How To Make An Apple Pipe

by Emjay

You’re excited to pack a bowl and smoke it. You grind your weed, and you get up to look for the bowl. It isn’t until you hear it hit the floor and shatter that you remember it was on your lap the whole time.

You’re not going to give up on that weed. You still want it. You’re determined now more than ever to smoke that bowl because the universe tried to stop you.

You could use a plastic bottle or an aluminum can, but it’s not a great idea to get either of those things hot. If you roll a joint from a newspaper, you’re smoking ink.

A natural solution is always the best. That’s where apple pipes come into play.

They’re easy to make, they add a sweet fresh flavor to your weed, and they don’t contain anything harmful.

An apple pipe is a good time, even if you already have a dozen legitimate smoking devices and a few packs of rolling papers. Everyone should try it at least once.

Can I make a pipe out of any fruit?

Any fruit or vegetable that will remain structurally sound with a hole punched in it can be turned into a pipe.

Bananas are trickier, but it’s been done before. Cucumbers, pears, and small watermelons are easy to fashion into bowls. Meanwhile, avocados might be the easiest because cutting off ⅓ vertically and removing the pit creates a bowl for you.

Since the fruit or vegetable you’re smoking out of has the potential to impact the flavor of your weed, you might want to consider pairing flavors.

Strawnana works well in a banana pipe, and strains that taste cinnamony pair well with pears. You can smoke Watermelon from a watermelon. The possibilities are endless.

Only apples have the edge because they’re intuitively shaped for creating a perfect bowl.

They’re sturdy and require the least amount of work. So if you’re only casually DIYing a smoking device, you’ll have an easier time with an apple.

What you’ll need:

All you need (besides your weed and a lighter) is an apple and a long, sharp object.

The apple is already anatomically ideal.

You can set it down on the counter when you’re done due to the shape of the apple. You can also use the top of the apple around the stem as a bowl piece.

There’s very little work involved and barely any supplies necessary.

Turning your apple into a pipe

This project will take less than five minutes, which is great news if you’re in a hurry to smoke. It doesn’t take a great number of technical skills.

If you’re capable of poking a hole in an apple, you’ve totally got this.

It will be the simplest DIY smoking apparatus you’ve ever made, and it might even be faster than rolling a joint.

Making the bowl

Look around the stem of the apple.

Do you see that natural bowl? That’s where your weed is going to go.

The first thing you need to do is twist off the stem and remove it. In the spot where the stem was, you’ll need to use your long sharp object to create a hole directly down to the center of the apple.

Stop when you’re about halfway down the length of the apple.

If you have an extra bowl screen laying around and you’d prefer to use it, go ahead and pop it into the bowl of the apple. It’s an extra security measure to ensure no weed gets lost in the labyrinth of your apple core.

Making the mouthpiece

To make your mouthpiece, you’ll need to poke a hole into the side of the apple to meet your bowl.

You want them to connect in a perfect “L” shape.

Line up your poking object with the bowl piece and push it straight through, stopping when you reach the bowl’s tunnel.

Making the carb (optional)

So your apple pipe will be easier to smoke and clear; you want to keep pushing your sharp object through to the other side of the apple.

The hole on one side will be the mouthpiece, and the hole on the other side will be the carb.

Packing your apple

Grind your weed and gently pack it where the apple stem used to be, taking care not to push it down into the tunnel.

You want it to rest snugly on top rather than falling in.

Plug your carb, put your mouth over the mouthpiece, light your weed, draw a hit, and release the carb to clear the apple. It’s just like smoking a hand pipe.

Pairing your apple pipe with the perfect strain.

If you’re making an apple pipe just for the sake of it, have fun with different strains.

Apples produce terpenes just like weed does. Pair a strain with complimentary terpenes to your apple pipe to amplify your smoking experience.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a fruity strain, high in grape and mango notes from myrcene and earthy herbal notes from pinene.

All the terpenes work together to create a slight blueberry flavor that’s a little bit sweeter than its parent strain, Blueberry. Your apple pipe with your blueberry weed makes for the perfect breakfast smoke.

Pair it with a bowl of oatmeal for the full effect.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a unique indica. It’s slightly lemony, a little bit like cinnamon, and there’s a distinct kick of raw vanilla cookie dough in the finish.

Pair Wedding Cake with an apple pie, and the result is a hit that tastes ever so subtly like apple pie. It’s worth making an apple pipe just to indulge in this combo.


This well-balanced hybrid is sweet, fruity, and creamy.

Gelato features a wide array of terpenes, making it the fruit salad of the weed world. All you need is the apple to round out the profile, and you’re smoking fruit punch.

Well, fruit punch with a little twist of cinnamon. But you get the idea.

Orange Cookies

The combination of orange and apple just screams autumn. If you’re looking for a seasonal weed treat, smoke some Orange Cookies from your apple pipe.

Orange Cookies is a sativa dominant hybrid that’s gentle with its THC. It’s a good anytime strain that won’t get you high enough to throttle your productivity.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is a little citrusy, a little sour, and a little floral, just like a real pineapple. The apple you’re smoking it from gives the tangy pineapple note a little bit of something sweet, rounding out the flavor profile to create something similar to a tropical cocktail.

This highly energizing sativa will give you the motivation to get up and go.

Apple Fritter

If you really want to commit to the apple theme, there’s always Apple Fritter.

Apple Fritter is an indica dominant hybrid perfect for a relaxing evening. We’ll give you three guesses about what it tastes like, but you’ll only need one.

It’s super easy

An apple a day is supposed to keep the doctor away, but that’s not necessarily the moral of this story.

Making an improvised pipe out of an apple prevents you from inhaling plastic or aluminum fumes, and it’s significantly easier than making a water bottle bong.

All you need to do is poke a few holes. It’s as simple as can be.

If you want to try a strain with a flavor that compliments the apple, Emjay has plenty.

We have a massive selection of flower, and your DIY apple bong is a great excuse to try it. Just place your order and start carving that apple. We’ll be on our way to your doorstep soon.

While you’re at it, if your apple is only a temporary solution to a broken bowl, let us help you there, too.

We can deliver you a hand pipe, papers, or any other accessories you need for a permanent replacement. That apple won’t last forever, and you may be out of apples the next time you want to smoke.

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