The Best Weed For Working Out 

by Bridey Hicks
Cannabis and working out. Photo by Alen Kajtezovic on Unsplash

What’s the deal with working out and cannabis?

2021 is the year we leave behind the stereotype that people who smoke cannabis are lazy and just want to watch videos of exotic animals all day. It’s just not true for everyone. In fact, 158.8 million people worldwide use cannabis—they can’t all be in it for the munchies.

It’s safe to say there are so many different people out there, and we can’t group them all into one category – “stoners.” Today, we’re calling on the people who like moving their bodies and getting a little high. We’re looking at you, gym heads. Just kidding, but we are talking about working out, cannabis, and how those two go together swimmingly.

How can cannabis help you during a workout?

Cannabis is actually an amazing source of energy if you try the right strain and dosage. For instance, a Sativa strain is much more likely to get you in the zone than an Indica – so stick to the Sativa dominant side of cannabis.

Instead of grabbing an energy drink on the way to your workout, try having a nice dose of a strain of cannabis that gives you focus and motivation naturally. Cannabis research shows that an increase in heart rate can happen when smoking for up to an hour, so you’re looking at a sweet spot for a great, energetic workout.

What are the benefits of using cannabis while working out?

Oh man, tons – both mental and physical. Some say it’s really the key to enjoying working out. But here are some key points:

  • Most importantly, smoking before your workout will 100% make you enjoy the activity more. Instead of pushing through on the treadmill, counting your every breath, you’ll realize that your legs feel…reeeeally nice when they’re moving. Seriously, it’s so cool that your legs are moving that fast.

  • You’ll get the calming effects to help you leave the stress behind and focus on your body, and you’ll get the energetic effects, similar to endorphins, to get you through your workout.

  • Cannabis is ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, hello. Sore muscles? Not in this house. You’ll notice that the anti-inflammatory properties will help speed up your recovery after a workout. You’ll use Sativa for a pre-workout, and an Indica will be perfect for your post-workout. Take a few hits and feel your body relax into itself. It’s a bulletproof plan, really.

What are the best strains for working out?

For the most part, any Sativa strain will help uplift your mood and focus. However, there are some favorites that you need to know about before you hit the gym:

1. Ghost Train Haze (Sativa)

Get ready to go on an adventure because this strain is gonna make you want to explore. Plan a nice hike you’ve wanted to try and bring this strain along with you or smoke before. The effects are so relaxed and carefree that it’ll be nice to be outside to enjoy all the outdoors has to offer.

2. Sour Diesel (Sativa)

Everyone knows this one. Tried and true, this strain will accelerate you forward in an instant. Take a hit or two before your workout and watch your energy and focus become one.

3. Great White Shark (Indica)

I know I know, Indica? Yes. We had to add this in for a nice post-workout vibe. It’s perfect for alleviating pain and loosening up sore muscles. You’ll feel euphoric and completely relaxed.

The takeaway

At the end of the day, you know what works best for you and your body. If you’re looking to incorporate a natural and energizing compound into your workout, then cannabis is going to give you that push, and you’re going to enjoy what you’re doing.

If you’re already smoking cannabis before your work out then trust me, you’re doing it right. It’s all about having fun.

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