How To Give The Gift Of Cannabis

by Brad P

Can you give someone weed as a gift?

The gift giving season is nearly upon us. You know, that time of year where we all take some time to reflect, appreciate those around us, and freak tf out about what we’re going to buy for everyone on our list. 

We’ve all been there before, and we know you’re going to feel an impulse to start Googling body spray, novelty socks, or a “nice candle.” We need you to resist. Honestly, who doesn’t have a drawer full of sprays, lotions, and weird socks we couldn’t figure out how to return? 

Which brings us to the brutal truth. Your go-to gifts are garbage. In fact, when it comes to receiving gifts, most adults prefer experiences over things. This is exactly why we’ve travelled to the ends of the internet to create this amazing gift giving guide for all of your friends and family aged 21 and up. From a fancy staycation to a night at the ‘spa,’ give the gift of ganja and they can have it all without ever leaving the house.

How do I decide what kind of Cannabis product to gift?

Prerolls, edibles and vape carts, oh my. We’ve all got personal preferences, but how’s a guy/gal to decide when buying for someone else? Emjay makes it easy with our super simple guide to gift ideas for any cannabis enthusiast.

Gifting edibles

Edibles are a great gift for when you know someone enjoys cannabis, but don’t necessarily know their tolerance/use levels. From casual smokers to daily tokers, edibles are absorbed differently by the body (through the liver rather than our lungs) and offer a unique cannabis experience.

 If you’ve got a bag of weed and a dream, you can turn pretty much any recipe into a cannabis infused edible by making cannabutter. Your friends and family will appreciate the extra effort of something homemade, plus you can test your treat yourself… you know… for science.

 If baking really isn’t your thing, you can get a wide variety of pre-made edibles delivered to your door in minutes. You can even personalize your gift by making custom baskets. Got a friend who needs to unwind? Make them a relaxation basket with weed infused macaroons, bath bombs and a bottle of wine. 

Gifting flower

If you’re stumped on what to get for your cannabis-loving friends and family, flower is a safe bet. You can always purchase premium bud that they might not buy for themselves on a regular basis. We suggest ordering online through Emjay so you have an opportunity to view your products before purchasing. Look for flower that was grown indoors, has a high THC content and comes in premium packaging like a glass jar to keep your gift feeling classy af. We recommend checking out Sherbinskis line of premium indoor weed for easy and eye-appealing gift ideas. 

Gifting vapes and vape cartridges

Carts are a great gift for anyone who vapes on the reg. But, it does require a little bit of basic knowledge of the recipients preferences. It’s helpful to know if they have a preferred brand or style and what type of cartridges fit their vape pen. If you don’t have this information or you’re introducing vaping to an old school smoker for the first time, you can always purchase disposable vapes or put together a vaping starter kit that includes a cheap battery. This way you know they’ll be able to use their gift right away, with no additional purchases.

In our opinion, one of the best parts of vaping vs. smoking is the flavor profile. Without any direct combustion or burning paper, you really get the full flavor of whatever’s in the cart. Which is why we recommend sticking with traditional weed flavors unless you happen to know what your recipient prefers. If you know they vape regularly, try mixing it up with something unique like Juicy Melon or Banana Pie.

Gifting prerolls

Prerolls make the perfect gift because you can purchase a variety of cannabis without committing to any one flavor or strain. Whether you’re looking for a simple secret Santa gift or a sampler platter of joints for a more seasoned smoker, you can’t go wrong. From mini-joints to infused blunts, there’s a preroll for everyone.

With no sticky scissors or messy hand rolling required, every cannabis user will appreciate both the variety and ease of use with prerolls. Complete the gift with a customized or unique lighter so they’ll remember your thoughtful gift long after their last toke.

Gifting extracts and concentrate

Extracts and Concentrates make an excellent gift for experienced cannabis users. Similar to vanilla extract or orange juice concentrate, weed extracts are a concentrated form of cannabis that just contains the good stuff (cannabinoids and terpenes). That means it is more potent than your average bowl or joint, which is why we recommend this product primarily for experienced smokers. Although you can crumble extracts on top of a bowl or joint, many prefer to use specialized dabbing rigs. So, it might be worthwhile to look into what kind of rigs your recipient uses before purchasing extracts or concentrates for them.


If you don’t know your recipients preferred smoking style, you could alway hook them up with accessories. Glass bowls, dab rigs, premium papers, a custom rolling tray, or an efficient vape battery would make excellent gifts for any cannabis consumer.

How much Cannabis should I give as a gift?

One great thing about gifting cannabis is that there’s a built in spending limit. Because California state law dictates that an individual can only have an ounce at a time, there won’t ever be any weirdness about overspending or buying too much.

If you know that your recipient is a regular smoker, we’d recommend gifting a half ounce or less to avoid putting them in an overly sticky situation. You should also remember that as long as their gift is under your roof, it counts towards your personal total as well. So, you’ll need to be careful not to put yourself in a position to go over an ounce when you include your personal stash.

Elevate their every day routine

Whether your recipient is a weekend warrior or an everyday smoker, a gift is a great excuse to treat them to something they wouldn’t usually buy themselves. So, if you know they generally smoke flower from a bowl or joint, treat them to an infused blunt or edibles. If they’re a casual smoker who only takes a toke or two at a time, grab them some vape carts in fun flavors to help them get the most from each puff. Whatever their smoke style, use your gift as an excuse to elevate their every day routine.

Get it delivered

Gift giving isn’t just about the recipient. Which is why we’re creating a new feature to make gift giving easier than it’s ever been before with products you pick out delivered directly to the recipient. In the meantime, you can shop a wide variety of flower, concentrates, edibles and accessories from the comfort of your couch and have them delivered directly to your door the same day, making last minute gift-giving quick and easy.

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