Which Weed Strains have the Highest Recorded THC Percentages?

by Bridey Hicks

Cannabis growers have continuously tried to outdo themselves and competitors by upping the THC percentages of their flower. The relatively large jump in THC percentage in recent years has proved that the cannabis industry is gaining more and more knowledge on how to up the ante. 

For example, in the late ’70s, the average THC content in a given strain was around 6%. Now, in 2022, the average has doubled to above 15%. So, it’s safe to say we’re in the year of knowing the highest THC percentage ever recorded. And yeah, it’s high.

Growers, manufacturers, storefronts, and consumers are obsessed with high-THC products. It’s been drilled into our noggins that a higher dosage is a more potent high, so it makes sense why everyone tries to get their hands on the highest THC percentage products out there.

What is considered high THC?

Since strains that have been around for a long time have increasingly evolved to contain more THC, it’s hard to say where they will end up over the years. One thing we know for sure is that the higher the THC percentage, the faster it will hit your bloodstream. Simply put, you’ll start to feel the effects faster. 

A strain is considered to have a high THC percentage if it contains more than 15%, and many do nowadays. However, the strains over 25% are usually used medicinally and can be expensive to find recreationally.

photo by shane rounce on unsplash_Which weed strains have the highest ever recorded THC percentages?

High THC in flower

In 2022, you’ll see quite a few strains around the 30% THC mark, but you won’t see cannabis flower specifically contain much more than that. 

Like all other forms of cannabis, the levels of THC in any given strain depend on many different factors. So much so that even the same strain, grown and harvested differently, can contain THC percentages that differ drastically. It mostly has to do with the conditions in which the plant was grown and if there were any steps to evolve the strain itself. 

Weed strains with the highest THC percentage

ohoto by cambridge on unsplash_Which weed strains have the highest ever recorded THC percentages?

Godfather OG (30%-34% THC)

This strain holds the highest-ever recorded THC percentage at a whopping 30-34%. That, my friends, is a potent cannabis strain. The strongest variation of Godfather OG is crossed between Alpha OG and XXX OG. Others include OG Kush X Grand Daddy Purple and even a three-way cross between Bubba Kush, L.A. Confidential, and Grand Daddy Purple. Regardless of the combination, its frosty and dense buds will leave you feeling completely at ease in your body, and you’ll have plenty of moments of euphoria. It’s also been known to help people suffering from anxiety, depression, and other chronic illnesses.

photo by ndispensable on unsplash_Which weed strains have the highest ever recorded THC percentages?

Pacman OG (29% THC)

A heavy-hitting indica-dominant hybrid, Packman OG is a mix of Girl Scout Cookies and Alien OG, and its THC percentage can go up to 29%. You may feel uplifted and euphoric for a little bit, and then the body high will wash over you, leaving you comfortably locked into the couch. Chronic pain who?

photo by cambridge jenkins on unsplash_Which weed strains have the highest ever recorded THC percentages?

Grease Monkey (31% THC)

Coming in at up to 31% THC, Grease Monkey will be sure to creep up on you. This indicia-dominant hybrid crosses Cookies & Cream and Gorilla Glue #4. Like its parents, you’ll instantly become friendly with the potent smell and taste. You’ll start to feel the high behind the eyes, euphoria, and then a heavy-hitting relaxation leaving your mind and body completely at ease. Grease Monkey works wonders for people who suffer from headaches, insomnia, and chronic pain.

It’s safe to say strains with the highest THC percentages are probably not the best for a novice cannabis consumer. Even if you use cannabis regularly, these strains could potentially be too much for you. Although, if you’re looking for something new or a strain known for helping chronic pain and relaxation, talk with a budtender about what strain is right for you. Be open with them about what kind of high you’re looking for, and they will match you with something that suits you. After all, it’s their job to know these things, so you don’t have to do the work.

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