Cannabis Product Review: The Wedding Mintz Flower from Packwoods

by Carrie Dabshaw
Packwoods Wedding Mintz Eighth

Packwoods The Wedding Mintz At-A-Glance


Raise your glass to the holy matrimony of this magical flower and your endocannabinoid system as it plays your pleasure points like a xylophone.


A sensual somatic awakening and relaxed, loving mindset make for a night you won't forget.


Every aspect of this eighth, both as a product and a breathtakingly magical fruit of the Earth, is fantastic. Get into luxury $55/eighth.

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You can purchase this Packwoods Wedding Mintz eighth, alongside all the Packwoods offerings, on Emjay.

About Packwoods

Packwoods is a beloved and decorated Los Angeles-based business with over 20 awards in the cannabis field. Packwoods blunts are peerless pre-roll royalty with 2 grams of flower topped with a dusting of dry-shaken trichomes. With such superb infused execution, a high standard has been set for the flower to stand on its own.

Packwoods’ prowess in the cannabis game has earned them the attention and collaboration of some of the most respected top-tier names-Cookies, Big Al’s, and our very own Sherbinskis, to name a few. Spotted in the arms of some of Hip Hop’s most prominent names and a co-sponsor of this year’s Rolling Loud music festival, Packwoods is on track to catapult to the next level of notoriety. And to do so as one of the few products that offer quality as robust as its marketing budget.

Packwoods are available in vending machines at ballparks and concert venues just as readily as the booze at concession stands in the not-too-distant future of my dreams. For much less than many of us spend on a night out of drinking, Packwoods offers a superior, gorgeous product that makes you a fan for life. In the super-saturated cannabis marketplace, Packwoods differentiates itself as a budtender favorite.


Packwoods packaging pops off shelves with their signature melted wax crowns. The image marries the childhood glee of someone getting slimed with the grown-up good times of high-quality whiskey. Their labels are sparkly but not overly so. Lines are clean and sharp without complication. Packwoods is sleek, fashionable and fun to throw in your shopping bag.

The Wedding Mintz comes in a pink wax crowned jar boxed in a see-through plastic shell. The construction of the box looks like something the year’s hottest toy might come in. Before you get to know your personal preferences as a cannabis consumer, a lot of your decision-making will center on these details. As you get to know your tastes, you will feel the type of branding that speaks to your preferences. Packwoods nails the right balance of irreverence and class.

The Wedding Mintz crosses Triangle Kush x Animal Mints and seeks to step out of the blunt’s shadow as its more session-able but equally amazing counterpart. At 28% THC, Packwoods flower still clocks in on the strong end of the spectrum but without the trichrome boost that sends you to La La Land.

Packwoods Wedding Mintz


The Wedding Mintz is a celebratory marvel from the second you grab it. The packaging is inviting, playful, and anything like me gets ripped open with the exuberance of Christmas morning.

The pink melted wax on the lid of the jar is stunning, and you can smell the flower before you even open it up.  On the inside of the lid is a patented humidity pack to keep the flower as fresh as possible, and it’s immediately clear that it’s working.  Lots of pine and berries on the nose with some ripe orange as well. I would gladly wear this as a cologne or marry anyone who does.

The flower feels very alive-dense buds glued together by trichomes with deep greens intermixed with purples and browns with uninterrupted orange hairs.

Somehow, the smell gets better when you grind it up, and bright citrus and deep cream open more fully.  The ground-up flower lives on the borderline between light grey and purple and almost sparkles with a mystical quality. The inhale offers orange, some of the promised mint and a nice gas to round it out very smooth, crisp, and light.

It was hard to put the Mintz down long enough to write this review. The somatic effects are really beautiful. The lab testing lists 0% CBD, but the effect for me was very similar-liquid weightlessness offers a full-body unwind that is neither heavy nor overwhelming. Wedding Mintz feels like you’re walking on a cloud. The mind is alert but at ease. The guy in the back of the party who stays quiet most of the night but then drops the most realistic response to the conversation at hand, the guy with the deep voice, that dude-he’s smoking on something like this.

Lots of mood enhancement and more willingness to consider a more loving perspective on things. A slam dunk for wake’n’bakes or to deal with slightly annoying co-workers. An amazing strain for physical intimacy and human connection.


Completely worth $55 for the eighth and a good, long-lasting alternative if you don’t want to drop $45 on the brand’s pre-rolls.

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