6 Potential Benefits of Wake and Bake

by Emjay
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If you’ve never done a wake and bake, it might seem crazy to you. Weed is something you smoke at night or when you’re off work, right? Many people treat a joint the same way they’d treat a beer. It’s something you enjoy socially when all your work is done and all of your responsibilities are tended to.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling that way, and if you’re cool saving your weed for the weekends, you should. We’re not here to tell people how they need to enjoy their weed. We’re just here to offer some suggestions. People who wake and bake do so because they enjoy the numerous benefits they experience from their weed-infused morning routine.

What’s a “wake and bake?”

A wake and bake is when you smoke shortly after waking up. Some people keep their weed vapes on their bedside tables, while others enjoy a joint with their morning cup of coffee. There’s no right or wrong way to wake and bake. You can wake and bake if you work overnight shifts and wake up at 5 PM. If you incorporate weed into your wake-up routine, you’re waking and baking.

1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

A lot of people aren’t morning eaters. Some people choose not to be morning eaters because they use dieting techniques like intermittent fasting. Other people don’t get hungry in the morning or are rushing through their routine, ignoring their hunger cues or forgetting to eat.

For many people, cannabis acts as an appetite stimulant. The FDA has approved drugs containing THC or synthetic equivalents to help treat people who have conditions or undergo treatments that diminish their appetite. If you’re already eating enough throughout the day, you’re probably not too concerned with breakfast. If you know you aren’t taking enough time to eat healthy meals, a little bit of weed might help.

Smoking some weed can remind you to eat in the morning. Your body will process your food as energy and help kickstart your metabolism for the day. You won’t realize you’re starving around lunchtime, or worse, put off eating real food and go a little crazier on snacks than you’d like to.

Meal prep yourself some healthy breakfasts, like overnight oats with fruit. Spark up when you wake up, feel your appetite kick in, and grab your healthy breakfast. It simplifies your morning and helps you adhere to healthier habits.

2. It’s more of a pick-me-up than coffee.

If you’re a lifelong coffee drinker, you’ve probably realized that your morning cup or two is the bare minimum of what you need to become functional. Caffeine is a stimulant, but when you’ve developed a high tolerance to it, it doesn’t quite kick you into gear the way it should. You don’t feel uplifted, creative, or focused. You get barely enough energy to lift one foot up to put it in front of the other.

Cannabis, particularly sativa strains, is energizing differently. Some people who prefer sativa strains use them to spark creativity and ignite their motivation. If you move like a slug through your morning, a sativa strain might make you feel alert and interested enough to expand your morning routine.

Maybe a long walk with your dog would be nice. Maybe you want to take up painting velvet portraits of Daniel Day-Lewis. Who knows? The sky’s the limit when you unlock your creativity. 

3. Shaking off aches, pains, and grogginess.

If you wake up groggy and stiff, it’s hard to want to get out of bed. When you’re stiff and achy, you’ll feel like you need to rest from the mere act of waking up. If you live with aches and pains, medical cannabis can make it easier to get your engine revved in the morning. You can relax your mind and your body, making it easier to slide your feet into your slippers and go about your day.

Just be mindful about what strains you’re using. A heavy indica might encourage you to roll right over and go back to sleep. Something that leans towards sativa may be a better choice. You’ll get the THC benefits with that energetic effect to help you handle what you need to handle.

Weed that gives you a body high particularly strains high in CBD, often makes it easier to stretch, relax, or do some gentle exercise. If you wake up stiff and cramped, a slow, gentle stretching session and a tall glass of water might help to ease up your muscle tension. If you’re a pain patient, talk to your doctor about what types of exercise and duration will be safe for you.

4. Mentally preparing for your day.

If you have anxiety and a long list of things to accomplish, getting out of bed can almost feel scary. It’s overwhelming to entertain the notion of just getting started, particularly if your day involves a lot of social interaction or anxiety-inducing situations like exams or presentations.

A lot of people find that weed helps to mitigate their anxiety, particularly indica-leaning hybrids. With your body and mind more relaxed, it’s easier to calm down and think about what you need to do.

After you wake and bake, make your to-do list for the day. Break everything down into tiny parts, and if your day is overloaded, save some stuff for tomorrow or the day after. A breather can help you recalibrate and prepare yourself to approach your responsibilities confidently.

5. Breezing through your tedious morning tasks.

A lot more people work from home than ever before. You have to be a motivated self-starter, whether or not you have a history of doing so. Jumping into the routine morning tasks is one of the least exciting parts of your day. Checking your professional social networks and work emails, adding things to your calendar, and planning out what you’re going to do isn’t exactly scintillating.

The good news is that everything’s a little more fun after you smoke weed. You might find your boring routine tasks a little more engaging. You’ll spend more time looking through your work emails. You might finally decide to unsubscribe from all the junk you regularly scroll past. You might feel inspired to look people up on LinkedIn and make more connections.

6. Making cannabis a part of your wellness routine.

You can’t put something off if it’s the first thing you do every morning. It’s done, it’s out of the way, and you feel better. Going for a run, putting away the dishes, or starting the laundry won’t be hanging over your head all day if they’re a part of your morning routine.

Successful people have morning routines and rituals. They get up early, have their breakfast, meditate, do yoga, journal, and get in a little creative brainstorming time before the grind of their day really starts. Weed might help you do that.

By stimulating your appetite, encouraging creativity, and promoting relaxation, it’s easy to get your day off to a perfect start. If waking and baking encourage you to become a more productive early riser, go for it.

You don’t necessarily need to use THC as a part of your wellness routine. If CBD alone is enough to help you relax, focus, and get ready for the day, keep it simple. CBD can’t get you high, but it will do many of the same things that traditional weed will.

The takeaway

Waking and baking isn’t something degenerates do it is for the cannabis consumer.  Well, it can be. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that waking and baking is a bad idea. If you can use the help in the morning and a wake and bake will inspire you to have a better and more productive day, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

If you don’t want to wind up too high to function, use a small amount of very low THC strain. You’ll get a small spark of its effects without getting too high to be productive. It might take a little bit of dialing in to get your perfect morning smoke down. Trying on your days off from work is a good idea.

Emjay can deliver your wake and bake in about half an hour. We can be there by the time the coffee pot is done brewing. We have everything you need to help you find your morning motivation.


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