The 20 Best Celebrity Cannabis Brands Worth Trying

by Brad P
Photo courtesy of Houseplant

As more and more states legalize recreational and medical cannabis use, celebrities from all walks of fame are coming out in support of cannabis culture. We are totally here for it.

While some might seem like obvious endorsements (looking at you Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen, and Willie Nelson) a few others surprised us (we see you, Bella Thorne and Whoopi Goldberg). Whether you’re in the market for a new go-to strain, or just looking to learn a little about the intersection of celebrity and cannabis, we’ve got the inside scoop on 20 celebrity cannabis brands actually worth checking out. 

1. House Plant from Seth Rogen

From the first time we laid eyes on Seth Rogen over a decade ago on the big screen in the stoner comedy, Pineapple Express, we knew that dude was destined to do big things. A dozen years later and he’s breaking the internet with his very own cannabis brand, Houseplant. Started in Rogen’s native country of Canada in 2018, Houseplant officially came to California in March 2021. Featuring two Sativa strains called Diablo Wind and Pancake Ice and an Indica strain called Pink Moon, Houseplant plans to increase its US offerings soon. Packed in sleek, stackable tins with terpene profile info, as their tagline states that Houseplant products are clearly made “for people who love weed, by people who love weed.”

Photo courtesy of Doggy Bagg/Cookies

2. Doggy Bag from Snoop Dogg

If you only know one thing about Snoop Dogg, it’s probably that he loves weed. From recording artist and rapper to cannabis connoisseur and entrepreneur, Snoop Dogg has had quite an accomplished career. While he launched his own product line in Colorado in 2015 called Leafs by Snoop, we actually prefer his collab with Cali native cannabis brand Cookies. The aptly named Doggy Bag is a fruity, mellow mashup, made for OGs and new cannabis users alike. Looks like Snoop can go ahead and add “Doggy Bag” to his greatest hits list.

3. Cookies from Berner

Signed to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang Entertainment, Berner has released 16 albums, several of which have charted on Billboard’s “Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums” chart. But he’s still probably one of few celebs on this list who are more famous for their weed strains than their music career. From our perspective, that’s a total compliment, by the way. Berner’s brands of cannabis and dispensaries, Cookies and Lemonnade, are well known in legal states across the country. In his own words, Berner’s main objective is “to put quality cannabis everywhere I can before my time comes, so that consumers in legal markets get the herb they deserve and enjoy it like they are supposed to.”

Photo courtesy of Forbidden Flowers
Photo courtesy of Forbidden Flowers

4. Forbidden Flowers From Bella Thorne 

An accomplished actress, model, singer, and director, Bella Thorne can now add cannabis brand ambassador to her impressive resume. Thorne’s cannabis brand, Forbidden Flowers, is working to break down the stigma associated with smoking cannabis for everyone. With its uniquely and unapologetically feminine packaging, Forbidden Flowers aims to empower cannabis consuming feminists of all genders. Thorne personally works as a part of the research and development team, hand-selecting the strains that become a part of her Forbidden Flower brand.

5. Khalifa Kush from Wiz Khalifa

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of weed Wiz Khalifa smokes, the answer is simple, Khalifa Kush. Specifically designed and bred for Wiz in the early 2010s, Khalifa Kush is tailored to Wiz’s personal tastes and believed to be derived from an unknown OG strain. For the first few years, Wiz kept the strain on the DL in his private stash, but he knew it deserved to be shared with the world someday. In 2016, Khalifa debuted his cannabis namesake, Khalifa Kush, to the world and has been building his cannabis empire ever since. Whether you’re looking for flower, pre-rolls or an edible to take the edge off, Khalifa has you covered.

6. Chong’s Choice from Tommy Chong

As one half of the pioneering comedy duo of the 70s counterculture movement, Cheech and Chong, Tommy Chong is the very definition of an O.G. cannabis advocate. Debuting during the early days of medical cannabis legalization in California, Chong’s Choice is also one of the original celebrity cannabis brands to be widely enjoyed by consumers in legal states nationwide. While Chong’s message and advocacy regarding cannabis has never changed, his products continue to grow and evolve with the market, including modern offerings such as elixirs, infused honey, and extracts alongside more classic options like prerolls and flower.

