Everything You Need to Know About Timeless

by Leslie McMann

Vaping may be a relatively new technology, but some companies are making sure it’s here to stay– like Timeless, a vape company dedicated to improving the vaping experience through research and development. Though their cartridges are compatible with any 510 vape battery, the inhale-activated Timeless battery is specially designed to run at the optimal vaporizing temperature. And you can get a sleek protective carrying case for your Timeless pen that keeps the battery functioning properly and covers your mouthpiece to keep debris and dirt out. But Timeless isn’t just committed to making functionally cool vaping accessories– they want you to enjoy the entire experience of vaping, from buying to puffing to storing it for later.

Let’s look at what’s in the cartridges: Timeless combines true-to-taste flavors, terpenes, and the highest quality cannabis distillate available to fill their vapes. What you won’t find? Solvents, pesticides, fillers, or cutting agents– the icky stuff. Timeless knows many of their customers are using their vapes for medicinal purposes, and they are committed to making sure nothing in their products could make a patient’s experience unpleasant. And with Emjay’s Vape Week 25% off special going on 12/6-12/12, the price on Timeless cartridges right now is anything but unpleasant.

Timeless has four different vape cartridge lines:


Dressed up in royal purple, these vapes are made with heavy-hitting indica-dominant strains and are best used before bedtime to help you fall asleep. This line has classics like Grape Ape and some new exotics like Forbidden Guava.



Bright yellow like the blazing Golden State sun, the Energy line of sativa-dominant strains is for daytime use. Perfect for creative and physical activities, or socially at a party, the line contains a number of classic strains like Maui Wowie plus OG Faderade, an original blend by Timeless.



For when you just want to relax without conking out, the little green men at planet Timeless present to you: the Chill line. Made with hybrid strains that promote relaxation without sedation and euphoria without mania, this line is versatile, fun, and surprising. Alongside classic strains, Pineapple Express and GG#4 are Timeless original blends like Gummy Worms and fan-favorite Cactus Chiller, which SoCal-ers swear tastes just like Cactus Cooler soda.



Timeless is a distillate company, but even they can’t ignore the live resin vape craze burning through the cannabis industry right now. Their most recent line, Noir, offers blends of their cannabis distillate with live resin terpenes. So while not “pure” live resin, the Noir line does offer more classic, tried-and-true strains with a more “flowery” taste than the other three lines. Jack Herer and Orange Crush are available on our website.


Take advantage of our sweet deals while our Vape Week special is still happening– you won’t regret saving a few dollars on all these Timeless goodies. You might even be able to buy a Timeless carrying case for your new vape with the savings! Enter your address on heyemjay.com or on the app to see what items can be delivered to you.

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