Cannabis Product Review: Southern Toad from Tyson Ranch

by Carrie Dabshaw
Southern Toad review from Emjay-Tyson Ranch

Southern Toad from Tyson Ranch At A Glance


Buy black and kick back with the Tyson Ranch family of Toads.


35% THC hits stronger than expected. $55 for a really pungent, pretty eighth that will last you awhile. Round up your purchase to the Last Prisoner Project without a second thought as you get more than your money’s worth.


Earthy and surprisingly potent, Southern Toad wins by somatic KO.

Find It On Emjay

You can get Southern Toad delivered by Emjay for free, alongside other Tyson Ranch product offerings.

About Tyson Ranch

Tyson Ranch is owned by Mike Tyson. Yeah, that Mike Tyson. Founded in 2017, the brand is known for growing exceptional cannabis. That’s why it made our top 20 cannabis brands run by celebrities. Tyson even wants to open a cannabis-friendly resort in Nevada called Tyson’s Ranch.

As the nation inches closer to ending federal prohibition, the racist and harmful War on Drugs continues to disproportionately imprison and harm black and brown bodies and communities. According to The Last Prisoner Project, while cannabis use is roughly equal among white and black folks, black people are almost four times as likely to be arrested for possession. 

As legalized markets begin to offer new economic opportunities, Marijuana Business Daily reports only 4% of cannabis businesses are owned by black folks, with 81% chaired by whites. When cannabis is illegal, black folks take the brunt of the harm. But when cannabis is legal, black people get almost none of the wealth. That is not ok. If a predominantly white industry can rake in millions from cannabis legalization, no people of color should remain behind bars for it. 

The Last Prisoner Project aims to free all prisoners of the War on Drugs (and congratulations to drugs for winning) by starting with the forty thousand people behind bars for weed. Yeah. You read that right: forty. thousand.

Emjay is proud to partner with The Last Prisoner Project on this vital endeavor. Round up your purchases to donate to The Last Prisoner Project and Emjay will match it. Show gratitude for your opportunity to walk free with cannabis by puff puff passing it to those who did not get that opportunity.

Supporting black-owned businesses is vital in every aspect of our consumerism. And with the internet and the endless variety of options offered in Los Angeles, it is inexcusable to not make it part of your conscious consumption. If you check for gluten-free, low carb, or plant-based options you have time to read the label for equity. 

Buy black in cannabis like you would anything else. And contribute your spare change to meaningful change while you’re at it.

The Southern Toad from Tyson Ranch


Tyson Ranch is minimalist and gorgeous in black and white packaging. Sophistication and clout are felt but not forced. The simplistic font and colors are reminiscent of boxing gloves and the classic feel of fight night. 

The top of the jar features the Southern Toad themselves-short, squat, and wearing a cowboy hat. Caught between a towering cactus and the blazing sun reads an inscription “The Truth Shall Be Toad”. Top-shelf but playful packaging nails the experience to come.

For The Main Event, we have Chemdog OG vs Girl Scout Cookies. With 45% Cannabinoids and 35% THC  this fella’s absolutely a heavyweight.


Southern Toad boasts a deep, earthy, complex and mouth-watering nose. It is floral and bright at points and rich and creamy in others. Aerate the open jar like a glass of wine and get the full range of delicious aromas.

And the flower looks just as good as it smells. Gorgeous bud structure, lightly frosted, full of orange hairs and lots of purple undertones. The texture is amazing and holding it in your hands makes you feel like you got the good shit.

Southern Toad feels, smells, and tastes very fresh and alive. The magic of the plant makes it unscathed into the jar. The inhale is dank and piney-a very pleasant mouthful of leaves. Southern Toad tastes like the forest smells. Crisp and earthy.

Southern Toad leaves you not high, not stoned but faded. Without apology, a heavy high-key focus on the body. The nighttime is the right time-use it to take the day off.

Awesome as a sleep aid and in relieving aches and pains. 

Lick this toad not for doing but for being.


A steal for its strength at $55/eighth. 

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