Everything You Need to Know About the Brand: Utopia

by Leslie McMann

The best companies start in garages: Microsoft, Apple, and also Utopia Cannabis. What Jesse Bower, Emily Bercow, and Kaiya Bercow started in 2014 inside a Santa Cruz garage has since expanded to include 45+ employees (paid a living wage with healthcare, we love ethical cannabis companies!) across two production facilities in Santa Cruz and Monterey. But just like the company has grown from the ground up, Utopia has a close eye and steady hand on all aspects of production, from planting the flower to refining it into concentrate. Continuously on the cutting edge (they were one of the first companies to grow indoor flower with a THC percentage above 30%), their commitment to quality trumps everything else.

Utopia has three kinds of products: premium organic indoor flower, live resin concentrates, and… infused macaroon cookies? OK, what? 

Utopia indoor flower

It all starts with the flower. Grown to exacting standards that ensure Utopia continuously aces and exceeds California’s cannabis quality testing, the premium flower is also grown organically and sustainably, yielding a consistent product even with their rotating roster of new and classic strains. The flower is always hand-manicured and grown in small batches. Current strains in our store: C. Banana (hybrid), Golden Lemon (hybrid), and Wheels OG (indica).


Utopia live resin concentrates

Live Resin, where raw, uncured flower is flash frozen before being dissolved in a solvent to create a sticky concentrated substance, is having its moment in the industry right now. Research on the role terpenes play in the cannabis high indicates that refining cannabis down to just THC undercuts the user’s experience of the “full-spectrum” effect; a well-rounded and more enjoyable high than that from THC alone. Utopia’s live resin concentrates are all made using Utopia’s own cannabis flower and are available in different consistencies– to pick the one that’s right for you, check out our guide to the different cannabis concentrates. All Utopia concentrates are sold in 1 gram packages and can be vaped, dabbed, or burned on top of flower. They are always additive and distillate-free. Available in the store right now are Cali Berry Sauce (sativa), King Louis OG Sauce (indica), and Apple Fritter Sugar (hybrid) among others.


Utopia cannabis-infused macaroons 

We weren’t expecting it either, but the Utopia macaroons are something of a cult hit. The award-winning cookies were designed by Utopia to be a healthy alternative to junk food clone edibles while still satisfying a sweet tooth. The macaroons are made only with organic ingredients, premium Utopia cannabis, and they are all vegan, paleo-friendly, low-glycemic, gluten-free, and Kosher-certified. Best of all, the coconut-based cookies have absolutely no “weedy” taste, thanks to Utopia’s proprietary infusion method. The macaroons, sold in resealable bags of 10 cookies with 10mg THC each, are available in chocolate, peanut butter, or raspberry flavors.


There’s no doubt about it: Utopia are some of the OG-est OGs in the industry, successfully growing a small business founded at the beginning of legal weed to be one of the top players in cannabis concentrate production– not to mention their complete domination of the cannabis macaroon sector! And even with all that success, Utopia still remains true to authentic cannabis culture and to their employees by providing a fair workplace with living wages. The cannabis industry overall is entering a new age and facing a fork in the road. As the possibility of massive profits grows ever larger, turning small businesses into soulless conglomerates overnight, it’s comforting to see a company working ethically to create quality products for our enjoyment, and doing it because they enjoy it.

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