Cannabis Product Review: Fiore’s Pomelo Anderson Strain

by Carrie Dabshaw
Pomelo Anderson by Fiore_Emjay Review

Fiore's Pomelo Anderson At-A-Glance


A high as foine as Ms. Pamela herself, Fiore's Pomelo is a fun, over-the-top, crowd pleaser.


Completely worth $60/eighth and whatever it takes to keep the beach safe.


Perception altering psychedelia pair with a lovely somatic release for an engaging and interesting uplift.

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About Fiore’s Pomelo Anderson

Fiore is the newest branch of the Cookies brand and its third alongside Lemonnade. Fiore means flower in Italian and in the context of California cannabis, it signifies the top-shelf more specifically. Fiore Genetics offers premium California grown exotics including Blueberry Gushers, Bugatti, and Guava Berry. Fiore’s Insta is a sparse sprinkling of strain info as they seem to take a minimalist approach letting genetics speak for themselves.

Packaging is where Fiore chooses to shine. An eye-catching bubble letter cursive signature in deep blues and purples makes Fiore visually notable in the sea of competitive cannabis labels. The strain names and product labels are what first caught my eye. Its Guava Berry bag looks scrumptious and C4 captures a moment of triumphant basketball intensity that effortlessly piques your interest. Pomelo Anderson is another in their arsenal of jaw-droppingly beautiful bags. 

Fiore puts their chips on visual appeal, genetics, and the allure of mystery. Let’s see if the goods live up to the sales pitch.


Pomelo Anderson honors 90’s Television and Pop Culture Icon Pamela Anderson best known for her role as C.J. Parker in 5 seasons of one of the ’90s most notable shows. Baywatch is one of those phenomena that makes perfect sense if you were part of it when it happened but is nearly impossible to explain in retrospect. Ostensibly a beachside soap opera starring International Superstar David Hasselhoff, Baywatch one way or another meant so much more to its viewers. According to Britannica, Baywatch has been watched by over 1 BILLION people in one hundred and forty-two countries around the world. 

Baywatch incorporated several crowd-pleasing elements on its wild, exciting thrill ride in the lives of ….lifeguards. Normally appearing only as of the boring summertime gigs for teenager’s extra spending dollars, the beachside watchdogs got the Hollywood treatment in this majestically unrealistic masterpiece. Baywatch took place on the most dramatic beach in all of human history. Do not watch this with your friend who always points out plot holes as you both will quickly end up exhausted. To date, Baywatch has one of the single best TV theme songs of all time. Look it up if you’re unfamiliar-it slaps! Adding to the fun was a crew of preternaturally (conventionally) attractive (white) folks with bodies in Olympian shape. The opening credits featured a truly incredible combination of the crew running in slow motion to the amazing opening song. Like the slo-mo shot of action heroes walking in to begin their epic, climactic journey, the lifeguards are elevated to superhero status in their red bathing suits. Pam stole the show and more than a few hearts along the way. Later made into a film with The Rock and Zac Effron, the Baywatch brand signals sexy, ridiculous fun. And I think we would all be ok with an additional dose of that in our lives right about now.

Pam Anderson later went on to star in V.I.P. -a camp classic that does not get the B list cult following it deserves. Anderson stars as bodyguard Vallery Irons of Vallery Irons Protections-a team made up of former CIA, FBI, and KGB officers alongside a computer expert, a law expert, and of course a martial artist. Pam appears in over-the-top outfits and tall, clear heels to the delight of hyper-feminization and Pam’s ability to do so with honesty and respect for herself and the lunacy of it all. 

Fiore calls on a beloved memory and shoots for the moon with this head-turning association. 

Pomelo Anderson strain review from Fiore


Seeing Pamela Anderson’s likeness on a stunningly designed bag of legal cannabis is the 2022 treatment that her enticing, lawless 90’s persona deserves. It’s particularly triumphant to see the extension of her over-the-top persona into the cannabis space in Lisa Frank blues and pinks. Her gorgeous foreground image is backed by a Saved By the Bell-inspired squiggle design. I would buy anything with this on the cover. 

The flower smells amazing-it is nuanced, complex, and changes course rapidly. I got notes ranging from clean laundry to fresh baked bread. Once I finally was able to move past my fascination with the smell the appearance of the buds turned out to be as enigmatic as well. There’s so much going on with the flower it’s hard to wrap your mind around a single recapitulation of it’s glory. Tons of sparkling trichomes, some nice frosty cobwebbing, lots of orange hairs, tons of deep brown and purple undertones, and some light greens as well. The bud structure is really interesting. The flower is dense but flowing. Lots of visual stickiness with a varying rhythm and tempo of patterns. In parts, the flower borders on orange and pink from the abundance of hairs and trichomes snow capping, in others it seems purely purple with rivers of succulent-esque petals. Holding the individual buds up to my nose the smell took on a much different character-a clear, crisp pineapple. Pom Anderson hits like a bomb prog-rock finale—just when you think you’ve caught the beat it slowly and inexplicably morphs into something completely different but just as fully bitchin’. The buds of the eighth look like three totally different species. 

Breaking up the flower deepens the mystery as you are greeted by a glazed peach center. The pineapple nose grows when you grind it and the ground-up pieces taste like peaches.  The inhale is really clean and brings back the fresh laundry motif with a crisp petrol finish.

Appropriately, the high seems determined to keep its secrets as well. Mental acuity doesn’t seem dampened or impaired but your sense of being in the world is radically altered. The very first inklings of a psychedelic trip—you’re not tripping yet but there’s a heightened awareness of the fluidity of things. Everything seems just a little bit different like you’re seeing it for the first time. A pleasant relationship to the body relaxes you deeper into this newfound state.

The high is really fantastic-tons of fun and absolutely certain to keep you up past your bedtime. Pomelo does more than 24.61% THC would suggest-this is a mind-altering perception shift. Pomelo is excellent for coloring, video games, live music, and creativity. 

Pomelo hit a lot more spiritual than I expected it to. Gratitude and curiosity sharpen into a really kick-backed enjoyment. This is what the dude at the party posted up on the couch, bobbing his head to the music, and grinning ceaselessly is smokin’ on.


$60 is steep but Pomelo Anderson is absolutely worth it. 

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