Best Sativa Strains: Our Favorite Sativas At Every Price Point

by Emjay

There are over 800 unique strains of cannabis. Some of them are indicas, some of them are hybrids, and some of them are sativas. Sativas are regarded as the most accessible strain of cannabis. They’re not sedating, they don’t cause a body high, and their effects are rather straightforward. They’re the go-to cannabis for anyone who uses weed on a regular basis.

Among the wide variety of sativa strains, you’ll find different effects, different THC quantities, and different price points. The good news about sativas is that you’re going to find something amazing, no matter what your budget is. 

What is cannabis sativa?

Cannabis sativa is the tall, thin, fluffy cannabis plant with the thin, narrow leaves. It’s easy to visually distinguish the sativa plant from the indica plant on-sight. On the inside, they’re brothers. On the outside, they’re not even from the same planet. Indica plants are short, dense, and bushy with huge, broad leaves. 

What is the difference between sativa and indica?

The difference between indica and sativa isn’t what it used to be. These strains were generally used for vastly different purposes. Indica used to have more CBD and less THC than sativa, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Some indica strains are bred to be stronger, containing low CBD and high THC. Sativa strains have generally stayed the same, with low CBD and varying levels of THC.

When you’re choosing a sativa, you’re essentially picking a strain based on what it tastes like, its terpenes, and how strong it is. Sativa is a one size fits all kind of weed. It will give you a walking high that doesn’t sedate you, making it a good fit for social smoking or making your day a little more fun. 

What does a sativa high feel like?

Sativas offer a head high. Just how heavy that head high is depends on the THC content of the strain. Most people say that sativa energizes them, making it easier to participate in social situations or even clean their house. Sativa takes the normal things you were going to do and makes them more interesting, even if they weren’t particularly thrilling in the first place.

Sativa stimulates your mind. You can be folding laundry and suddenly find inspiration to write a song, even if you’ve never touched an instrument in your entire life. Many comedians use sativa before they sit down to work on their scripts. Artists, chefs, and writers use sativa. 

Then there are the people who disagree. Sativas can sometimes make people feel anxious or paranoid. This usually isn’t the fault of sativa itself, but of the THC. Anyone with a low THC tolerance who runs straight for a 30% sativa strain is going to have a bad time. They’ll also have a bad time with a 30% hybrid or a 30% indica. It’s the 30% that’s the problem.

Overindulgence can also contribute to that issue. If you’re smoking an 18% sativa but you’ve had a blunt to yourself, you’re probably going to feel way too high. For people who smoke infrequently, even a solo joint might be a bit too much. A one-hitter pipe will allow for optimal control of how much weed you’re smoking.

Before you write sativas off, change your approach to them. Try a tiny bit of something mild and see how you feel. If it works for you, slowly find your limit. Add a little more and wait a while. Stop when your gut tells you that you’re good. As your tolerance increases, you might be able to smoke more. Just don’t try to start at the finish line. 

When should I use cannabis sativa?

Cannabis sativa is a great day time weed. Since there’s no body high, you’re unlikely to feel stuck in a comfortable chair. If you want a snack, you’ll have the fortitude to go to the kitchen and get one, or at least open an app to order tacos.

Most people find that sativa isn’t a great nighttime strain. Smoking sativa before bed can make it harder to relax. When your gears are turning, it’s hard to quiet your brain. Switch to indica at night if you’re going to be smoking close to bedtime. An indica with a substantial amount of CBD will help you relax. 

Emjay's Indica, Sativa, and Hybird Guide. Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

Popular, affordable sativa strains

There is no shortage of great sativas at less than $30 for an eighth. Some of them are even less than $20 for an eighth. It doesn’t get much cheaper than that. The price point doesn’t necessarily correlate with a lower quality strain. Very popular strains have been bred and raised to flower well and are grown in abundance, keeping the prices reasonably low.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a cult classic. It’s technically a hybrid, although it’s sativa dominant. It’s a cross of the universally loved indica strain Blueberry and the sativa staple Haze, which is often used to create special sativas or well balanced hybrids. 

