10 Best PAX Era Pod Brands

by Brad P
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An OG in the vape world, PAX has been around for over a decade now. Many of their early models involved vaping small amounts of flower, but in 2017 they released the PAX Era, which allows for discreet, on-the-go dosing of extracts and oils. With a sleek, stylish, and high-functioning design, the PAX era is a standout in the vape market.

Feather-light and button-free, this model is pocket-friendly, which means the Era won’t turn on inside your pants. With a decent four-hour battery life, and 30 minute charge time, the PAX era is fast and easy to use at any time. The Era is also compatible with the PAX mobile app, which enables precise temperature control and allows you to customize your smoke sesh. 

While most vape pens use a standard, round, threaded 510 cartridge, The PAX Era uses specifically designed pods that only work with their line of vaporizers. While this does mean that PAX pods can cost a little more, you can also rest assured knowing that the product has been thoroughly vetted by PAX and approved for use with their product. So, which brand makes the best PAX Era pods? Check out our 10 favorite brands below!

Jetty Extracts

Family-owned and operated, we love that you can keep your cash out of corporate pockets when you purchase a PAX pod from Jetty Extracts. They have flavors ranging from Funshine to 3 Bears Kush and offer more variety and accessibility than other brands when it comes to PAX Era pods.



With zero cutting agents and triple-tested for safety and quality, each strain in Island’s PAX pod range is carefully crafted with 100% natural plant-based terpenes and distillate to guarantee a sunny session every time. Each pesticide-free strain is hand-selected from its network of organic farms for its specific flavor profile. Our favorite escape is their Tangie Sap, a flavorful, fruity hybrid.



We love Leune because they are a socially conscious brand. They actively work to make the cannabis industry a more diverse and equitable space for everyone through projects like the Last Prisoner Project and the Floret Coalition. Their Hot Honey pod was created specifically to help support Equality California, which is a non-profit that advocates for the rights of the LGBT+ community. So if you’re looking to support a socially conscious brand with 🔥 product, we can’t recommend Leune enough.

Raw Garden concentrates_Emjay

Raw Garden

Raw Garden is as all-natural as their name implies. No additives, no fillers, no added flavors, just 100% cannabis. With a wide range of strains to choose from and an ever-growing current release list, Raw Garden has a PAX Era pod for everyone. You can toke it easy knowing your pod contains only all-natural cannabis products every time.



If you’re tired of the same ol’ PAX Era pods, then it’s time to break into the HeadStash. With decades of experience, specializing in ‘craft cannabis’ production, HeadStash offers high-end flavor at a reasonable price. We recommend the Mendo Pineapple or Sour Mimosa PAX Era Pods if you’re looking for a well-balanced and uplifting high.


Legion of Bloom

Legion of Bloom is an eco-friendly brand that uses plastic-free packaging and donates a portion of its strain-specific PAX Era Pod sales to reforestation projects in California. If that’s not enough to make you Stan, then the flavor will be. Featuring strain-specific flavors like Lemon Cookies and Black Cherry Punch, Legion of Bloom is well-known for delivering quality terpene profiles every time.



Buddies PAX Era pods are like a ‘pocket-dab’, all of the potency and none of the fuss. Made with pure live resin and their Liquid Diamonds™, each pod is a true mix of diamonds and sauce in a liquid form. Serving you potency, flavor, and fun names like Hippie Crasher and Sweet Island Skunk, Buddies PAX Era pods are truly one of a kind.



Utopia is a 35x award-winning Santa Cruz cannabis brand that has been curating clean, premium cannabis since 2014. So, it stands to reason that their PAX Era pods are on point. Utopia makes live resin concentrates that are High Terpene / High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extracts (HTFSE/HCFSE). Basically, they use the whole plant in their extraction process to make sure you get all of the flavor you crave. Try their C. Banana or Chemdawg PAX Era pods to see what everyone is raving about.


Brite Labs

The closest to a whole flower experience you’ll find in an extract, Brite Labs specializes in crafting small-batch, full-spectrum extracts that retain only the natural THC, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes found in the raw plant material, and nothing else. In a time where mass-produced is becoming the new norm, it’s refreshing to see a company taking the time to produce a hand-crafted, small-batch product with a weekly release schedule. Their Purple Punch and Durban Diesel PAX Era Pods are full of flavor, so get them while you can.


Heavy Hitters

Ultra-pure, ultra-potent. Heavy Hitters PAX Era pods are made with 100% cannabis native terpenes and contain up to 95% THC. Bonus, they also offer ‘high-intensity pods’ that deliver up to 3x vapor compared to original PAX pods. If high THC content is your jam, then we suggest ordering some Heavy Hitters today.

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