Preroll Review: Claybourne Cannabis Co.’s Mango Sherbet Flyers

by Carrie Dabshaw
Claybourne Cannabis Co Flyers with Kief_Emjay (1)

Mango Sherbet Flyers At-A-Glance


Claybourne marries a fun, inventive take on infused pre-rolls with a delicious summer strain.


Claybourne's Flyers are amazingly well-priced for two potent infused joints: $14 for a 2-pack. 


Fly into non-stop smooth sailing with an effective laid back high.

Find It On Emjay

Claybourne Cannabis Co.'s Flyers, as well as other offerings like the Gold Cuts and Ounces, are available on Emjay for delivery or in-store.

About Claybourne’s Mango Sherbet Flyers

Claybourne Co. hawks an expansive line of cannabis products in a variety of strains, formats, and nug sizes. Claybourne brilliantly differentiates between big buds and smalls to offer a range of price point accessibility. Claybourne’s Ounce and Half Ounce Smalls pop up frequently in our Emjay delivery bags and it’s easy to see why. $115 for a half-ounce means you’re getting weed for under $30/eighth which can be hard to come by these days. Claybourne lists the cannabinoids and terpenes of each strain on the glass and this level of attention makes the price point even more enticing. 

Claybourne’s pre-rolls exemplify the heart and innovation infused in every aspect of their diversified line. Claybourne offers single, double, and five packs of strain-specific, kief-infused jays. These “Flyers” tout in-bound joy in single and triple-infused flight plans. The triple-infused add three rounds of superpower: kief and oil mixed in with the flower and an additional sprinkling of kief on top. The single infused option featured here serves up a fine half-gram combination of flower and kief for an elevated but more mellow infusion effect.

Want to take it slow and try infused options at your own pace? Check out Claybourne’s Power Line.  An eighth of pre-ground, small bud flower is bundled with an added gram of kief to supercharge the smoking experience. With the flower held in the newly trending roll-your-own-pouch (see: Old Pal) and the kief held separately in a convenient scoopable jar, this is an amazing update to the jay rolling kits of years gone by. 


Claybourne Co. is for Certified Lover Smokes—California Cannabis is crowded and Claybourne offers an extra scoop of loving attention to stand out. With creative product naming (“Take Flights with Flyers”) and strain descriptions (Ice Cream Paint job reads “green on the inside, cream on the outside”) Claybourne differentiates itself from the too-cool-for-school brands that give next to no information on their flower.

Using only natural, unbleached papers free of calcium carbonate Claybourne flyers make for a pleasant inbound experience in some classic and inventive flavors. For the OG’s Claybourne offers King Louis and Super Silver Haze. For those looking to step outside their comfort zone inventive strains like Golden Strawberry, Orange Fresca, and Black Cherry Punch offer service to unchartered territory.

The Mango Sherbet featured here is a scoop of flower and a scoop of kief in a reasonably sized pre-roll. Skip the bloated Boeing Jet and hop inside these Flyers for a reasonably sized single sesh take-off. Mango Sherbet arises from the crossing of Sunset Sherbet (which I’m just now realizing at this moment is not spelled sherbert) x Mango Trees. Rooted in the Arabic word (sharbah) for a frozen dessert made with fruit juice and sweetener, sherbet is the spelling deems correct. And apparently, it’s not pronounced with the hard “r” either. However you say it or spell it, Claybourne calls on a beloved summer delight for their awesome high-flying digs.


Digging into your carry-on, Flyers yield a gorgeously fruity aroma that seems authentic to the earth. Ripe mango has such a unique and inviting perfume I often wonder how you could describe it to someone who’s never had it. The Flyers’ nose incorporates this fantastic mystery and marries it with a nice hearty weediness. Mango Sherbet smells like a well-done edible and does justice to its delicious namesake.

Each jay stows away half a gram of infused flower and I like that these are manageably sized and burn quickly for smokers on the go. The translucent paper absolutely boosts confidence in the product-it looks like only high-quality, well-ground flower made it in. We eat and smoke first with our eyes and I appreciate the effort made on plating. 

Light the flyer’s engine and blast off into a really nice fruit spiked cannabis flavor that ends with the sweet relief of an icy treat on a hot day. The mango notes are subtle and don’t seem to come from artificially added terps. The jay burns perfectly and the paper’s fingerprint is barely apparent in the gestalt of each puff. It tastes and feels more like a bowl than a jay which is awesome.

Kief adds a certain type of peppiness to a joint—it’s the like ultra concentration of trichomes results in a dramatic 60’s Batman poof! of cannabis magic. The dosage overall is respectful it doesn’t burst in like the Kool-Aid Man but it is strong. The high is the type to share with the chill low maintenance friends you don’t have to perform for. Mango Sherbet is a very laid-back mood. Put on jammies and listen to a dope album. If you have trouble sleeping, this one’s for you.


It is absolutely bonkers that two of these awesome joints go for $14. 

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