannabis.  Bloom is a great choice for people who are not out about their cannabis use.


The quality is not noteworthy enough to substantiate $25 for less than half a gram. 

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