Blue Dream usually has less than 20% THC, making it accessible to casual weed smokers who want to have a good time without feeling fried. Its dominant terpene is myrcene, which lends a woody flavor. Since the strain is made with Blueberry which was named for its flavor, Blue Dream has a subtle blueberry aftertaste.

The indica in the mix makes Blue Dream feel a little more balanced. It’s a little relaxing and a little uplifting. It doesn’t pull too hard in one direction or the other, giving you a versatile high that’s easy to navigate. 

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is spicy and skunky. Its caryophyllene forward in its terpenes, giving it a spicy kick. Sour Diesel is born from Chemdawg and Super Skunk. The combination of the skunk and the terpenes gives it a flavor and aroma similar to gasoline. It’s high octane, and many people find it to be an acquired taste. Its effects make it a taste worth acquiring. 

If any affordable sativa has superpowers, it’s Sour Diesel. It sets in rapidly and provides instant energy and motivation at a modest THC content. It isn’t so intoxicating that you won’t be able to apply your newfound energy and creativity. Sour Diesel gives you just enough of a high to enhance your day.

Most people feel like Sour Diesel makes them very social. They have a lot of ideas and questions and interests waiting to jump right out of their brains. In many ways, Sour Diesel is a conversation starter. This is a great weed for entertaining, and it acts as the perfect alternative to alcohol at gatherings. 

Orange Cookies

Orange Cookies usually works perfectly for people who don’t ordinarily like sativas. It’s usually less than 20% THC, sometimes coming in as low as 13%. If you’re looking to try a sativa for the first time, Orange Cookies is the ideal place to start. It works just as well to redeem sativas for people who have had less than favorable experiences in the past. It will quickly show them how great the right sativa can be.

This blend of Orange Juice and GSC (the weed strain formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) is pleasant in flavor and aroma. It’s sweet, bright, and citrusy. It’s impossible not to feel a little jolt of happiness when you smoke Orange Cookies. 

Orange Cookies is a sativa dominant hybrid, but the percentages are very close to being evenly split. They’re so perfectly melded that people report that Orange Cookies is the happiest they’ve ever been while relaxed. Orange Cookies is comparable to the after-effects of a spa day. You’re chill, but you’re happy and refreshed enough to make a beautiful dinner and hang out with the people you love. 


Banjo is slightly off the beaten path. This sativa dominant hybrid is usually close to 20% THC. It gets its name from a combination of Boost and Tangelo, the two strains bred to create it. Banjo is a highly energizing sativa that has a pleasant sweet orange flavor, but kind of a weird smell. A lot of people think it smells like citrus-scented house cleaner and old parmesan cheese. It’s a little weird, but the smell doesn’t translate into the taste. 

Banjo is like an energy drink. It will keep you going for a few hours, boosting your mood and making it easier to move around and get things done. There’s no significant amount of CBD in Banjo, so you won’t experience any kind of body high when you use it. 

Ghost Train Haze

The first thing most people notice about Ghost Train Haze is its trichomes. The trichomes are the tiny white bits covering the outside of the bud, making it look frosty. The trichomes house the terpenes and cannabinoids on the exterior of the plant, and Ghost Train Haze is absolutely ripe with them. It’s often so noticeable that the flowers look like they’ve been dipped in table sugar.

Trichomes are indicative of high potency, and that’s exactly what you can expect with Ghost Train Haze. Be very, very careful. It hits you unexpectedly hard and fast, almost like being run over by a ghost train. Get it?

This is a very potent strain that definitely achieves what it sets out to do. Keep that in mind before you use it. Take a single hit and see how you feel. You might find that this is a one-hit bowl for you. 

Mid-Priced Sativa Strains

Many newer or boutique strains of sativa find themselves in the mid-priced strain category. Sativas grown in abundance are usually cheaper, and cult favorites that are a little more difficult to cultivate perfectly tend to cost a bit more. If you’re looking to try a proprietary sativa dominant hybrid that perfectly mashes a bunch of great things together, there’s where you’ll find it. 

