The Best Sativa Strains for 2023

by Bridey Hicks
photo by shane rounce on unsplash_The 5 best sativa strains 2023

If you’re looking for new energy to bring into this year or want something that will boost your creative side for all those projects you told yourself you’d stop putting off this year (we believe you, you can do it), let us introduce you to the best sativa strains for 2023.

Blue Dream

Pacific Stone_Blue Dream_The best sativa strains 2023

This sativa-dominant hybrid is likely a cross between Blueberry and Haze. Much luck Northern Lights, it’s hard to know where exactly Blue Dreams’ roots started. What we do know is that a few hits of it will leave you relaxed and ready to become the next Van Gogh. For real, it will stimulate your brain and let you fall into an energic hole. However, if you suffer from anxiety, Blue Dream is not a strain for you, as it might lead you into a different kind of hole you don’t want to go into. 

Sour Diesel

Dan's Cola_Sour Diesel_The best sativa strains 2023

Sour Diesel is the ultimate stimulator. We don’t know exactly what or who made the first sour diesel, but we know that Chemdawg played a big part in it. Coming in as a whopping 90% Sativa-dominent hybrid, Sour Diesel is best for enhancing your average day. Try it out if you’re feeling stuck on a project or just want more energy to get your day started. It’s also known to uplift the mood of people who struggle with depression, as it exudes good happiness and good energy. 

Purple Haze

Named after the famous “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix, this sativa dominant strain leaves you feeling goofy and creative. It works pretty fast too, so take your time enjoying this strain. Roll up and joint with friends and watch as the conversation turns from bland to colorful. After the first inhale, you might feel a bit of pressure around the temples, but once that subsides, you’re in for a social and creative treat. 

Green Crack

Bloom_Green Crack_The best sativa strains 2023

Yes, the name is pretty intense, but Green Crack isn’t known to make you go crazy. It’s known to make you incredibly energetic and euphoric. The potency is pretty high too, so take it slow when you first start smoking it. You may feel a little buzzy on your first inhale, but that doesn’t last long, and some people really enjoy the feeling. Once the buzz dies down, you’ll be able to focus well. I mean, reeaaallllly well. Take a crack at any of your creative projects, or start a completely new one. Green Crack will show you the way. 


dope town_trackwreck_The best sativa strains 2023

The beloved Trainwreck is a triple cross between Thai, Mexican, and Afghani. With Thai and Mexican leading the way for this hybrid to be sativa-dominent, it will still give you a bit of body high if you’re looking for that. People love this strain because they have the couch lock and mental stimulation, so this is a great strain if you want to rest and get a few things done.

Can I get the best sativa strains of 2023 delivered?

In 2023, anything is possible. You can get cannabis delivered in under 30 minutes by going to Emjay and placing your order. After that, just sit back and relax, and we’ll see you soon. For real, we’re known to run.

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