How To Create A DIY Marijuana Gift Basket

by Emjay
Marijuana gift basket ideas. Photo by shawnee wilborn on Unsplash

It’s that time of the year again. Time to start thinking about what you’re going to give your fellow smokers for the holidays. Sure, you can buy them a new pipe or a fresh bag of flower from the fine folks at Emjay. But how about thinking outside of the box and gifting them with something special?

We’re talking about a smoker’s dream come true. We’re talking about a marijuana gift basket! You can always use the above gift ideas as stocking stuffers. But for your main present, there’s nothing like getting a gift basket full of smoke-friendly goodies.

Not sure where to start? No worries. Here at Emjay, we’ve got a whole list of items to help you build the perfect gift basket. Your friend will love you forever after seeing all of your work into putting this gift together.

So, what exactly goes into a marijuana gift basket, you ask? Well, it’s a lot easier than you think. The best way to craft the perfect marijuana gift basket is to ask yourself what you would like to get in one if given to you.

Depending on whether you’re gifting a guy or gal, the contents can vary ever so slightly. To start, let’s assume you’re giving to a girl and go from there.

Marijuana starter gift basket for her

The simplicity of the Starter Gift Basket is what makes it so appealing. As its name suggests, it contains everything she would need to get started. It doesn’t take much to put together, and you can personalize it to suit that special lady in your life.


You’re all set. Now, just pick up a gift basket from your local store and you’re good to go. Make sure you line the basket with colorful tissue paper. Bonus points if you know her favorite color, as that’s the color of tissue paper you want to buy. The same applies to the lighter. It doesn’t have to be expensive; just get one that represents her.

She is sure to love the thought and effort you put into this basket, even if it’s just the bare minimum. In this case, it is what’s inside that counts.

Marijuana starter gift basket for him

Got a best bud that you want to impress? Then it’s time to put together a gift basket that shows him how much you value him as a friend. This one is similar to the Marijuana Starter Gift Basket for Her but with some slight variation.

We like this gift basket because it’s easy to get creative with it. If it’s a close friend, you can customize it so that it reflects their personality. If you are artistic, you’ll have a field day putting this baby together.


Grab a store-bought gift basket and line it with artificial straw. It’s a quick and easy way to make your bud’s holiday a lot more special.

If you want to make this a thoughtful marijuana gift basket, pick up some of his favorite munchies, and line the basket with them. After you have smoked, he is sure to appreciate the grub that awaits him.

Marijuana gift basket for dab lovers

Alright, now we’re looking at gift baskets for anybody you know who loves to get high. You likely know your fair share of plant lovers, but there’s always a select few who prefer dabs over all else. You can’t blame them, as it’s one of the most potent ways to enjoy marijuana.

If you’re a dab connoisseur, let us explain how it works. Using concentrates of cannabis, the “dab” is created by going through a process of extraction. This is usually done using a solvent like butane. CO2 is another way to extract concentrate.

The result delivers a wide variety of concentrates, in fact. These consist of oils, wax, budder, shatter, etc. This marijuana gift basket idea is nice because it doesn’t matter what kind of dab you include.

The fact that you put together their favorite is enough to make it a home run. And you’re sure to be met with gratitude after gifting this basket. Plus, you can likely count on your dab lover friend to share in the newly-gifted basket.

If you’ve never tried this kind of marijuana, though, be careful and use caution. You might want to make you aren’t planning on leaving any time soon, as you’re going to be in for a whole new experience.


Marijuana gift basket for the newbie

Do you have a friend who just started smoking and doesn’t know the ropes quite yet? We’ve all been there, but you don’t realize how green you once were until you see someone else struggle to even roll a joint.

You could put together a gift basket that contains some weed and rolling papers, but that would almost be a cruel trick. Your newbie smoker friend would likely find it to be more aggravating than helpful.

And besides, you’ll be the one who likely ends up rolling. So, bypass the headache and hassle and gift them with some prerolls, instead.

This is a great way to show how thoughtful you are and will be met with appreciation. You can look forward to smoking a couple of prerolls together and relaxing around the holidays. You might want to bring some of your own, too, though.

You want to make sure that you leave your newbie with plenty to enjoy for themselves. After all, it wouldn’t be very jolly of you to smoke everything you just gifted to them.


Now that you’ve seen what kind of items go best in marijuana gift baskets, you can add your personal touch and create your own. There are countless combinations of goodies and accessories you can throw in to mix things up.

That’s one of the best things about marijuana gift baskets. There isn’t a strict guideline you have to adhere to. As long as you know a little bit about the person you are gifting, you can customize the basket to suit their tastes.

Get creative and have fun with it. You might want to pick up some other little gift to toss into the basket, too. Whatever you decide on, you can trust that Emjay is here to help. We have such a robust selection of goodies that you won’t have to worry about running out of things to put in your gift basket.

Visit our online store to see all that we offer. Best of all, we deliver it directly to you for greater convenience. You’re likely busy enough as it is. So let us handle your holiday shopping for you. Simply pick out what you need, and we will take care of the rest.

Delivery is free, too, so you don’t have to worry about added charges or ridiculous fees. Just excellent weed, vapes, edibles, extracts, and more. We appreciate your business and hope to hear from you soon. Happy Holidays.

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