Peach Ozz

Peach Ozz is a tasty concoction. It’s a combination of many strains, specifically selected and bred for its modest CBD boost and agreeable THC content. It gets its name from its aroma and flavor, which most people compare to fresh peaches. It’s a little acidic, a little citrusy, and a little sweet. 

Although this strain is new and still finding its audience, it’s already an award winner. It’s been so well received by cannabis enthusiasts for its beautiful flavor and balanced effects that the demand for the strain is rising. 

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough smells and tastes like fresh strawberries, and it will definitely make you cough. This one is a harsh hitter with a very potent punch of THC. This is a staple weed for the seasoned cannabis smoker who wants something reliable that suits a high tolerance. 

Despite its potency, many of its users claim it makes them energetic and active. It’s the kind of strain you take on a camping trip or a beach outing. Rather than causing anxiety like potent strains usually do, Strawberry Cough was developed to calm anxiety and make socializing easier. 

Of course effects will vary from person to person, but if you want a powerful high without anxious or paranoid feelings, Strawberry Cough is worth a shot.

Blueberry Skittles

Blueberry Skittles is a sweet and spicy sativa that provides an uplifting high. It’s reasonably potent and wonderfully balanced. People feel that Blueberry Skittles provides relaxation without a heavy body high, making it a great strain for sedentary social activities like gaming. It’s the perfect stress reliever. Use it for an after-work smoke sesh to help you chill out after a long day.

Premium Sativa Strains

Some sativas are worth spending a little more on. Strains that have developed favorable reputations over the course of decades are taken very seriously. Growers don’t want to disappoint. They take their time, focusing on maintaining the quality that fans of these strains have come to know, love, and expect. This sometimes leads to a higher price tag, but it’s well worth splurging for the opportunity to smoke something that was grown with love. 

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is sweet, bright, and covered in cannabinoid-packed trichomes. This strain originated in South Africa and rapidly caught on around the world. If other strains of sativa are coffee, Durban Poison is espresso. Just a little bit will rapidly energize you, leaving you busy and buzzing for hours with a slow comedown.

It’s fair to call Durban Poison the exact opposite of indica. If uplifting effects are the most important characteristic of weed for you, you don’t need to try anything else. You’re going to find everything you want with Durban Poison.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer, named for an author and cannabis activist, has been slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular sativa strains since the early 1990’s. Although Jack Herer is a hybrid, it definitely plays more to its sativa side. It’s a very uplifting strain that provides a clear-headed and inspirational high.

Jack Herer is also a parent of many other “Jack” strains. When growers love a particular strain, they have a tendency to play with it until they’ve innovated something worth bringing to market. The versatility and balance of Jack Herer has led to tons of little Jacks. If you like Herer, give the other Jacks a shot. 

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is the child of Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights. Someone must have asked the question “Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?” and promptly discovered that the answer was no. Super Silver Haze is the perfect combination of every good thing, and it became an immediate hit. It was an award winner for three years running in the late 90’s. The strain has maintained its original following and developed a new following in the process. 

Super Silver Haze masterfully blends an overall sense of calm with an energized sense of inspiration. People who use Super Silver Haze to enhance their creativity find that they’re able to focus enough to commit to their ideas. This makes Super Silver Haze a great strain for writers or sculptors, who need to be precise and organized when applying their talents. 


There are so many sativas that navigating your choices can feel a bit overwhelming. If you see something you like, it’s worth giving it a shot. Pick up an eighth of a few sativas that look appealing to you and sample them all. If you find something you’re in love with, pick up a whole ounce.

Are you ready to try a new sativa? Emjay will deliver it to you in about half an hour. We have a large selection of sativas, and we even have all the accessories you’ll need to use them. It’s as simple as placing your order and waiting just a few minutes for your new selection of sativas to show up. 

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