Most Popular Sativa Strains 

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Most Popular Sativa Strains 

Whenever you look through a selection of cannabis products, you will find each product labeled in one of three ways: Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. 

Each of these primary types of weed have been focus-grown over the years for specific use cases and therefore have different effects when smoked. 

Let’s dive into the headiest of the weed types: Sativa. What exactly is Cannabis Sativa, and what are some of the most popular sativa strains today?

What is the Sativa strain type?

Today’s best Sativa strains have pushed more towards the idea of weed packed with the chemical interactions to give your body a spike in energy. This energy is known to spark creativity and encourage productivity. 

Different types of weed have been grown all over the world and are used by a variety of different cultures in a variety of different ways, like rituals, recreation, and more. With so many different types, it can be difficult to know what each does. However, most weed can be broken down into three major categories: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.

The terms Sativa and Indica both originated in the early 18th century and were used to define where a cannabis plant was being grown and what it was being grown for. 

Pure Sativa plants referred to cannabis grown throughout Europe, which was used for the fibers. This meant a plant that grew fast, large, and with a hefty yield. These plants grow with long slim leaves, and are known to grow up to 10 feet tall. 

Indica plants were grown in India, which was focused on the psychoactive elements, a true plant grown for the purpose to get you high. 

Hybrids are modern strains, and refer to when different strains are crossbred. Most strains now will be dominant hybrids, meaning they lean either more toward the Sativa or Indica side of the spectrum. So, a Sativa-dominant hybrid will give a headier and more energetic experience with hints of the more psychoactive elements associated with Indicas.

Hemp plants derive from the original Sativa, and are characterized by THC levels. They must be under 0.3% THC and are often lower than that depending on growth location. Hemp plants are hardy, allowing them to grow in a large range of environments, which explains why they are used as a fast growing renewable raw materials source. 

The Most Popular Sativa Strains

With so much hype surrounding the idea of weed that makes you mentally and physically more alert, there’s no curiosity why Sativa has continued to grow in popularity.

Ghost Train Haze 

If Haze wasn’t great enough on its own, growers decided to kick it up a notch. In 2012, Ghost Train Haze won the High Times award for being the “Strongest Strains On Earth” at 28% THC.  While growers have since upped the game, Ghost Train Haze remains a major player. 

The buds are extremely dense, and when broken release an aroma of sweet pine with hints of citrus. The dark green bud covered in orange hairs and heavily crystalized trichomes is a true beauty.

Being such a focused and potent strain, Ghost Train Haze is often used as a hard hitting medical marijuana to treat severe symptoms such as depression and complete loss of appetite. This bud is known for spiking physical and mental activity. 

Green Crack

When looking for a historically loved option, Green Crack should be your first go-to.

Don’t recognize the name? Green Crack was originally grown in the 1970’s and called Cush, not to be confused with Kush, which is an Indica strain. Cush was later renamed Green Crack after Snoop Dogg took a pull and was outright amazed by the effects. 

This blend of 65% Sativa 35% Indica creates a large yield with a major THC high and euphoric feel. This bud is known for spiking creativity, motivation, and productivity, making it a great choice for a quick bowl to get you up and doing chores, or going out with your friends. 

This bud is known for its green to yellow bud color, with red to purple leaf and hair coloration. A truly amazing looking plant, this hard hitter is a must have for your next party. 

Jack Herer

When looking for a bud that affects you both physically, and mentally Jack Herer has been a go-to since the early 1990’s. While the original blend is a closely kept secret, this bud is named after the long time cannabis activist, Jack Herer. 

As a 55% Sativa dominant strain, you can expect a boost of energy and more active mind. What sets Jack Herer apart from other Sativa is it’s active Indica notes which relax your body. This means you can kick back and become completely relaxed while staying fully active mentally, making this the perfect bud for parties, gaming, or hanging out with your friends. 

Medically, this strain is used for depression, loss of appetite, depression, pain, and much more. A true bud of all traits, Jack Herer has remained a favorite. 

As you break this bud apart, you can expect a citric aroma with hints of a peppery kick. Once lit, you can expect a floral flavor with hints of orange and lemon zest with a touch of sage. This flavorful blend allows Jack Herer to be paired with any activity or craving. 

Maui Waui

When looking at a classic Hawaiian favorite, Maui Waui is sure to come up. Sometimes spelled Maui Wowie, this bud originated in Maui in the early 1960s. At the time, a “good” strain of bud consisted of 4-6% THC, Maui Waui was one of the first strains to see major THC spikes with levels triple the average. 

Not to be confused, over time, any bud coming out of Maui would receive the nickname Maui Waui, even if it had nothing to do with the original strain, yet the growers continued to perfect this 85% Sativa blend to become the perfect wake-and-back bud. 

Today, this popular strain has continued to grow to nearly 20% THC. It is a popular medical option to help with depression, anxiety, pain, and much more with a light body numbing sensation. What makes Maui Waui special is that it’s grown outdoors, only in the tropical climates of Hawaii. 

You can expect a sweet, more tropical flavor, often with fruity notes and a smooth finish making this a pleasant bud for hot days. You should expect invigorating and uplifting feelings after just a few pulls, allowing you to be active and focused. 

Blue Dream

Focused more on hybrids, Blue Dream is a wonder plant when considering cannabis. With the ability to grow up to 13 feet high, growing large yields, this bud continues to amaze bringing out 27% THC and 2% CBD. 

To make matters a bit strange, no one actually knows where or when this bud was first grown — it made its name within the medical marijuana industry. It was then picked up by modern growers focused at keeping the strain alive and on the market. 

Blue Dream gets its name from the blue to purple coloration of its bud, which are paired with bright green leaves. The trichomes take on a reddish tint, only adding to the depth of color and beauty. 

You can expect a flavor and aroma of blueberry, sugars, and pine, making this a great bud for a hot day, or smokers who may not want the standard dank smells. While not encouraged for anxiety, this bud is extremely successful when treating depression, fatigue, and lack of appetite while adding the various health benefits found with our favorite health and wellness cannabinoid, CBD

Strawberry Cough 

Some days, you want a bud packed with flavor. Growers have begun breeding strains focused on deep flavors to give you exactly what you want, a great example being Strawberry Cough

This 85% Sativa strain has an unmistakable strawberry flavor packed with 23% THC, giving you a flavor packed bowl that will leave you energized and ready to go. This bright green bud is covered in bright crystalized trichomes and red hairs, making it exciting to look at. 

Strawberry Cough had been considered a revolutionary grow, winning the Best Flower Award in the 2013 Cannabis Cup, this delicious bud is known for treating depression, anxiety, and pain. 

Sativa Strain Summary 

Sativa strains are focused around energizing the smoker both mentally and physically, making them the perfect bud for parties, hangouts, or day to day smoking. 

With growers focusing on THC content, flavor, and overall effects, you’ll be sure to find a bud that matches your exact wants and can give you the cerebral high you might be looking for right here from Emjay.

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