What Are The Best Weed Strains For Sleep?

by Leslie McMann
Best weed for sleep, Emjay. Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Cannabis has proved to be an effective option for sleep aid.

Yes, weed can help if you struggle to fall asleep at night, but certain types are better than others. You should choose a strain from the indica variety of cannabis because that type is known to create feelings of relaxation and relieve tension in the body. Sativas, the other variety of cannabis, tend to excite and stimulate the mind, so it is not usually recommended as a sleep aid. 

How does cannabis help you fall asleep? 

Cannabis can slightly lower your heart rate, mimicking the slow tempo it beats when you are asleep. Cannabis’s effects as a pain reliever also help melt away tension and stress in the body, which may be preventing you from fully relaxing and succumbing to sleep. Basically, weed doesn’t force you to fall asleep; it’s just taking care of the things that are preventing you from falling asleep, like a racing heart, sore muscles, or a restless mind.

Fortunately, weed doesn’t completely knock you out like prescription sleep meds will. You know, the ones that say “don’t operate heavy machinery” on the label because even after you wake up, you still feel drugged out? While we don’t suggest smoking and driving at the same time (that’s a DUI), even a strong edible will wear off after 8 hours of sleep, so you don’t need to worry about feeling as laggy the next morning. Also, cannabis doesn’t make people dependent on it, unlike other prescription sleep aids.

Should I vape, smoke, or use an edible to sleep?

The choice to vape, smoke or eat an edible is mostly a matter of preference. For some, the act of rolling a joint before bed is just as much a part of their nighttime routine as washing their face or putting on pajamas. Others just prefer to keep a vape in their bedside drawer for fast toking with no mess. If your trouble is you can’t stay asleep or you keep waking up in the night, we recommend you use an edible made from an indica strain. While smoking and vaping might make you fall asleep faster, consuming an edible means the THC and CBD are active in your body for longer, causing a longer-lasting high.

We recommend the below strains for people who want to try cannabis as a sleep aid:

1. Northern Lights

This famous indica has been cherished by stoners for decades. Northern Lights can relax the body and relieve tension as it fills your mind with a calm euphoria, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep. As the song goes, sweet dreams are made of this.

2. Gelato

Cultivated by renowned grower Mario Guzman, founder of Sherbinskis, Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. While the body high arrives fast and strong, your mind will stay creative and active, making Gelato a good choice for people who like to fall asleep reading a book or watching TV. The THC content is on the higher side, so this strain might be too strong for inexperienced or low-THC users.

3. Harlequin (low THC/high CBD)

Many low-THC cannabis users who want to use weed for help sleeping find success with a strain like Harlequin that has a high CBD-to-THC ratio. Studies suggest CBD can work in tandem with a small amount of THC to relax the body and relieve stress without fogging the mind. It’s like all the physical effects of weed, with less of a head-high and more of a body-high.

4. Granddaddy Purple

As the head of the family, Granddaddy Purple epitomizes the Purple strains: flavors and aroma of grape, buds covered in dark purple trichomes, with crystal resin so thick it’s like each nug was dipped in sugar. In addition to a dreamy head buzz, Granddaddy delivers couchlock—meaning you’re not going to want to leave your bed once you feel the high set in.

5. Skywalker OG

With the highest THC content on this list, Skywalker OG can send you to a galaxy far, far away. An indica-dominant hybrid cross of Mazar x Blueberry OG and OG Kush, it has a spicy, herbal flavor with a little bit of diesel on the nose. Skywalker OG is very popular as a sleep aid for people with pain because the body high is so strong. Some users even report numbness and tingling.

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