How to Use a Vape Pen

by Emjay

What are weed vapes? 

Vapes are an increasingly popular alternative for consuming high quality cannabis. By “vaporizing” cannabis you can inhale cannabis in vapor form. This allows your body to more easily absorb the compounds within the plant, helping you to get high a little more quickly and providing fast relief for certain unpleasant symptoms.

Additionally, vaporizing your cannabis means you don’t have to worry about combusting the material and filling your lungs with potentially harmful smoke or other irritants.

Are there different types of THC vapes?

Yes. There are bulky old school vaporizers like these that you  may hear people talk about. But if someone says “vapes” they most like mean the wide range of small, portable, and discreet pens that come in a variety of formats. THC vape pens can be either all-in-one single use disposables or be a combination of reusable, rechargeable batteries and “carts” or cartridges that you use until they’re gone. 

What comes in THC vape carts?

Great question! It depends. And you want to get really clear on what you consider “the good stuff”. Liquid diamonds, live resin and live rosin are widely considered top of the line with distillates sitting on a lower tier. Investigate what you like.

Are THC vapes better than cigs?

If you’re asking about the medical effect-check a peer reviewed published study. But if you mean in regards to the experience then the answer is simple-duh.  Try a CBD only pen if you want to double up on the relaxation (nicotine is actually a stimulant) and skip the mental effects.

Do weed vapes smell?

No. They’re easy to use in close quarters or crowded spaces where discretion is key. 

Where can you buy THC vape pens?

Hit us up in SoCal for friendly delivery of the best THC vape pens the world’s largest licensed cannabis market has to offer.

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