7. Tyson Ranch from Mike Tyson 

Well known for being the record holder as the youngest heavyweight champion at the age of 20, Mike Tyson has had a long and very successful career as a world champion, businessman, entertainer, motivational speaker, author, father, and now cannabis connoisseur. Focusing on clearly labeled packaging that highlights the benefits of cannabis to the consumer, Tyson Ranch brands are designed to help you achieve the optimal mind-body balance. With strains like Knockout O.G. and Undisputed87, Tyson Ranch pays homage to Tyson’s outstanding boxing career by bringing world-class cannabis to the masses

Photo courtesy of ItsPurpl x 710 Labs
Photo courtesy of ItsPurpl/710 Labs

8. ItsPurpl from Jaleel White

Buckle up nostalgic 90s kids because the moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Actor Jaleel White, who played everyone’s favorite nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel on TGIF favorite Family Matters, has launched his own cannabis line called ItsPurpl. If you haven’t guessed, the line features unique strains derived from the classic Purple Urkle grown with 710 Labs. In addition to the special cannabis genotype derived from Purple Urkle, ItsPurpl also features a strain they call Stefan, which is Purple Urkle x The White. Be still our nostalgic stoner hearts while we swoon over some Stefan like it’s 1993.

9. Monogram from Jay-Z 

If you’ve never smoked a jay while listening to some Jay-Z, then we’re pretty sure your night just planned itself. You’re welcome. Anyway, whether you’re a fan of cannabis, recording artist Jay-Z, or both, you’ll definitely be impressed with his luxury line of weed called Monogram. To be clear, this is definitely a top-shelf product, with a top-shelf price tag. While most of us won’t be able to smoke $50 pre-rolls daily, the high quality and THC content definitely make Monogram a great splurge for a celebration or treat yo’ self moment. You’re totally worth it.

10. Emma & Clyde from Whoopi Goldberg 

While it hasn’t hit store shelves yet, we still wanted to shout out Whoopi Goldberg’s new line, Emma & Clyde. As enthusiastic fans of her recently closed brand, Whoopi & Maya, we are looking forward to seeing what her new line has to offer. What we know so far is that the brand is offering flower, which is a welcomed addition from her previous line and is named after her mother and brother. Described in a press release as an “elevated and socially conscious product line” featuring a “range of edibles, pre-rolls, flower, and accessories for medical and recreational consumers,” Emma & Clyde items should be available at retailers in California in the near future.

Carlos Santana_Miyaro Cannabis_Photo courtesy of Left Coast Ventures
Photo courtesy of Mirayo

11. Mirayo from Santana 

From guitar god to ganja Guru, Carlos Santana introduced his line of cannabis products called Mirayo in late 2020. Besides his timeless guitar tones, Santana is also known as a spiritual flame-keeper. A fact that is proudly represented in his brand, Mirayo, which focuses on promoting the spiritual effects of cannabis use. With a premium line of products that enhance the mind-body energy flow, Mirayo separates their strains into three “categories of consciousness”, Radiance (sativa), Symmetry (hybrid) and Centered (indica). Choose Radiance to inspire creativity, Symmetry to harmonize the mind and body, or Centered to help you find your inner peace.

12. Etheridge Botanicals from Melissa Etheridge

A well-known singer/songwriter from the ‘90s, this time Melissa Etheridge is back in the spotlight for her green thumb rather than her guitar solos. A long-time cannabis advocate, Etheridge launched Etheridge Botanicals in the Spring of 2021. Known for their balanced, smooth and aromatic cannabis products, Etheridge Botanicals have something for everyone, anytime you need it. This is why they have aptly named their three strains Morning, Noon, and Night. Whichever you choose, any time is a good time for cannabis at Etheridge Botanicals.

13. Garcia Handpicked from Jerry Garcia’s daughter Trixie Garcia

Unfortunately, Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead didn’t live to see the medical and recreational cannabis legalization boom of recent years. But, fortunately for us, his memory and love of cannabis lives on through his daughter, Trixie Garcia. Fusing new genetic techniques with their old school roots, Garcia Handpicked strives to honor Jerry’s legacy as a perfectionist in every strain they produce. With fun flavors like Grape Stomper, Lemon Cake, Peanut Butter Souffle, and OG Chem it’s time to bust out the bell-bottoms, dust off your vinyl, and pack a bowl of your favorite Garcia Handpicked strain.

