Haze Strain Varieties

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Haze Strain Varieties

A popular name in the cannabis community over the years, Haze is an award-winning bud that has taken the last 60 years by storm. Known for its high levels of THC and energizing effects, Haze has remained a great choice for a midday bowl. 

History of Haze

Unlike many strains of cannabis found on the market, Haze was not a fancy or catchy name created to match a product’s look or smell — Haze was simply the last name of the brothers known for creating the Sativa strain, the Haze brothers. 

These brothers, living in Santa Cruz, California, began crossing various Sativa strains in the 1960’s looking to grow an energizing flower. By the 1970’s, the popularity of Haze continued to spread and would begin being used in Hybrids as growers worked toward their own specific goals, such as flavor and THC CBD blends. 

With the standard bud in the 70s (often referred to as “hippie weed”) only containing around 3-4% THC, you may wonder how Haze compares. Original Haze has been found to contain somewhere around 14-23% THC. This is, without a doubt, one of the biggest reasons for the widespread popularity of Haze throughout time, and why it has continued to be a favorite 60 years later. 

Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid

To better understand the depth of Haze, it’s important to understand how it was created. Whenever purchasing weed from a quality dispenser, you have most likely seen your bud marked as Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. 

Both terms originate near the 18th century and were mainly focused on where the cannabis plant had originated, which determined how it was used. 

Sativa once described cannabis found in Europe which was grown for fiber and high seed production.

Indica refers to cannabis found in India which was grown for its psychoactive effects. 

Today, Sativa refers to a long slender leaf which causes an energizing feeling, while Indica refers to a stout leaf which creates a sedating or relaxing effect. It’s thought that over time these strains have somewhat changed names. 

Hemp has become the new name for traditional Sativa, which describes a THC absent strain, grown for CBD, fibers, and high seed yield. 

Hybrids are known as a cross between Sativa and Indica strains, and have become a preferred standard for many smokers as levels of THC and CBD are better controlled to create a high alongside the medical benefits of CBD

Breeding Cannabis

At first glance, the term “breeding” may seem out of place when talking about growing plants. Since you are focused on the flower of the cannabis plant, pollination is vital to growing a perfect bud. 

Cannabis plants are either considered male or female. Breeding is done by placing multiple female plants in a growing area with a male plant. If these plants are of the same strain, a pure bud will be grown, and if they differ, you would receive a hybrid bud. 

Once a grower produces a hybrid bud they are satisfied with, they will continue to breed these hybrids with themselves to purify the strain and create a stabilized outcome. 

Much like children, each bud has minor differences and are not perfectly calculated. In a room of five identical plants, one plant could have more THC, or more flavor. These differences highlight  the importance of distillate manufacturing when it comes to producing consistent products such as edibles and vape juices.

Strains of Haze

With Haze being a Sativa strain popular over the last 60 years, it has become a popular base in growing hybrids. Each grower will often find slight differences in their end hybrid, meaning while a hybrid strain may have the same name, understanding the grower is just as important. 

Currently, there are 615 catalogued strains of the Sativa Haze bud.

It’s clear that Haze has maintained its ongoing popularity and reputations, allowing us to focus on the more popular Haze hybrids. 

Purple Haze

One of the original hybrids to grow in popularity is Purple Haze. Often thought to be popularized by Jimmy Hendrix’s song Purple Haze, the two may not actually be linked. Purple Haze was also the name given to a purple LSD tab found at the time, so it’s more likely this bud got its name from the dark purple flower colors. 

A hybrid between Purple Tai and Haze, this bud creates amazingly clear crystallized trichomes. The flavor is quite sweet, often referred to as having flavors of fruit or spices. 

This hybrid has 85% Sativa and 15% Indica, giving you an energizing high almost instantly, and is known to be a great option for supporting mood, alleviating stress, or just boosting energy. .

Super Silver Haze

A popular hybrid due to simple, low grow time is Super Silver Haze. A hybrid between Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, this 80% Sativa 20% Indica blend is known for its spike in energy, and the ability to make you feel happy. 

This bud brings a classic dank flavor, focused on earthy smells and spices with a very light hint of citrus, often yielding around 20% THC and almost no CBD. This is a bright green flower with orange tinted white trichomes. 

Super Lemon Haze

This award-winning bud known for its high THC levels, around 25%, with a sweet lemon flavor and notes of candy is known as Super Lemon Haze. Winning first place in the Medical Sativa category at the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup, this has become a favorite for great flavor that brings you energy and creativity.

It’s also been said to raise arousal and assist in supporting mood and temporarily alleviating nausea. With 80% Sativa and 20% Indica, this weed is a mix of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze.

Chocolate Haze

Whenever you bring up chocolate, you think of a sweet deep flavor, and that’s exactly what Chocolate Haze brings to the table. This bud is a hybrid between OG Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze with 95% Sativa and just 5% Indica, known for giving you an extra boost of energy and a feeling of floating.

To make this strain even more appealing, it grows to full flower in just eight to ten weeks. The seeds are quite resilient, meaning they can grow indoors or outdoors, and so they have remained a favorite among growers.

Golden Haze

When crossing Haze with another Haze, you can expect a large harvest with high THC levels often around 22%. A hybrid between Super Silver Haze and Amnesia Haze, this hardy plant is known for growing large, both indoor and outdoor. 

At 70% Sativa and 30% Indica, you can expect a primary focus on THC while receiving some medical benefits, allowing this strain to help with pain relief, stress, mood, and much more. 

Critical Haze

Known for its spices and sour fruit flavors, Critical Haze is considered on the higher end of bud. A hybrid between Amnesia Haze F1 and Critical Mass, this bud is known for giving a mix of different feelings at 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. 

Some have considered this a nighttime weed, as it will make you more alert and open minded, but it will also help you relax. This becomes a great option for mood or stress. This strain is also known as being comfortable for social events. 

Haze Berry

The idea to pair weed with fruity flavors has remained a favorite, with the earthy deep flavors of the bud being lightened by the fruit. Haze Berry is a great example, with a hybrid of Blueberry and Shining Silver Haze.

This bud is known for its purple to blue coloring and is known to pack up to 20% THC. This strain also has a fast grow time at eight to ten weeks and is a reliably refreshing smoke with a hefty hit. 

Liberty Haze

What would be a good weed story without some sort of conspiracy? Said to be the result of government testing in the 70s, liberty weed is known for its extremely quick growth time of eight to nine weeks, maintaining a low overall height of just three feet, and packed full of a unique lime flavor. 

This flower is a bright green with large crystals and brighter red trichomes. Packing up to 29% THC, this strain became the winner of the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup.

That’s Haze

Haze is truly seen as one of the original weed strains to grow popularity worldwide, from music to culture, it quickly outgrew its origins in Santa Cruz, California. Now found as a starting point for Hybrids in groweries everywhere, the name Haze can be seen in nearly any dispensary. 

This weed is great for giving you a spike in energy and focus, making it a great option for a smoke-as-you-go bud. 

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