Everything You Need to Know About Himalaya Vapor

by Leslie McMann

It’s pretty audacious for a weed company to name itself after “the highest place on Earth,” but if there’s one thing Himalaya has, it’s the audacity. Their specialty, full-spectrum extracts that taste like “real weed,” are made using natural, sun-grown NoCal cannabis from family farms, authentic terpenes, and never any solvents, fillers, or artificial flavors. This is the vape for the flower purist.

That commitment to pure and natural premium oil cartridges must drive a heavy price though, right? Wrong! The 0.5-gram original vape cartridges retail for $16, but with Emjay’s Vape Week special 12/6-12/12 you can get them for just $12. All Himalaya vapes are 25% off until 12/12. “Highest place on Earth?” More like “lowest price in California!”

Here are some of our favorite Himalaya Vapor Products:

Originals cartridges

Available in 0.5 and 1 gram cartridges, the Originals are a line of 14 single-strain THC oil vapes. Since Himalaya makes everything small-batch, the strain menu is constantly rotating but always consists of a mix of sativa, indica, and hybrid classics, and new exotics. Current strains include Ice Cream Cake and a ridiculously cool collaboration with Slightly Stoopid called Stoopid Fruits.


Live resin sauce cartridges

This line contains Himalaya’s own unrefined live resin for a fresher flavor more similar to cannabis flower than a typical vape. Himalaya’s single-strain live resin preserves the original terpene profile of the fresh flower it was made from. Since all the cannabis is sourced from small family farms in Northern California, each batch is a limited edition offering and the menu rotates through a variety of indica, sativa, and hybrid live resins. Current strains include the classic Jack Herer and Cherry Gas.


Our Vape Week sale is already blowing up, and you’ll never find a better price in your quest to get as high as Mt. Everest than Himalaya’s vape cartridges. Enter your address on heyemjay.com or in the Emjay app to see what we can deliver to you today.

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