14. Ooh LaLa from Run the Jewels

Released in collaboration with rapper and Cookies brand founder, Berner, Ooh LaLa is the brainchild of rap duo Run the Jewels and includes pre-rolls, vapes, extracts, and blunts. Well known as vocal advocates for both cannabis and the black community, Run the Jewels sets out to revolutionize in everything they do, and Ooh LaLa is no exception. A delightful hybrid strain, Ooh LaLa boasts an aroma of spice cake and frosting with a flavor of sweet fruit cake and an herbal tea chaser. Delivering a heady high and a light body feel, Ooh LaLa is a full-body sensory-heightening experience.

BReal from Dr. Greenthumb Cannabis hits his new Stundenglass collab. Photo courtesy of Stundenglass.
BReal from Dr. Greenthumb Cannabis hits his new Stundenglass collab. Photo courtesy of Stundenglass.

15. Dr. Greenthumb’s from B-Real

Cypress Hill Rapper B-Real launched his chain of dispensaries called Dr. Greenthumb’s in 2018, and has already expanded to include six California locations, with no plans to stop expanding any time soon. The voice of cannabis classics like “Hits from the Bong”, B-Real is a well-known businessman and legal cannabis advocate and can often be found speaking at conferences about navigating legalities in the cannabis industry. If you find yourself inside of or in the delivery range of a Dr. Greenthumb’s, be sure to check out B-Real’s personal line of cannabis, called Insane.

16. Tical from Method Man

Tical (pronounced like tickle), is Method Man’s personal nickname for cannabis, the name of the title track from his 1994 solo album, and also stands for “Taking Into Consideration All Lives”. The business name clearly holds a lot of personal meaning for Method Man, and it shows in the way he runs his business. Meth released his brand in 2020, and in an effort to support black business owners in the cannabis industry, he only sold his products at black-owned stores and has stated that he feels it “is essential that we use our brand to help bring awareness to the social, systemic and economic injustice in communities that have struggled with oppressive mass incarceration and racially biased policing policies.”

17. Jam Master Jays from the sons of RUN DMC’s Jam Master Jay

Unfortunately, Jam Master Jay did not live to see cannabis culture blossom under medical and state-level legalization. But the sons of the RUN DMC’s famed turntablist, . Jesse and TJ Mizell think their dad would be actively involved if he had the opportunity. A long-time cannabis enthusiast, Jay knew that it was important to be socially conscious as one of the first mainstream rap groups to achieve pop-culture status, and cannabis didn’t have the same reputation then as it does now. In honor of their Dad’s music and weed smoking legacy, the Mizell brothers released Jam Master Jays, which are packaged in a cassette tape case.

Photo courtesy of Willie's Reserve
Photo courtesy of WIllie's Reserve

18. Willie’s Reserve from Willie Nelson 

If there’s one celebrity whose name is more synonymous with cannabis than Snoop Dogg it’s definitely Willie Nelson. While their musical tastes and talents vary widely, they both share a long-time love of cannabis, a commitment to advocacy, and business savvy that have tied the two in the hearts and lives of stoners everywhere. With a “my stash is your stash” mentality, Willie’s Reserve pays tribute to simpler times of sharing, caring, and toking together. We know what you’re thinking, but this isn’t just your father’s weed. Willie’s Reserve features a full line of modern selections including pre-rolls, flower, vape carts, and resin.

19. Belushi’s Farm from Jim Belushi

Jim Belushi has an impressive resume that includes singing, dancing, acting, writing, and now, cannabis farming. According to their website, Belushi’s Farm was created as a pathway to healing, for Jim through the growing and for the consumer through toking.  Belushi’s stash and Blue’s Brothers prerolls are the perfect way to honor the legacy of Jim’s brother and late cannabis connoisseur John Belushi, of Blue’s Brothers fame. Jim Belushi also educates and advocates for cannabis culture through his reality tv series on Discovery called Growing Belushi.

20. Wilfred Cannabis From Jason Gann 

Jason Gann, Australian native and creator and star of the late-night comedy, Wilfred has pivoted from acting, writing, and producing to growing and selling weed. If you’ve seen the show, it’s honestly not that much of a stretch and we are totally loving this for him, FYI. Wilfred Cannabis is currently focused on pre-rolls with an eye on expanding to packaged flower and maybe even edibles, down the line. For now, you can get the high-quality Wilfred pre-rolls exclusively in California and Oregon. Sounds like a night of bingeing Wilfred (the show) while smoking Wilfred (the weed) is in order. 

Featured Image: Courtesy of Houseplant

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